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Thread: How many cars have you owned?

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    How many cars have you owned?

    The total is rising as I remember more and more.

    Talbot Samba bought to get home from town then blew up.
    Mk1 Fiesta killed after snapping front cross member.
    Skoda rapide rolled door to door and bumper to bumper.
    Saab 900 tank
    Escort est cream
    Orion 150
    Audi Coupe GT best car ever.
    Audi Coupe GT 5 pot, way too far gone.
    Celica GT, quick but dull
    Alfa 146 Ti, fragile
    Impreza Turbo, wouldn't stop.
    Citroen C5, was convinced that the boot was open all the time.
    Skoda Octavia
    Skoda Octavia Ive had it 5 yrs so far.
    Audi Quattro Coupe Gt
    Ciroen C 15 van
    Vauxhall Combo van
    VW Caddy van
    Nova Track car.
    BMW E46 Touring
    Omega V6
    Mazda MX5 mk 1
    BMW Z4
    Astra sri
    1979 Avenger
    Passat TDi Pinders old car.
    Vw T25 camper van
    Pug 308 Turbo 400 shed
    Mazda 6 ts2 600 bargain.
    That's now 31 in 42 years.
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    27 in 39 years ?
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    T25 Camper van
    B5 Passat work horse
    Avenger in bed for winter again .

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    Not many.

    Mk1 Escort - never got it on the road, sold to a mate for spares.

    Mini GOO 533N

    Mk2 Escort BJL 211V

    Mk1 Astra WFL 33X

    Mk1 Opel Kadett SR NYW 57Y

    Mk2 Cavalier Commander C622 UKV

    Mk2 Cavalier Sri (donor for above) ??????

    Mk2 Golf GTI 8v D738 WNP

    Mk2 Cavalier SRi 130 F602 JCU

    Sierra XR4x4 2.8 E251 HVN

    Mk2 Golf GTI 8v F205 YOJ

    Escort RS Turbo S2 G863 WWC

    Escort RS Turbo S1 C774 LOF

    Orion 1.6i Ghia ??????

    Mk2 Golf GTI 16v D880 VVO

    Mk2 Golf GTI 16v J485 GVK

    Mk2 Golf GTI 8v G324 SMY?

    Passat VR6 estate (donor for mk2) N??????

    Mk3 Golf GTI 8v Colour Concept P247 VAD

    BMW E46 323i SE. T791 RDO
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    Smart fortwo - wrote it off, frugal, reliable, stupidly small fuel tank.
    Smart fortwo - rebuilt using the above cars drivetrain and a bigger fuel tank. Amusingly modified, never for sale.
    Mazda mx5 - Great fun, great handling, cheap thrills. Just not special/ different enough.
    Honda S2000 - Too soon to tell.

    4 cars.

    I've not yet managed to sell one either, though I did write one off...

    Jim Cameron is my idol.

    I think I may have accidentally sold the mx5 now though.

    Power; 55 > 80 > 140 > 240bhp
    Weight; 730>730>1000>1260kilos
    bhp/ton; 75 > 109>140>190

    Everything is increasing!
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    Current; Smart ForTwo(7) and a BMW 120d Sport (Co car)

    Previous; Honda S2000 (0) and Mazda Mx5 Mk2 Sport (10) Boring Diesel DSG Golf (Co car)

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    This could get real ugly...

    There are a few in my list I'd rather not admit to...
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    I've had more bicycles than cars.
    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Benz
    Nige would be turning in his shed
    Quote Originally Posted by Nige
    Have you seen my bottom nuts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Benz View Post
    This could get real ugly...

    There are a few in my list I'd rather not admit to...
    Be brave :D.

    I deeply regret the Fords, both from new and both utter shit / nothing but trouble.


    Worked all through Uni and ran a business in my 6th form years. Not very successfully, just enough to fund my own cars and going to Uni.

