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Thread: The Scott Trial 2018

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    The Scott Trial 2018

    Some of you on here may be familiar with the sport of motorcycle trials. Normally, trials would be described as a non-speed event. That is where the Scott Trial differs from conventional trials riding, it takes in observed sections, where riders must avoid putting their feet down, but it is also held against the clock over a very tough course, it is not unusual for less than half the field to be classified as non-finishers, this year would no exception.....

    200 riders gathered near the village of Marske in North Yorkshire for scrutineering, before setting off on a route covering approximately 80 miles (A long was on a trials bike!), and around 75 observed sections.

    The modern trials bike weighs in at around 70kg

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    The previous day and night had seen some serious rainfall, so the water sections were going to be a challenge

    Riders use minders, they will advise the riders of lines to take through the sections, they also keep them watered...

    ...and fed, there are a lot of calories burned in this event

    Because this event is against the clock, observers have the unique challenge of having to deal with more than one rider in the section at once, as you can see from this photo!

    The next section we went to see, confirmed the amount of water that the riders were going to face

    A lot of waterlogged bikes

    Still more riders came, hoping to find a less deep route through the water



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    Riders were trying all routes

    Some riders were quite sensibly taking the choice of riding out of the section without completing it, and taking a maximum 5, which is the score you get if you put both feet down at once, or you stall your bike, both highly likely in this section anyway

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    So, time for the maestro himself to take on this most demanding section. Dougie Lampkin is a former 7 times outdoor World Trials Champion, now 42 years old, it should be time for him to move over for younger riders, but nobody dare tell Dougie that

    Even though his bike appeared to go underwater, he just road through the section, apparently without issue. I guess that's what it's like when you're a trials god

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    Onto the next section, a steep waterfall with fast flowing water

    Number 194 Jack Price is one of the new talents on the trials scene

    Here comes Dougie again

    Absolutely beautifully ridden

    Chloe Richardson, one of the few women competing in trials, she's pretty good as well

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    To the final section of the day, some lone riders out there, as the gaps between some of the remaining riders grew

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    Final results, Dougie won by 10 points overall

    Pos No Name Time Obs Total
    1 198 Dougie Lampkin 5 51 56
    2 194 Jack Price 66 66
    3 195 James Dabill 22 58 80
    4 178 Jack Peace 29 56 85
    5 187 Michael Brown 26 61 87
    6 196 Guy Kendrew 25 67 92
    7 200 Ben Hemmingway 18 82 100
    8 184 Sam Haslam 29 77 106
    9 180 Ross Danby 51 62 113
    10 166 Sam Connor 36 77 113

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    Looks hard work to me!
    Bikes are Best on the 'Ring. I no longer own one

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    Looks cool but bloody challenging.

    I used to love watching Kick Start on TV after school.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Sponsored by Floyd.

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    Wow, that’s epic & hats off to all who took part. Cheers for posting, Alan, great read.
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    Great pics again as usual Alan I hope you had a good waterproof this weekend

    A few of my friends had trials bikes as kids (poor bloody farmers eh) and I got roped into observing up at chipping a few times, a long long time ago!

    For any instagrammmmers check out @tonibou for regular gravity defying little clips. Mind blowing what these guys can do nowadays


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    Not for me!! Great read though
    The older you get, the faster you used to be.....

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    Too busy packing the van or Is have made one in....and wish I had to watch them riding up rivers. Brilliant event, cheers Alan

    Oh...and have I missed your "My new car" thread ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by northernjim View Post

    A few of my friends had trials bikes as kids (poor bloody farmers eh).
    Hey Jim, growing up on a farm myself, I r̶e̶s̶e̶n̶t̶ resemble that comment!

    And yes, I did have good waterproofs, very mild temp thankfully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave B View Post
    . Brilliant event, cheers Alan

    Oh...and have I missed your "My new car" thread ??
    No, not missed it yet, work in progress!

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    Thanks for the positive comments, took all pics with my iPhone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris D View Post
    I used to love watching Kick Start on TV after school.
    Me too, always rushed home for it!
    I even had the 'Kick Start' computer game for Spectrum
    (in the days when one would have to patiently load from Cassette... )
    Loved it.

    Excellent report & photos Autohabit, you really portrayed the challenge of the event.
    Though the idea of doing 80miles+ through that tourain merely on the pegs (sans seat) strikes me as a proper pain in the @ss. Much respect for those competitors... but bollocks to that!

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    Mega - thanks for posting that. Looks bonkers.

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    Also used to watch Kickstart. They should bring that back, my kids would love it!

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    Very cool
    Pioneer of the Northloop lunge
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