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Thread: Northloop stickers! Get your Northloop stickers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave G View Post
    Yes please sir
    if you want to PM me your postal address,
    I'll happily bung 1 or 2 N/L stickers in the post to you?!

    Now I just have to figure out where I put them, I know I have them somewhere...

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    Stickers located, checked for stickiness, stiff-backed envelopes grabbed from the back of the cupboard and we’re ready for business. Again.

    Have some whites and some blacks.

    Same model as before - you send monies as per the below, I send stickers and a collective cheque to MM once things have quietened down.

    Quote Originally Posted by simonsaunders View Post
    So the new stickers are in! Available in black or white and they look much like the old ones.

    Here is a black one, stuck onto some A4. As you can tell, they are about 200mm wide.

    Here is a white one, adorning a box file in my office...

    They are £3 each, inc. P&P (UK only). For anyone with a very long memory, this is the same price as the old ones. Where someone wants multiples, i.e. 2 or more then they will drop to £2.50 each, inc P&P. Bargain! If someone wants a boat load, make me an offer... No money will be made for charity if they are sitting in my desk drawer... So I'd sooner get them moving.

    I'll be taking a small portion of the purchase price to cover postage costs (2nd class stamp) and an envelope (i.e. about 60p in total per package), but apart from that the rest will be going to Mission Motorsport, whose livery team produced them (thank you!). I'll be generating an audit trail and will send them monies monthly [edit - I'll send the monies once we hit nice round numbers].

    The ordering process:
    You can PayPal the money to: northloop.stickers@gmail.com. You should be able to specify the quantity, colour and delivery address in the messaging section of PayPal. However, for my sanity can you also email you name and said same requirements to northloop.stickers@gmail.com. For anyone adverse to PayPal, message me on that same email address and I'll supply my bank details / phone number for PAYM. If anyone needs a guide to PayPal, I'll write one, but basically you just log in and select the 'send some money to someone option' and enter that email address.

    I'll try to post them a minimum once a week, 2nd class Royal Mail.

    Any questions then email me or post here... Oh, and get some pictures up of them once they arrive!

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