    1983 VW Polo - 1.3 GL - Bought from our neighbour. My first car :D
    2000 Ford Ka - New from Ford with a years free insurance (worth a fortune at 18 living/at uni in Portsmouth and parking on the street) - POS - Total dog of a car from day one and nightmare with Hendy Ford Portsmouth
    2001 Renault Clio - 1.2 16v Dynamique - After a rave review on Topgear and two test drives, bought new from Renault (a dealership I worked for at 16 gave me a great deal) with another years free insurance
    1994 VW Corrado - 2.0 9a 16v - Bought from a family friend, my dream car at the time
    1998 VW T4 - 2.4D SWB 1200 - Blind eBay bid, super cheap and an adventure / total punt.
    2003 Lotus Elise - S2 Sport Tourer 1.8 K series - Pistonheads, paid for an RAC inspection and took it to JCT600 in Leeds for a spanner check before handing funds over.
    1998 VW T4 - 2.5 TDI LWB - A1Surf Classifieds, saw the ad and put a deposit within 4 hours of it coming online. Far too cheap and decided it was worth a punt if it was half as good as described. Sold the van 5 years later for the same price (and 60k more miles on it)
    1994 Mazda MX5 - Mk1 1.8 RS Ltd - Bought from a friend (KurtR on here, before NL days)
    2002 BMW M3 - E46 - Pistonheads, the car went to a specialist to be checked and I loosely knew the guy selling it
    1990 RAW Striker - 2.0l Redtop - Ebay special, never got to drive it as it was part shared with a friend, and a stupid idea.
    2001 VW Polo - 1.4 tdi Sport - SC’s first car. Sold to my parents.
    2009 Ford Fiesta - Zetec S TDCI - First company car - Another POS, last Ford I'll own.
    1978 VW Bay Window Camper - Tiaga Green Bay Westie - Bought from a friend (a VW/Porsche Dealer) for a crazy price to help him invest in a 911.
    2003 Mazda MX5 - mk2.5 1.8 SVT - Ebay, small deposit and cash on collection after a test drive and inspection
    2000 VW T4 Caravelle - 2.5 TDI SWB - Ebay, but from a used car dealership in Derby. No deposit and a deal with the mx5 as part-x (made 500 on the mx5 :D).
    1992 Mazda MX5 - Mk1 1.6 - Total E-bay punt. Failed to sell on ebay so I made a cash offer and went to collect it.
    1996 BMW 328i - e36 Coupe with LSD- Bought from NL's Simon Saunders, loved it and trusted Si fully. Shame it was crashed into and written off.
    1989 BMW 325i - e30 - Bought from NL. Least said soonest mended :(
    * 2012 BMW 116ed - F21 - Company car no.2 - UBER :D. Love it way too much.
    * 1994 Mazda MX5 - Mk1 1.8 RS Ltd - Lots of pleading PMs to Steve C - Very pleased persistence paid off
    * 2005 SAAB 9-3 Sportwagon - 1.9 tdi Vector Sport - eBay from a local(isn) dealership, went to view it and drove 10 other cars before negotiating a deal with a 3 month warranty

    In order too :D

    Edit: Lifted, amended and updated from Gary's how do you buy cars thread.

    From NL = 3
    From eBay = 6
    From Known People = 3
    New from Dealers = 4
    Ph / Other Classifieds = 5

