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Thread: Anyone using / experience of a Race Navigator

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    Anyone using / experience of a Race Navigator

    Getting fed up with batteries running out on the Garmin VIRB, or it deciding not to capture the datastream from the OBD2 sensor.

    Was gonna simply go back to vbox, Neil and I had plenty of experience with those.......

    but at the 'ring I saw lots of people using the Race Navigator:

    I suspect this is mainly because its a german product, so perhaps the "obvious choice" for someone in germany.

    Anyone have or used one ? Be interested to hear anything good or bad......or should I just plump for the known quantity vbox.......

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    zero then, so vbox it is :)

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    I guess it`s not something used much on here.

    I saw your post, thought "nope, no experience here" so did`nt reply

    Any guides / reviews out there that might help ?

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    I'm always surprised at the size of those things.

    Absolutely zero experience with them other than that

    You're welcome.
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    In term of racing navigators my experience is limited to knowing that Kinghorn is a massive bellend , apart from that I know nothing.
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