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Thread: London with the kids - suggestions

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    London with the kids - suggestions


    I've a day in London with the kids (7 & 5) soon.

    Breakfast in Dishoom a given (There's now one in Manchester BTW)
    Natural History Museum.
    Lunch? Borough Market maybe?
    Some kind of tour either on the clippers or open buses?
    Something to see us through till dinner?
    Somewhere for dinner?

    They'll pretty much eat anything, can be trusted in nice places and they'll walk all day.

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    Clipper is good.

    You can do Eye + Bus for a deal price. Wheel is great.

    Walking down past Downing Street / Westminster / St Stephen’s Tower is worth a go also.

    Covent Garden for the ‘shows’. Piccadilly Circus for the advert screens.

    Hamleys for toys! Best shop in da world.

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    Oh yeah, I'll check the eye

    Hopefully the weather is nice, then we can bozz through Hyde Park from the NHM to toy hell.
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    What age sproglets? I likes a trip down river, see the wharfs & that, off at Greenwich, look at cutty sark, wander about, cheeky pint, back on boat, wander round back of butlers wharf coz it's cool, over Tower Bridge coz same & round st Katherines Dock, Tower of London,
    Hms Belfast.

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    HMS Belfast is a great way to kill a few hours.
    Lunch / Dinner at the Coal Shed which is fairly close.
    Sky Garden for the free views (if you can get in) afterwards.

    Blacklock or Bodeans in Soho for good grub too.

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    Planet Hollywood for the evening meal with the kids. (Book in advance)
    Cable car from the o2 is good and could link it in with a trip over to Stratford.

    Olympic park is worth a visit if the weather is good, plenty of parks for the kids. Small outdoor water park their too (which is free) and theirs the orbit but depends on your youngest.

    Also by the London eye you can go on the ribs along the Thames. Highly recommend that and also good sightseeing

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    Jump on the train/tube to Richmond and see the river, park, bars and get a river boat down to Putney. That would be a good day out.

    O2 arena is normally good as there’s stuff going on normally.
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    Stroll up brick lane for an emergency beigel & street art & watching local mentals. Spitalfields Mkt is just round the corner as is boxpark.

    Have they done 'sights' before ? The river taxi's are a good way to see lots while having a sit down...

    Weekend or weekday ? Borough Mkt is open thu/fri/sat.
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    A day isn't long up the smoke, unless you hate it, then it's a day too long.

    Personally I'd do.... Natural history, then tube to South Bank for the eye, over the bridge to houses of parliament, downing Street, Trafalgar.. And if they are still feeling fit up to buck house. Whistle stop tour of the places they might have heard of before
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    Awesome, thanks all.

    They’ve not been before, so I’ve given them 1 thing each to request, the rest is a quick flash around the sights I think

    There Saturday, may head in Sunday morning too if they fancy it.
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    Sky Garden (Walkie Talkie building). Well worth it and free if you can book it. They refresh the slots / dates about 2 weeks in advance every Monday. You're supposed to have access for an hour but no one monitored it when we went. Depending on when you go, time it right and you can arrive in daylight and leave in darkness, all in an hour. Two views of london in one hit.

    Free museums. NHM & Science are a given. If you go to either of these, there's a Lamborghini dealership opposite the tube station at Kensington (5 mins walk, tops). 2 min walk from there is a little back street classic car dealership too (back to lambo, turn left. Walk about 100-200m. Cross road and turn right down a cobbled side street). About 20 plus cars. There was a 959, DB5 etc among many others last time I looked.

    I think the British Museum if free too (near Covent garden i think).

    National Army Museum in Chelsea is free and well worth a look. Interactive stuff for kids. Nice coffee shop too. It's next door to the Royal Hospital, nice walk around the gardens etc there if you can. 20 min walk from NHM, iirc.

    Covent Garden / Leics square for street performers.

    Walk down the Mall to/from parliament - Traf Square. Pass- Downing street. MOD, Horse Guards, Cenotaph etc

    River cruise from Parliament to Tower bridge. Tower of London. One of the Bodeans is there too.

    London eye is worth it, although we had premium merlin passes and walked straight on. Walk from London Eye along Thames to Millennium bridge or beyond, shakespear theatre thingy. Nice bars along the way - the pub from MI is next to the latter. National Art Museum is free too. Maybe a little dull for kids though. Not done it yet but the fire of London tower thing is supposed to be good. Borough market is good for food. literally 90 seconds from london bridge tube stn and the Shard.

    Hyde park is lovely for a walk. Kids a bit small but boris bikes are a laugh.

    As above - you'll need more than a day ideally to make the most of it.

    Sat pm and all day Sunday is free parking in council parking areas. We parked 500m from the NHM one weekend. Loads of spaces. Free all day! If it's the weekend there are no congestion charges for central london. I usually do a windscreen tour for the kids - stuff like Buck palace etc.
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