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Thread: Jonny's 'ring report 26th to 29th of May

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    After Nige’s report I thought that I would have a go at doing one. I have never written a report nor been to the ‘ring before so please forgive me if I ramble.
    I am a bit rubbish at remembering to take photos and I can't seem to add the ones I have anywhay so it will be a text based report, sorry.

    This was my first time to the ‘ring, although Nick, an old school friend has been twice before. It was his idea that we come, good decision Nick. :)
    I didn’t really know what to expect, although everyone that I spoken to prior explained that it would blow me away, hell yes.

    I bought my ’89 Peugeot 205 1.6 GTi last October to take to the ‘ring and since then I have had the head stripped and rebuilt, I have changed all the consumables and via a new CV boot and joint, acquired a MOT. I though I was all set, until precisely a week before I was due to leave the clutch went. I collected the car (with a new clutch) 12 hours before I left, no test runs for me then. :(

    Saturday 26th May

    The journey from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk to Dover was fairly harmless and uneventful, and we got to Norfolkline’s loading point on time. There were a good number of other cars there heading to the ring including a Caterham, a 911, an Impreza, and a Pug 306 rallye. The highlight though was a fantastic AC Cobra on the back of a trailer, (I must work harder…) :huh:
    The crossing to Dunkerque takes two hours and the ferry was quite straight forward. We snuck into the ‘Road Kings’ truckers lounge which was nice and quite, Nick’s socks and sandals combo ensured that he at least looked like a continental lorry driver… :ph43r:
    The drive down to Adenau was not too tricky, the road were good and not too busy. We found our hotel, Blaue Ecke and emptied our car in record time. Nick and I were keen to try and bag a lap before bed. When we got there it was very busy as we expected. The weather was perfect.

    I started my lap, now there is a steep learning curve for you! :huh: It was very busy but okay. I got as far the Karussell and then started to notice that my car was smoking rather well. I then adopted limp home mode to examine the damage in the overflow car park. The oil was all over the top of the engine and it was going onto the exhaust manifold causing the smoke - Not good. The dipstick was not fitting well so we hoped that it was the cause. We made our way back to hotel to let the car cool down and for us to find some supper. By this time it was absolutely p*ssing down.

    Sunday 27th May

    Woke up to lots of rain so didn’t rush to the ring, instead bodged to dip stick with gaffer tape in a hope to solve the problem, within driving for 5 minutes it became very, very obvious that we had not fixed it at all. The 205 limped to the ring over flow car park and we called ADAC. Whist waiting Nick discovers a loose rocker cover bolt. One hour twenty minutes later a recovery lorry rocks up and the chap tells us that he will take us back to the workshop which is 5 km away and have a look. This he does and duly tightens up all bolts, cleans engine and tests the car properly. All okay! I was really impressed with ADAC; I would recommend them to anyone.

    Nick and I take it in turn to do laps; I found it quite busy and rather slippy. My 205 now under steers instead of it lift off it’s over steer trick that it likes in the dry.
    Nick is slightly more enthusiastic than me and we nearly have a brown pants moment when he spins it at Breidscheid, we don’t make contact with the Armco and all is well. I will pay handsomely for a picture of said incident by the way. ;)

    I then take my final flap of the day, I am not ragging the car just building up speed and confidence, than just as I can see the gantry in the distance the water temperature starts to get higher and higher. Hazard light on, we make a quick dash to the exit. With the bonnet up, we find water everywhere, well steam actually.
    We leave the car to cool for an hour or so and then drive gently to Bergwerk to do a spot a spectating, we get there to find an E30 M3 has been spending some quality time with the Armco, everyone is okay but every panel of the is dented, bummer.

    Monday 28th May

    We head to the ring and after a bit of experimenting we work out that if we keep the heater on max and on hot it takes enough heat out of the engine to keep the engine temp under control, the rain also assists, and traffic is worth avoiding.
    I am becoming more confident and the rain keeps the motorbikes off the track which also helps things. There are a number of other cars which I notice, a red VW Golf mark II, which absolutely flying and a green Opel Omega which is drifting like a demon at every corner, fantastic.

