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Thread: Another Nurburgring Replica

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    Another Nurburgring Replica

    A few years ago there were reports about a Nurburgring replica in Las Vegas. It now seems Toyota have plans to build one in Japan:


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    A whole 3.3 miles and no mention of touristfahrten, it's not even a homage let alone a replica.

    Would a good time be sub 2 minutes?

    Interesting find none the less.
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    The Vegas track is complete bullshit. It is built and operating, but the only way in which it could be compared to the N'Ring is in overall track length. Otherwise it's completely flat and boring. It's called Spring Mountain Motor Resort, and they used it in the last series of Top Gear for road trip with the Lambo and 911 convertibles.

    Honda also have a Nurburgring-style test track in Japan:

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    Honda's track is more of a highlights reel than a replica. It's also on the island of Hokkaido, so it's probably currently under a metre of snow:

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