    Edit2: * = Still own
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    Could we have the title to the thread corrected, please. It's making that muscle by my eye twitch and I can't fix it.
    It's literally a Diamond shaped Hell at times
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    West Sussex
    Austin Healey Sprite
    Austin Mini x13, but only about 5 were ever roadworthy
    MG metro
    MG metro turbo (both metros were donors for mini conversions)
    BMW e30 320i 2 door
    BMW e34 530i
    BMW e36 323i
    BMW e36 328i (spares)
    BMW e46 m3 CS
    Caterham 7 academy
    Ford fiesta mk1 1.1
    Ford fiesta mk1 1.3 ghia
    Ford fiesta mk1 1.1 van
    Ford fiesta mk2 xr2
    Ford escort van 1.6d
    Ford escort van 1.6 xr3 engined
    Ford escort van rs turbo running gear
    Ford escort s1 rs turbo
    Honda Accord SiR
    Jaguar mk 10
    Landrover s3 88"
    Mazda mx5 mk1 x2
    Mazda mx5 mk2
    Mercedes..... Slk230k
    Clk430 cab
    280GE g wagen
    280CE pillar less coupe
    C200 T model
    Peugeot 405mi16
    Rover 214 2door
    Rover SD1 v8 manual
    Saab 9000
    Toyota Amazon
    Vauxhall corsa 1.2 x2
    Astra gte 8v
    Astra gsi 16v
    VW golf Gti mk1
    Scirocco GLi mk1
    Scirocco GTi mk1
    Golf 16v mk2
    Volvo 244DL lhd
    Volvo 740 turbo estate
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    Thank you!
    It's literally a Diamond shaped Hell at times
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    I like Uncle Benz's list so far, clearly copied from an xls in alphabetical order

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    Suzuki Swift GTi
    Toyota Starlet GT
    Longmans Peugeot 206 GTi
    Ford Focus
    Toyota Celica GT-Four
    Peugeot 106 GTi
    Seat Ibiza Cupra
    Ford Escort MK6 (CAT D, paid 400 quid for it, easily the worst car I've owned)
    Longmans Peugeot 206 GTi (again, bought it back for half what I sold it for)
    VW Polo Coupe
    Mazda RX7, single gt35r turbo
    S14a Nissan 200sx
    VW Passat
    Nissan Pulsar GTiR
    Mazda MX5
    Seat Toledo, Solo edition
    E46 BMW M3
    Toyota Starlet GT
    E39 530i M Sport

    19 Cars
    ~ 3510 bhp
    ~ 185 avg bhp
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    Not many since I passed my test 27 years ago.

    MkII Ford Cortina
    Nova SRi
    MkII Astra GTE
    Cavalier GSI
    Cavalier 4x4 Turbo
    R32 Skyline GT-R
    R33 Skyline GT-R
    R33 Skyline GT-R
    Peugeot 106 Quicksilver - still own
    R33 Skyline GT-R - still own

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    Just off the A34
    Quote Originally Posted by c_w View Post
    I like Uncle Benz's list so far, clearly copied from an xls in alphabetical order
    The Forces' Motorsport Charity

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    In order:

    Datsun Cherry (written off)
    VW Scirocco (luxury after the Datsun)
    Citroen AXGT (loved it)
    Ford Escort Mk2 (auto)
    Fiat Uno Turbo (torque steer)
    MG Midget (engine blew up)
    Renault 19 16V (brakes fell off)
    Renault 19 16V (brakes stayed on)
    Honda CBR600 (not a car but I'd just passed my test)
    Mazda MX5 (swmbo write it off)
    Golf GTI (first new car)
    Honda VTR1000 (swmbo made me sell it)
    Ford Scorpio (sold it to someone who just wanted the aircon off it)
    Alfa Gulietta (race car)
    Alfa 33 (race car)
    VW T4 Camper Van (for festivals)
    Honda Accord Type R (unreliable!)
    Golf V6 4Motion (smooth as silk)
    Mazda6 MPS (very underrated)
    Audi RS4 (competent but boring)
    BMW M3 (no faster, but more fun than the RS4)
    Mazda MX5 (track car - sold to Brando)
    BMW 330d (quick enough and a sign that I'm getting old)
    road: M140i
    track: 987.2 Boxster S
    weekends: Grand Touring

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    Tyndrum, Scotland
    2.0 Mk3 Mondeo
    1.4 Fiesta Mk6
    1.6 Mk6 Zetec-S
    Megane RS250
    RS250 Cup.

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    I ended up with that honda Accord - that was quick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by leavingeasy View Post
    I ended up with that honda Accord - that was quick!
    I took it in settlement of a bad debt iirc, and you disposed of it for me. What a kind chap you were!
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    I'm taking ownership to include company cars too.

    Short answer - not enough.

