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Thread: Photobucket blocking photos on Forums !

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonsaunders View Post
    This has really saddened / irritated me. A week away camping ignited my yearly passion for campers, so of course I want to go back and read blogs and build threads on what people have done. No pictures anymore thanks to ****bucket.

    It is like they've switched off my (2nd?) favourite part of the Internet.
    Here you go, Simon. I've just uploaded one of the many I had in photo bucket from last year to Flickr.

    Too many cars...

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    I've had the email of doom, but my pics not disappeared yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kev_G View Post
    Photobucket has been around since the internet began and people have used it for build threads etc. Just think about all that history and all them threads that are now gone
    Tell me about it!

    Flickr test:

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    I read on another forum that photobucket have turned their service back on for a temporary period, whilst they get themselves in order.

    Just checked one of my old threads and the pics are back up!

    Not sure how long this will last, but if any of you are wanting to grab any old photos, do it now!

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    Yer, my old threads seem to be working....
    I've done it 'cos Gary told me to.....

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    And mine.
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