    The Karussell is such fun. Note to self: finish using the brakes BEFORE you hit the jump at Pflanzgarten, otherwise it gets a bit scary. I don’t want to push my luck with the car and after all it has got to get us home too, so we finish our laps quite early in the afternoon. A bit more spectating at Ex – Muhle follows.
    A pizza at Pinocchio in Adenau is consumed (just, they are big) and we pack the car for tomorrows departure.

    Tuesday 29th May

    After breakfast we hit the road and are on our way by 9AM. It takes us a little longer to get to the ferry terminal (five hours nearly) than anticipated and we only just catch the ferry. The ferry is only half full and the engine has not overheated so far!

    A wet blighty welcomes us and we hit the M20/M25/M11, then home at last.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend, and I am already trying to work out when I can make another trip. I am hooked; I have a bad case of ring fever. The atmosphere at the ring is electric and everyone I met was very friendly. The 205 is being looked at to eliminate any more problems and sort the existing ones out.

    I would like to thank everyone who helped Nick and I over our weekend, including the 205/Cosworth owner, Neil (I think, sorry) who had the lovely red 205 Mi16 and Nige for introducing himself and this forum. :)

    GT4 is now redundant and my copy will be found on eBay very shortly……

    See you all next time hopefully.


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    Jonny, well done for sharing this with us :thumb:

    I enjoyed the part lap following you, thats why I initially came over for a chat. I have a fan override switch on my golf, as soon as I start heading for the barrier, I turn it on, it helps keep the temp low, but if you are having issues in the weather at the weekend, I think you have something else that needs fixing or you`ll be having problems in the summer...

    Stay around and if you see a Northloop sticker in a car, ask them for a passenger lap, nearly everyone would say yes and you get a very different perspective that way. I have a spare seat and open invite for anyone to jump in and most other Northloopers are the same. For something extra special, get a lap with Thorlief in his white M3 CSL, reg M3 CSL. :thumb:

    Louise got some photos of you too :thumb:, there are more, but here is a selection.

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    i trie d to blag a ride with thorleif but he said it was too wet
    37 laps no crash 38 laps 1 corner to go.....ooops
    ex-official northloop sweatshirt model-i am too ugly gary says
    The pink sock Doc !
    "never enter Karussel when on the brakes! i have gone round there on the roof,i know what i am talking about"-sabine schmitz
    i have my murtaya!!!

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    Good report there Jonny!

    I had similar troubles, i.e. not terminal but annoying niggles last weekend. Want to get them solved soon!

    I don&#39;t know if I&#39;d be happy driving 30k odd round the &#39;Ring on Cup tyres Doctor&#33; I can only imagine that was why? <_<

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    Nice report.

    I definatly do not like the "leaky vehicle" bits in it.

    Do not go on the ring with an untested or leaking vehicle.
    Get it sorted *before* you go on it (not just some gaffer tape).

    If something happens because of oil or coolant you dropped on the tarmac, you will be held responsible.
    Damage to other vehicles, armco, personal injuries and possible the resulting loss of income, ring personnel attendance and ring closure costs can add up to huge amounts.

    Other than that it is an obligation to other drivers&bikers that you don&#39;t put them to the risks, imho.

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    A fair point, which I take on board.

    The leaks that I reported were perhaps not as large as I made them sound; nothing was spilt or dropped onto the track.

    I take safety seriously and I would not have carried on if I thought I was risking others.


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    Originally posted by davetouring@Jun 2 2007, 12:32 PM
    Good report there Jonny&#33;

    I had similar troubles, i.e. not terminal but annoying niggles last weekend. Want to get them solved soon&#33;

    I don&#39;t know if I&#39;d be happy driving 30k odd round the &#39;Ring on Cup tyres Doctor&#33; I can only imagine that was why? <_<
    hey i am not worth that much 50p possibly :D
    37 laps no crash 38 laps 1 corner to go.....ooops
    ex-official northloop sweatshirt model-i am too ugly gary says
    The pink sock Doc &#33;
    &quot;never enter Karussel when on the brakes&#33; i have gone round there on the roof,i know what i am talking about&quot;-sabine schmitz
    i have my murtaya&#33;&#33;&#33;

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