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Thread: autohabit's Nürburgring trip June 2018

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    autohabit's Nürburgring trip June 2018

    Well, the first half of this year has been pretty miserable for me, I had a back operation and was unable to drive for two months. Thankfully the op was a success and I am getting back to full strength. Still under doctor's orders to avoid long distance driving, I had no choice but to fly out to Germany this year and take in an event.

    The event we picked off was the Nürburgring Classic.

    Kurt and myself flew into Cologne Bonn Airport on Thursday and drove the hire car to the Ring.

    We had booked a lap with Dale Lomas in the Jaguar Ring Taxi. The car was a Jaguar XJR 575, a V8 Supercharged, long wheelbase, 2 Tonne performance luxury barge. As the name hints, it has 575bhp.

    The Ring Taxi business is now a competitive game, although BMW officially withdrew their taxi service in 2016, there is no shortage of choice.

    Choose your poison!

    I took the back seat, absolute luxury back here!

    Dale is now a full time Jaguar employee, also doing test work for them at the Ring.

    Do you know the one by Talking Heads "And you may find yourself, behind the wheel of a large automobile"

    I cannot recommend a ride in this car highly enough, it was awesome, we were doing over 160mph at Schwedenkreuz, this huge car just brakes and turns in like it's a GT car! Thanks for the ride Dale, was a pleasesure meeting you.

    If you fancy booking a ride yourself, here is a link, very good value if split between 3 people.

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