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Thread: Brief rundown - 25th-29th May

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    Had a great trip. The bank holiday weather was really quite terrible meaning we didnít get half as many laps as we wanted but we still had a great time.

    We arrived on Saturday in time to see a good proportion of the 4hour BFGoodrich race which made very enjoyable viewing in the sunshine

    The track was open for 2 hours after the race. It was so busy, even getting on track was tricky, spotted Nige in the queue, turned out it was his first lap too. We managed to get on and had some great first laps. It made all the work worth while feeling the huge improvements to the handling since last year.

    Up early the next day and greeted by rain :angry: . We still headed to the track but decided to go around the museum instead of attempting wet laps. Recommend the museum if you have a free morning.

    We left the museum to be greeted by fairly nice weather. Straight out to the track!!

    Turns out we had some of our best laps over the whole trip. Car was still holding up well, although the brake setup meant we had to stop often.

    The track was still very busy and there were a few incidents happening but not too many.
    Car parks were full as normal

    The track closed a bit early due to an incident. We headed back to the hotel looking forward to a full days running tomorrow

    Day 3 started well. Looked dark but most importantly dry....until about 4 km into the drive to the ring and then rain :angry:
    With the hope it would clear up we thought we would do some viewing first.

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    The rain never really looked like stopping. It did nearly dry up around 3ish so we headed to the car park.

    Just as we turned up we saw Nige pull in. We met quite a few northloop guys. Great to meet a few of you, nice bunch of people you are :)

    After Nige said the track was pretty dry and offered a pax lap I jumped in with him. I really enjoyed it, good to see our car being driven too. The Jetta's brake lights appeared to have stopped working which made my brother look like a nutter before we worked it out!! (we fixed them as soon as we pulled in)

    When we finished that lap I jumped in the jetta to try and get a dry lap but sadly the rain started again not even half way round. As it got wetter I had a bit of a moment so we decided we wouldnít do anymore laps now it was so wet. Sadly that was our last action as it was back to the ferry tomorrow.

    Even with the bad weather we had a great time and continued learning more on each visit.

    Thanks to all the people who sponsored us ( Should be over £1k in 2 trips now)
    The guys we met out there, Nige, Northloop others. Hopefully meet up with a few more people next time.
    The companies that helped us.

    The jetta did fantastically all trip. It leaked a bit in the wet mind you :s.

    Only big mods we fancy after the trip are lower the seats after sitting in Niges more racy position and maybe some better tyres.
    Brakes will be on the cards, as will a little more power.

    Hopefully track day on the 15th this month....got the bug for sure!

    Rich & Adam
    projectJ - Mk2 Jetta GTi
    Seat Ibiza GTi

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    Great report guys. I enjoyed our laps and was good to meet you there :thumb: .

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    great report there guys and it was nice to meet you and have a chat in the car park :thumb:
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    Good write up, some excelant pics as well!!
    Back in clutter

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    Short but sweet. Nice pictures :thumb:

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    Good report and some great pictures. Well done.

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    Thanks. Hopefully next trip we'll get a bit more action to relay.
    Maybe meet a few more people too :)
    projectJ - Mk2 Jetta GTi
    Seat Ibiza GTi

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    saw your car but never got chance to meet you,think i passed you or black northloop jetta on sat
    37 laps no crash 38 laps 1 corner to go.....ooops
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    Some nice pictures there and the Jetta looked good :thumb:
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