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Thread: Run wot u brung...AKA Launch Control

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    Run wot u brung...AKA Launch Control

    I really should have read the blurb but....

    I fancied the idea of strapping wide eyed beneficiaries into some exotica to do a standing start half mile down the old Abingdon Airfield runway....if only there were some beneficiaries. Doh.
    Anyway, alarm set for 0345 and on the road by 0415...uneventful 205 mile ride to the Airfield and after a quick briefing by the new Ops Manager, Mark 'Joey' Jordan.
    First job was to extend the braking area that they'd set up the evening before. We moved it about 200m...and then some more.
    A few minor mods and the event was good to go. A quick slow drive through to show drivers what to expect at the end of the 1/2 mile...and then starting with one side of the two lane strip, then the other side before using it together.

    Blazing sunshine all day, we settled into a routine with 3 guys doing the start line, I was given a pen and some paper and told to write numbers down, Rainman style. (Photographers were uploading pics asap with times of the runs and as the timing resets for each run...it's back to old fashioned tech that works)

    Some amazing machinery, happy smiling faces and cars as diverse as Mr Litchfields 1200 hp GTR to a beneficiary in his V6 Espace that after 15 runs finally got a sub 8 (minutes....time by the sundial)
    Chap in his tweaked F Type SVR (654hp) obviously didn't think as far as also upgrading his brakes. His first run almost re-designed the cones/barriers. I specifically told several folk to perhaps do a 70% run and build up (I'm certain Jim will have done in his briefing as well) as they'd get lots of runs so build up gently.... Anyway, his car sounded and went amazingly well. Mid 3.5s and 155-158mph at 1/2m.
    Merc Aclass AMG bested an AMG Coupe biturbo. 60 in 3.87 s. He was one of two brothers who run EST Performance in Sussex. Interesting lads (Younger than 30 so they are lads)
    Tesla X thingy did mid 3s to 60.

    From memory.
    Fastest to 60. 3.01s, Paul in his burgundy GTR (He and Pinderman were stalwarts at Anglesey a few years ago, out all day with benefiaries, nice to see him and his lad again)
    Fastest 1/4 was 9.5s, Litchfield GTR, 720s wasn't far behind.
    Top speed at 1/2 mile...188mph, Litchfield GTR.

    TV Dave was in his new to him Cayman S and probably did the most runs of the day. It was never a surprise to look over my shoulder to see who next to record in my little black book...ah, silver Cayman S.

    A drag car type thingy in the shape of a PT Cruiser came and did some skids and then did a 2.5s 0-60 but jumped the line so no 1/4 or 1/2 mile times were recorded....fast as f### tho.
    Race Bentley was interesting and what a nice bunch of guys who worked on it.
    Overall, a great day and I'd highly recommend either paying the 120 for the whole day...or tagging along to help out.

    I on;t took a few pics (and videos but no idea how to post them...all they show are cars, going very fast)
    Just a few phone pics

    These 2 did a couple runs, sounded awesome, smelled alot of clutch, did mid 6s and 115 terminal. Beautiful things

    This GT3 was staggeringly effective. Stood very close as it launches you get to see just how well it hooks up for traction (and sounded OK too)

    Ugly as sin, but one of the helpers did have great airbags so not all bad.

    It's a Bentley, not a Radical....

    Get your name down and Volunteer folks !!
    If a man speaks his mind in a forest and no woman hears him...is he still wrong ?

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    An amazing day, was nervous about this one but everything conspired to go right. Utterly not possible without the volunteers - thank you Dave, Marty, and all who helped
    The Forces' Motorsport Charity

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    Looks like great fun. I'm sorry I couldn't make it, but I did a shift at Bicester Heritage on Sunday, so it worked out OK in the end.
    "Fortunately, I'd taken a spare Gearbox, Turbo, Actuator, Banjo Connector, Steering Rack, Driveshafts, ECU, Wideband sensor, 57-51mm silicone reducing elbow and a Copper Banjo Washer." - Nige

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    I spent the day shooting photos and getting appallingly sunburned. I had a fantastic time - cannot wait to do another one.

    I'll upload a gallery here over the weekend, but got to finish processing all the photos and times from the day first!

    I want a tuned GT-R quite badly after watching them lay the smack down on the runway, but the Crayon 991 GT3 got me right in the gut. That flat-six wailing at 9000rpm was the best sound of the day for me.

    Moment of the day for me was the Litchfield GT-R's sole full-bore run, just after the metallic red GT-R began posting some seriously quick times. :-) 3.2 to sixty is so-so, but 9.5s at the quarter mile and 188mph at the half-mile point was astonishing, and nothing else got with 20mph of his terminal velocity for the rest of the day. Goes to show that for real speed, you need a lot of horsepower.

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