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Thread: Mission Motorsport Launch Control - 22nd June HELP WANTED

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    Mission Motorsport Launch Control - 22nd June HELP WANTED

    Standard Spiel:

    Mission Motorsport are opening the doors to the very first Mission Motorsport Launch Control at Abingdon Airfield, Oxfordshire. The day is a pure fundraiser and will be centred around a standing start Ĺ Mile using the runway at Abingdon. By volunteering to help deliver this fundraising event you will be directly supporting the charity.

    The event will be open to the general public run from 0900-1700 but there will be the usual set up and tear down requirement prior to and at the end of the event.

    RAF Abingdon, now known as Dalton Barracks and home to 3, 4 and 12 Logistic Support Regiments of the Royal Logistic Corps, was originally a RAF Bomber Command airfield. With a runway measuring 5911ft it provides us all the room we need to deliver an event like this but this will not be possible unless we are supported by our band of volunteers.

    Come and help join us in delivering this event, knowing that every penny raised will be going towards supporting our beneficiaries.

    If you are available and would like to come and help at this fundraising event, please could you let Simon Whittingham know by 10th May 2019.

    Bonus content:
    MM are trying to drum up support for this new experience. It's going to be big, busy and technically challenging. They're in need of volunteers to help the day run smoothly, but also punters willing to turn up and have a go at acceleration runs. For those of you struggling with the conversion, 5911 feet is 1.12 miles, or 1.8 kilometres (0.97 nautical miles if you're from the Navy).

    You can buy a single-run ticket, or pay for half a day's abuse (car abuse, although we can also wander over and ladle on insults if you like). Extensive data-gathering equipment will measure your acceleration and speed.

    Simon R and Ian H were drumming up support at Bicester Heritage yesterday, but the more the merrier in terms of participants.

    If you'd like to know any more, ask a question in this thread, and one of the volunteers on here will have a go at answering it.
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    I would hope that there would be a large contingent of Northloopers volunteering for this.
    I would love to be involved, but unfortunately I'm geographically and logistically goosed...

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    Sadly I'll have been to UK and returned to Afghanistan by this date...

    But - I can see if my car-sitter wants to take the car along to run it (so if any of the MM beneficiaries want a passenger run then I'm sure they'll be welcome)

    Not sure what kind of speed it will hit in a standing 1/2 - possibly only around 130 or so (110-115 terminal on a standing 1/4)

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    Iím already booked out. Next time maybe.
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    Another of the many I canít make this year. Bugger.
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    Planning on being at this to support
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