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Thread: Nuts. To grease or not to grease. That is the question....

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    Nuts. To grease or not to grease. That is the question....


    Not THOSE nuts!

    I've just had to deal with wheel nits and wheels that were seized re changing to winter wheels (existing not mounted by me! ). This lead to a conversation with my local garage.......

    Now for the past 15 years or so due to having this issue many years ago I've always lightly greased the mating surfaces re wheel\hub and wheel nuts to prevent this. Never had a problem and also do this with my race car. There are apparently conflicting views re this ............ :))))))). What are the thoughts out there?

    I feel this may outdo the Brexit thread!
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    A light smear of copper slip on the hub / wheel mating surface, not on your nuts though.
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    As Simon for me.
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    Usually a smidge on the hub face and threads.

    I've never had anything come loose.

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    I copper slip faces and threads, having had an alloy firmly attach itself to the hub many years back.

    It can / does throw torque settings out, so donít go nuts.
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    Faces, not threads.

    I've not come across a wheel bolt that's 'grown on'.

    I had to work the S8's wheels to get them off to do the brakes last weekend.

    They got a smear of slip on the faces of the hubs AND the back and centre bore of the wheels before that was re-assembled.
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    As said. Copperslip on the back face of the wheel.

    Lightest smear on the threads once a year just to keep them lubed.

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    Depends what the mating faces of the wheel/brake are made from, aluminium bells and alloys I'd not bother, steel discs and alloys it's a fair shout to grease.

    I use this on studs/bolts:


    It's a twat to get off anything though, I've still got some jeans with the stain in from years ago!

    Helps to achieve consistent clamping force for a given torque

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    The guy who came to change the tyres on the van recently said that they no longer recommend copper slip on either nuts or faces.

    When I took it for a service, the garage couldn't get one of the rear wheels off to repair the handbrake mechanism.

    I know what I'll be doing when I get it off.

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