    More detailed -
    MkI Golf 1.1
    MkII Golf 1.3
    MKII Astra 1.6GL
    MKIII Fiesta GL
    Peugeot 306 GTI6
    Porsche 996 3.6 C2
    1/3-1/2 of an E30....
    VW Touareg 3ltr TDI
    Lotus Elise S1 PTP 170
    Lotus Elise S1 Honda
    BMW 130i
    Audi A6 Avant 3ltr TDI - Bi-turbo
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    1965 mk1 mini 848cc
    Vauxhall chevette
    Metro 1.0
    Escort mk4
    Escort mk5
    Peugeot 306 dturbo
    Subaru impreza
    Subaru forester
    Golf gt pd150
    Mx5 mk1 x3
    Mx5 mk2 x2

    Just 14 so far. Need more.
    Simon no longer owes me anything, Dave does though.
    Floyd probably owes me at least twenty with the interest rolling up...

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    Mazda 323, POS car
    BMW E34 525ia
    BMW E39 525ia
    BMW E39 M5
    Toyota Land Cruiser 120
    BMW E30 M3
    Nissan Patrol
    Thordur Magnusson
    Road - E39 M5 Twin SC
    Track - E30 M3 S85 - build in progress.....

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    Putting aside the make and model, here is my list:

    blue (again)
    red (again)
    green (again)
    green (yet again)
    silver (again)
    silver (yet again)
    silver (and yet again)
    black (again)

    I have disregarded cars belonging to the Memsahib (or her predecessors in title)
    VW Touran (Black on the outside; dog inside)
    BMW 750i (Silver)

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    Northern end of the North Yorkshire Coast
    '74 VW 1200 Beetle 35 bhp rolled
    '71 VW 1300 sp Beetle weber carb'd engine blown, replaced with a tp
    '71 Bay window VW camper, absolutely rotten.
    '83 Mk3 Escort bought for 90, driven for 6k mile sold later on for 50 sans MoT.
    '88 Astravan fun and frugal, didn't start and kept snapping driveshafts on bump starting
    '?? Transit van with VW T2 body welded to the back. Killed the engine, then got towed, once parked up in posh Oxford suburbs...
    '90 Pug 309 GTi f*cking awesome, needed brake work, sold for sub 400 when I went abroad
    '03 Seat Leon TDi - my company car introduction to the Nordschleife
    '96 Legacy GT-B fun 4wd fridge
    '?? 306 GTi-6 ace fun, true 9:11 BTG machine with muppet me driving and no mods, not bad for well sub 170 bhp. Also pulled bikes on the trailer so well that it ended up racing CRX's on the B258!
    '01 Skoda Octavia Leon & Klement wagon. Great ex Pye machine, apart from not as good at pulling bikes! Sold for a song, funds still outstanding.
    '94 Eunos, great car, few issues after 6 months, dropped of at a mates for work, finally recovered and sold on to young Oakie
    '96 E36 328 touring, lowered on shit coilovers rusted to hell, pleased when it was taken off me for a small exchange of cash.
    '03 VW T4, great until the latest incident
    '01 Jag XJR, interesting, packing a punch and guzzling fuel. Great fun truly cruising at 140mph in Germany with way more to give.
    *'03 VW T4, a replacement for the written off one above.
    *'94 Eunos J2-Ltd, yellow and darty on coilovers
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    Bikes are Best on the 'Ring. I no longer own one

    VW T4 2.5 TDI/Disco 2 TD5
    1x 4m RIB with 50hp 2stroke outboard, 3x SOT fishing Kayaks, 4 x surf boards

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    An interesting exercise. I don't have a spreadsheet, so after a head scratch, and in order:

