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Thread: Trip Report

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    Nice report there Gary :thumb:
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    Nice report. I take it that it's a diesel?

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    Cheers fellas, and yeah its a derv!

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    Looks like Contisport fronts and "king" rears......there's the reason you spun!
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    Ditch finders

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    Good stuff, agreed on the Ditch Finders!
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    I love your photoshop skills...

    Good report :thumb:

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    Yeah agreed on the ditchfinders, they came with the alloys so thought I'd try them out; prolly go wack some Toyo's T1-R's or F1's on them :) Although the ring is apparently a very slippery track in the wet because its so old and because of all the rubber on it.

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    Great report-very bad music in your car!

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    Cheers mate :P

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    King tyres? Try selling them to Bren. He deliberately puts crap tyres on the back end of his cars 'cos he likes going sideways so much. Then again he is not as other men :o :o :o

    I watched a documentary on German TV showing the difference between branded tyres & far east specials in the wet. Enough to convince me to only use Contis on my fleet. The corner where you spun is bad in the wet as it tightens dramatically & has a lot of rubber on the line. Much more grip around the outside.
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