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Thread: Peugeot 508

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    Peugeot 508

    This seems to be causing quite a stir.

    What are people's thoughts on this front wheel drive cooking saloon?


    Certainly cuts one helluva dash.
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    I was eyeing up black ones last weekend. Mean looking. A bit Mini muscle car.

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    Not really sure they can say ‘The 508 needed unusual proportions,’ when the side view shows the most regular 3-box saloon you could imagine.
    It’s no Citroën C6, put it that way.
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    It's an extremely good looking car, no doubt about it. That Cabin is gorgeous (apart from the 2 spoke steering wheel, that's a bit crap). Would I buy one? No. But that's for the same reasons as I wouldn't buy a 3-series/A4/C-Class Saloon. An estate would be interesting. Difficult market to crack, with Ford potentially axing the Mondeo from the UK, do we need a mainstream brand saloon car (ok, fastback!) that sits below the "big 3" German marques on price, quality and badge snobbery? I am also pretty sure that, in my comfortable driving position, I'll be unable to read the dials. Shortarse syndrome.
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    Looks like a Kia Stinger.
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    Four door camero.

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    très bon IMO
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