    Series 3 88 LandRover 2.25 petrol
    Series 3 88 LandRover 2.4 random marine diesel engined
    Series 2 V8 Lightweight
    Series 2a 88 LandRover 2.25 petrol
    Series 3 108 LandRover 2.25 diesel
    Series 2a 88 LandRover 2.25 diesel
    1965 LWB Mercedes Unimog crew cab
    1978 Chevrolet Camaro
    1980 Porsche 928
    1978 Range Rover 3.5 V8
    1982 Porsche 911SC
    Series 3 108 LandRover 2.7 (straight six) petrol
    Audi 80 1.8... Became a 2 litre
    Jaguar XJS 3.6 manual
    Lancia Delta Integrale 16v
    Subaru Impreza WRX
    1990 Range Rover 3.9 V8 manual (missus had 1275 Mini Cooper)
    Nissan 200SX S14a (missus had S13)
    1976 Ford Cortina 2000GT - became a 3 litre V6, then 24v V6 Cosworth
    Stuart Taylor Fireblade
    RX7 (missus had MX-5)
    Audi S8
    Subaru Impreza WRX sti wagon
    *BMW E30 335
    BMW E39 M5 (missus has *MX-5 RS Ltd)
    Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 Exceed
    Porsche 964 Carrera 2 manual
    Mercedes C43 AMG Estate
    BMW E36 '316' (3.0 M3 engine)
    Porsche 996 Carrera 3.4 manual
    BMW E46 M3 Tip
    *1973 Porsche 911T (3.2 engined RS rep)
    VW Touareg V6
    BMW 535D Touring
    Jaguar XJ
    Discovery 3 2.7 HSE (missus has *Megane 225)
    *1976 Porsche Carrera 3
    Ford Sapphire Cosworth 4x4 GpN
    Honda Jazz (inherited!)
    Mazda MX-5 Supercharged
    Porsche 968 Supercharged
    *Fiat Panda 4x4
    *Fiat Panda 4x4
    *Land Rover Defender 90
    Porsche 996 Carrera cab
    Range Rover based V8 Tomcat
    *Maserati 4200GT
    *1971 Range Rover
    *1923 Dodge
    *Discovery 3 SE

    48, not including things that went through my hands pretty quickly and weren't registered in my name, race cars or the things that I've forgotten

    It does include one fwd car

    Most common make - LandRover - 12, then Porsche - 7, then BMW - 5.

    Stuff we've still got is starred.
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    Been meaning to make this list for a while... Sort of in order of ownership if my memory serves, with the RS125 at age 17.

    Suzuki Swift GTI
    Series 1 Escort RS Turbo
    Peugoet 106 GTI
    Nissan Silvia S12
    Toyota Starlet GT Turbo
    Toyota Corolla GT Coupe (AE86)
    Sierra 2.9 4x4
    BMW E30 325i Touring
    Toyota MR2 Turbo
    Toyota Sprinter Trueno GTV (AE86)
    BMW E28 528i
    Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 GL (NICE!)
    BMW E30 318i Touring
    Toyota Corolla GL 1.3 (KE70)
    BMW E34 525i
    BMW E34 535i Sport
    Toyota Starlet GL 1.3 (KP61)
    Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex (AE86)
    BMW E36 M3
    BMW E36 328 Touring
    Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex (S2000 conversion)
    Nissan Silvia S13
    BMW E30 318is (M30 conversion)
    BMW E30 325i (M30 conversion)
    Nissan Sunny 1.4 Austerity Drive Edition
    Nissan 200SX S14
    Toyota Corolla GL (KE70 with AE86 running gear)
    BMW E30 Touring M50/S50
    BMW E46 328i Saloon
    BMW E36 328i Coupe
    BMW 318ti Compact (2.8 M52 conversion)
    Lexus GS300
    Toyota Corolla Levin GT Apex (AE101)
    Toyota Corolla Levin GT (AE86)
    BMW E34 525i Sport
    Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000 AWD
    BMW E36 325 TDS

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    E36 M3 Coupe - KE70 Corolla GL with AE86 Running Gear -

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    Southend, Essex
    Just 7 cars to date and all fords except 1!

    "T" reg red Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec,
    52 plate green Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec,
    56 plate orange Ford Focus ST 2.5 Turbo (remapped),
    58 plate orange Ford Focus ST 2.5 Turbo (modded to just over 300 BHP),
    "L" reg black VW Corrado VR6 2.9 track car,
    61 plate white Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCI Zetec S,
    63 plate blue Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 Turbo (current car).
    Current Drive: 2013 Spirit Blue Ford Fiesta ST2 with Mountune MP-215 performance upgrade.

