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Thread: Ohps! We broke it again!

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    Ohps! We broke it again!

    Another Rainbird creation for you all on this lovely miserable Saturday morning! (Rainbird is my rather talented friend with some decent editing software and too much spare time!)

    Stick the kettle on, grab a cup of tea, and find out what happened when Big Bad Dad and I went to Bedford and broke the A3!

    Wrong-wheel Drive, Turbocharged, and proud!

    A3 track car

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    That looks a nightmare on cold tyres

    Glad you had a good day in the end and it was an easy fix!

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    Cold rear tyre spins looked horrible! It just lets go so abruptly, and so completely!
    Once the heat was there, it looked like you were going very well indeed.
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    V70 D5 - lent to a mate, only reclaimed for shed dragging duties.
    Fazer 1000 for commuting, my old 600 is now a garage project!

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    fingers crossed

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