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Thread: DPF replacement

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    DPF replacement

    Any recommendations of replacement please? An oe dpf is 2k from VW, with aftermarket starting at 10% of that. Iím sure quality isnít comparable, but there must be a missed ground somewhere, which Iím struggling to find

    This is for an 08 transporter if it makes any difference. Law says dpf must be fitted now, so Iím assuming I canít get away with gutting the thing - current one is breaking up inside, partially blocking the exhaust

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    Unfortunately I don't think there is a middle ground.

    When I replaced the DPF on the Subaru Outback, I enquired at Subaru and was quoted £1600 for one. I eventually managed to get one from Dorset Autospares, which was £310.

    When I had the two side by side, to swap sensors and heat shields you could see the Subaru thing was beautifully made, but the aftermarket one looked like utter dogsh*t.

    That said, provided the internals are correctly constructed and the external casing has the right mounting points, then it doesn't really matter, unless of course, the cheap one takes a dump after a year, or something silly.

    It's an exhaust part, at the end of the day - doesn't need to be pretty, just needs to bolt up into the system and do its job.

    Because of the amount of heat, be aware that some of the bolts and fixings may be quite extensively heat-wasted. You're likely to need a hot spanner to strip it out (although IIRC from my T5 it was fitted with bands, so that wasn't too painful).

    Good luck, if you're doing it yourself - modern life is rubbish, isn't it?
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