    Current ride: 2008 Blue Honda CBR600RR.

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    the second richest village in England
    In order of ownedness:

    Morris Minor 1000 2 door
    Fiat Uno 60S
    Alfa Romeo 33 1.7ie
    Fiat X1/9
    Fiat X1/9
    Alfa Romeo 155 V6
    Alfa Romeo Giulietta
    Alfa Romeo GTV6
    Alfa Romeo 75 Veloce
    Alfa Romeo GTV ts
    Lotus Elise S1
    Alfa Romeo 75 LE
    Jeep Cherokee Sport
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    Arse end of the UK
    1979 Fiesta 950cc
    1983 Metro automatic - a hand me down from my grandmother - had the Mini 1275GT engine in it but after five gearboxes I decided it wasn't for me
    1986 Austin Montego 1.6 base - it wasn't even an 'L' - the passenger wing mirror was an optional extra
    1988 Citroen AX GT - cracking little car but made out of tin foil and plastic. Tried to kill myself in it.
    1988 Peugeot 205 GRD
    1989 Honda CRX Vtec - I loved that car
    1989 205 CTi
    1991 VW Golf Estate tdi
    1992 Volvo 940 Turbo (factory remapped to a heady 190bhp!)
    2000 BMW 330d Touring - my only brand new car
    1994 BMW E34 M5 3.8L
    1994 BMW E36 M3 - later turned into my track car
    1990 Mazda Eunos roadster 1.8 V spec
    1994 BMW E36 M3 - bought to turn into track car but bodywork and interior too mint and has 160k miles!
    1995 BMW 540i/Alpina B10 thing
    2002 BMW 330d Sport Touring
    2002 BMW X5 V8 Sport
    2001 BMW E39 M5
    1998 Mazda MX5 Turbo - The Turbo Mincer now owner by Ian
    2006 BMW 120d Sport
    2005 BMW 530d Sport Touring

    That's 21 so far

    From the first 330d onwards there were three or four owned at any one time.

    I'm sure I've forgotten a couple........

    Are you seeing a theme here?!
    F15 X5 40e family truck
    M135i daily driver inbound
    Shitbox Racing Golf VR6
    Mk2 MX5 - Maybe sometime in the next decade to be a Lexus V8 engine riot.......

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    Cumbria mainly & Lanarkshire.
    Only ones of any real interest to anyone that I have are

    June 60 Morris mini-minor
    72 Mk1 Escort 2 door
    72 Hillman Imp
    72 Landrover Series 3
    87 Escort turbo
    92 Escort Cosworth

    59 Kawasaki Klx 250

    In a business sense I've broken so so many cars that I possibly couldn't count but I've only ever regretted crushing one and that was a 72 BMW 2002. Even the guy at the scrap asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this....

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    81 Fiat X1/9
    76 Fiat 127
    74 Fiat 127
    91 Peugeot 205GTi 1.9
    02 Rover 75
    05 Fiat Punto HGT
    05 Fiat Stilo
    03 Mercedes Benz C320
    91 Porsche 968
    08 Mercedes Benz C220CDi
    05 Fiat Coupe
    09 Fiat Abarth 500
    06 Audi Q7 4.2
    03 Volvo XC90 2.5
    71 Mini
    09 BMW 530XD

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    I will have to do a list later but I believe I'm at 56.

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    Chessington Zoo
    Ok here goes;

    Mk1 fiesta 1.0
    Metro 1.0
    Mk4 escort 1.4
    Vw polo 1.1
    Mk2 fiesta 1.4s
    Mk2 fiesta xr2 (turbo technics)
    Porsche 924
    BMW 325i e30
    Mk2 golf 16v
    BMW 325i e30
    BMW 328i coupe
    BMW e30 m3 (with alpina b6s motor)
    Mazda 626 (dump car when moving house)
    BMW 325i e30 convertible
    BMW M535i (e28 dogleg)
    BMW 328i sport
    BMW 330ci
    BMW 325i (auto touring - dump car again, moved house)
    BMW m coupe
    Porsche 911 c2s
    BMW m3 (current)

    Part owned
    3 x mx5's with Steve

    Bought but not mine on log book (eg Lynn's cars lol)
    BMW 318ci
    BMW 318ti
    BMW 330i m sport
    BMW x3 3.0d m sport
    MX5 with white wheels

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    Dont judge me...

