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Thread: Which cars deserved a better engine / package

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    Quote Originally Posted by GVK View Post
    Puma 1700 had a type of vtec called vct
    You know what? That car was the near perfect package. Don’t change a thing. Don’t even go Racing Puma. Proper little smile maker that car.
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    Saab 900 T16 - Longitudinal FWD always seems like a missed opportunity...

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonsaunders View Post
    You know what? That car was the near perfect package. Donít change a thing. Donít even go Racing Puma. Proper little smile maker that car.
    Agreed. When we had our first child my wife wanted a 'large sensible car', so we sold her Mini Cooper RSP and bought a Ford Puma 1.7 in the Steve Mcqueen launch silver. I must have done 60k in it and it was utterly fantastic. It's up there out of the box with the best cars I've driven. It's so well resolved and balanced in terms of all the components being matched. It's got the perfect blend of power, grip, interaction and adjustability for a UK B road.

    I'd have one in a heartbeat again as a station car if they weren't utter rot traps.

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    My sister had a few Pumas before having a family, as ste says great drivers car considering it's a Fiesta in a frock!

    They do rot like hell tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tristan View Post
    Later BL MINIS should have gotten the K Series.
    Mk2 and mk3 gti 16v Golf's should have gotten something with a proper head.
    Definitely these, especially as there was a crossflow 8V head available in later years. Why didn't they do that development work earlier?

    Any 20+ year old car only available with an automatic - should have had a manual available.
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    V6 Capris

    The problem wasn't the power, it was the lack of economy

    The 3L Essex was good for 140bhp and 20mpg

    The 2.8L Cologne managed an extra 20bhp, but the mpg was the same

    You'd think the addition of fuel injection would improve economy, but seemed to make no difference

    If I'd bought Scirrocos instead I would have been looking at 35mpg+ with similar performance

    The only thing in their favour was they prepared me for my current cars which still only manage 20mpg

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