Hi All.

We currently don't have many bikers in the Northloop ranks, so there's a good chance you're new here. If so, welcome. Hope you stay and get something useful out of this section and Northloop in general.

Some stuff....

1) This section was set up to primarily answer Ring specific bike questions. This is 'cos the Ring is unique (in layout as well as how it operates) so it throws up quite a lot of stuff that riders will almost certainly not experience anywhere else... even if they have ridden everything, everywhere else, forever, twice :rolleyes: :P So rather than learn the hard/expensive/painful way, you could ask questions here.

2) All questions are welcome, even the stupid one's we've heard a zillion times before. Over time the plan is to build up a library of bike stuff, so for now ask away, later a search ought to be useful.

3) Questions can be from anyone. Drivers who have questions are welcome too.

4) Fast, slow, old, new, 1st lap, millionth lap, sports bike, trail bike, tourer, custom, scooter, chop, green around the gills, old as the hills, Rospa gold or CBT, novice bib to FIM Int'l .... it doesn't matter. Get stuck in.

5) :censored: The car lot like a bit of sport :fishing: every now and again. They are expected to tire of posting Power Ranger pictures eventually :whistle: No (Oops I said the F word)ing sulking m'kay B)

6) Northloop has lots of sections, catering for all sorts of different things. If you want to spout random bollox please do it elsewhere :D