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Thread: Rose tinted glasses

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    Rose tinted glasses

    Golf GTI MK1 £37k!!!

    So, it's a Golf GTI Mk1 Series 1 1980 Black 49,000 Miles

    I had a walk at lunchtime and was thinking about these cars and the value some seem to be attracting. I wondered that those who had owned these cars originally, didn't have the forethought to keep them hidden away, instead of selling them, only to buy them back at silly cost decades later! Why are they buying them back? Are they rekindling their feelings of youth? They have the money now, obviously so could it be investment too?

    If we look at why we sold these cars then the reasons are probably due to wanting a better, faster car. Perhaps the car was going rusty and getting unreliable and too costly to maintain?

    Do these new money'd up owners buy them and initially enjoy them or are they too much of an investment to drive them anywhere, apart from car shows? Does the owning not really live up to the memory and the wanting?

    I know a chap who hankered after a Dax Cobra with V12. He eventually got it and he felt great about it. 1 year later he'd sold it. He got fed up with issues and unreliability, it wasn't that fast, kept burning his leg on the exhaust and the final straw was when his girlfriend said 'can we use the Fiesta instead?', when he'd asked to go on holiday in it...

    Your thoughts?
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    I went and had a look at a 205 Rallye a couple of months ago. Quite possibly the best one left in the UK, and priced accordingly.

    Why did I go? Well, the trip down memory lane seemed like a nice idea.

    Walking up to the car was a nice feeling. Those attractive looks, compact dimensions then you open the door, even the smell of the interior brought back memories. I opted not to drive it.
    Why did I opt to just prod around it? I think that, despite my misty-eyed memories from my white car (this one was yellow), I have such amazing memories of 50k in 2-years thrashed-within-an-inch-of-its-life-or-my-untimely-demise on the limit driving may have been soured by discovering that 75bhp, even in 800kg, really isn't that fast. Also, when would I use a car that's likely "the best one left in the UK" and, finally, delving back into the classified to see what else I could have had for the money. And there's a LOT of pretty serious kit available for the price.

    If I spent even 50% of my rainy day fund on a near £40k 100bhp Golf I think I'd be questioning my sanity, there are still some really nice Big Bumper Mk2s available for the £3k mark. I get that they're not GTI genesis, though. And as for the person that spunked £45k on an E30 cab - something neither that fast, desirable (or are they) or particularly sweet handling... mad!
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    You could have had my MK 2 for fun and a new Mk 7 Gti for the price of that. Stupid money that'll only be paid by a stupid person.

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    I *really* want a Mk2 Astra GTE 16v.

    It would be pretty horrible to drive though.

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    Teffers' whole retirement strategy is predicated on these people. There's no other reason for owning that much french tat.
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    I've had some very dirty thoughts about owning a Metro Turbo. I had two MG Metro's and always wanted a Turbo. Either that or a later Metro GTI. Thing is they're quite reasonably priced and I could do it.

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    The people who buy cars like these have no money worries. When we are young we move cars on because we can't keep them when we want to upgrade, we need the cash. Cars of the 80s are rising because that's the generation who have the money to buy such cars at the moment and they are from their youth. Those that are older probably fall out of bed slightly because they are of interest to the wrong era.

    I could be very wrong though
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    I think you're very right, Gary.

    In the 15 years I've owned my Golf it's gone from 'old banger' to geriatric classic car proposition (modified to the point that it's never going to be worth all of the money, because it's not a mint original and never could be again).

    Do I care?


    Every time I drive the thing, I get out feeling fizzy as f**k.

    There's them as want to drive the wheels off motors for fun, or even racing and there's them that want them as objet d'art.

    You can keep yer objet d'art.
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    My mum had one of the first white mk1 golf GTI's in the uk.

    Until I came along it was then traded in for a vw camper
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    That's an awful lot of coke & hookers...
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    Yikes! On a related note, the chap I sold my 1983 Mk1 Campaign GTI to in around 2004 still has it. Heís restored it recently including a more original 1800cc 8v engine (it was a 16v when I had it and went like the clappers!) and drove it to Worthersee a few months ago!

    Pics here if interested:

    Looks great and brought back memories when I sat in it, looked around it and heard it start up. Do I want to own or drive it again, no, not at all - itís a tiny rattling old tin box, but Iím glad people still like them as theyíre an iconic car.

    I still have my Ď89 BMW E30 Sport which is a great old thing and appreciating in value, but I rarely want to actually drive it these days and would possibly sell for something more useful in the future. As Gary says, people of my generation (born late 70s) lust after the cars of their youth like these and potentially have the disposal income to spend on nostalgia!
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    Iíve had a few older vehicles in recent times. They are brilliant. They are shit. I definitely wouldnít pay top money for something that you canít use and abuse.

    £5k maximum spend in my book.
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