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Thread: Weekending

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    What's going on ladies and gents?

    Golf for me this afternoon, unless it rains of course, then that's not happening

    Tomorrow off to the father in law's for a belated birthday BBQ for him. Unless it rains of course then that's not happening.

    Sunday I need to chain saw my bush. Unless it rains of course etc etc
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Kinghorn View Post
    Sunday I need to chain saw my bush...
    Please keep details of your personal grooming out of this thread!

    My weekend will involve the following (in no particular order) - serve 3 individual Court Summonses and possibly get punched... (today), track test-session of Racing-Kart after recent mechanical work done... road test-session of Racing Trek road-bike after recent mechanical work done... Weeding & spreading bark-mulch on the garden beds... Watching 'The Open' golf in Portrush on the telly, watching Rnd.3 of the Formula Drift in Monroe, U.S.A. on the internet... and some other stuff...

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    Were supposed to be shed-dragging but given the highly likely rain it might get sacked off.

    If so, not sure what the plan is!

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    Wave daughter off tonight as she's off to Orlando for a fortnight's purgatory with fat people. Sod that.

    Admin day tomorrow , then off to Portishead on Sunday to sort out some of the damage the tenants caused before it's re-let in a fortnight. So double M4. yay.
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    Golf range tonight.

    Off to Legoland tomorrow.

    Sunday, i'm playing golf with some guys from work. BBQ in the evening if the weathers ok
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    Games tonight.
    Van tomorrow. If it rains, we'll be in the unit, otherwise on the drive.
    Sleep Sunday, with some additional vanning.
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    Heading down to Fairford for the Royal International Air Tattoo for tomorrow.
    Staying overnight locally tonight and making a trip of it by staying at a Spa hotel and going into the Pimms Flight Deck enclosure for the show.

    Picking up a car to travel away in shortly...
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    Was at RIAT in our chalet last year. Not this time unfortunately.

    Have fun!

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    Cumbria mainly & Lanarkshire.
    Off to a small village just north of S****horpe to buy a ‘topper’. R’s mums neighbours have a field that’s out of control which is blowing crap into her garden constantly (weeds) so we figured we’d start cutting it for them & of course they’re delighted as they just can’t get anyone to do it.
    Madness (yip Suggs) at Carlisle on Sunday.

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    Today work till mid afternoon then home to pack.

    Saturday drop dog off at dog sitters then off to a wedding.

    Sunday - IF the weather is ok rotate swifts wheels around and clean it
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    Child is in the honour guard for the Derbyshire 20/20 game on Saturday, he'll be waving a flag and holding some random players hand, I'll be shouting for Yorkshire

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    Pork pie and Stilton Mowbray
    Monging it this weekend. Catching up on admin mostly.

    Maybe a bit of DIY and car care otherwise.

    Oh, need to pop into Leicester tomorrow to exchange a new pair of Solomons that are little toight!
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    Hopefully off to the Festival of the Unexceptional! Metros galore
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