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Thread: Aug 20th (First time in the wet)

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    Well I only did the one lap on monday. It was lashing it down. After doing a lap I was not going to push fait any more.

    I have got a tweeked Lotus Elise and it has way too much power in the wet and was all over the place. For the first time that I have had the car it understeared stait on at the start of Brunnghen. I got round in one peice and that was ok by me.

    At the start of the lap a new 911 cab turbo span on the grass infront of me. He was so luky that he did not hit the armco. Did not seem to slow him down much.

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    Yeah it was wet on the Monday evening.

    I saw a car spin off but again no damage and the 911 you saw.... I think my bro must have been not too far behind you in a white EVO 4 as he also saw a 911 spin.

    Taking the wet line is essential on the N'Ring... there is so much rubber laid down in some of the trail braking zones it can be like driving on ice.
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    With a bit of practice its fun in the wet.... even on semi slicks.

    much more tiring though.

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