    1969 mini 1000
    Mini clubman estate 1000
    Yugo 45
    Mk2 vauxhall cavalier 1600
    Peugeot 205 xs
    Fiat marea 2.0 20v
    Fiesta ST
    Mk1 mx5 1.8
    Mk1 mx5 1.6 supercharged
    2002 boxster S
    Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.
    - Robert Heinlein

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    West Yorkshire
    Good idea for a thread Stan

    1977 Escort MK2. Bought as a`non runner`, fitted a 1.6 and resprayed it before passing my test in it.
    1980 Mazda 323 1.3
    1986 Mazda 323 1.3
    1988 Mazda 323 4x4 16V Turbo. Brilliant car, insurance hikes caused sale :(
    1989 Peugeot 205D (NON Turbo) Cheap insurance. changed oil once and that was all I did in 2 years. Utterly dull and dependable.
    1991 Cavalier CD Auto 2.0. Zzzzz
    1998 Renault Scenic 2.0 - Personal import from France. Practical for young family.
    1997 Mazda 323 `Fastback` - Parents old car, bought as a cheap `2nd car`
    2003 Mazda 6 - Great car
    2006 Nissan 350Z - Fun, depreciation was unpleasant though.
    2004 BMW X5 - Still going strong, does exactly what it needs to.
    1996 Golf MK3 - Shed bought via Stan
    2003 Focus - Bought Via Stan, sold to Weeman, bought by James W
    2003 Passat TDi - Bought via Stan. Cheap as chips as comfortable. Uninspiring to drive.

    Golf MK2 Track Car - Crashed
    Golf MK2 Track car - Ongoing.

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    Jun 2006
    Not a lot.

    1.2 Clio
    Civic Type R (EP3)
    Focus ST2
    Impreza STI PPP
    Integra Type R (DC2)
    Clio 200 Cup
    M3 (E46)
    If I could have all the money back I have wasted on cars, I would waste it on a car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjturner View Post
    Dont judge me...

    Yugo 45


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    1996 Fiat Punto 1.1S - First car
    2000 Citroen Saxo VTR - Bought off a well fit nurse
    2002 Civic Type R - Traded in the Saxo for it. Great car
    2009 Fiat 500 Abarth - Still got, only car I've bought new.

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    I think Sim will win this..

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    Jul 2007
    My list is boring

    Austin Metro 1.0 (none of this la-di-da rover nonsense)
    Renault Clio (1.0) 1.2
    Toyota MR2 Mk3
    Honda S2000
    BMW E46 M3
    BMW 120d
    BMW M135i (the new clit car)

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    Jul 2009
    Cornwall, Uk
    My list needs more BMWs, some Porsches, a Range Rover / Disco and something Italian. I'm kinda done with VWs but hope we'll get another van in the future.
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    Aug 2006
    1 litre saxo
    vts saxo
    s1 106 rallye
    325tds bmw touring
    mk1 mx5
    e30 320 bmw
    e36 328/m3 bmw
    e30 325 touring bmw
    e30 m3 bmw

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    The touring was a 316i Ed, unless you've had another..

    Anyway, lots.

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    Owned very few actually (not counting the number of company cars I've had over around 10 years...*)
    Owned: Volvo 940se (1st car I bought, still have it, tucked away...), Mazda 323F (pop-up lights, good fun),
    VW Passat Tdi (still have as daily driver). My next car (most likely soon) will be an E60 BMW 5-series (530d).

    * including my few years in the motor trade when I had a different car to enjoy every week or so, usually beauts;
    Saabs, BMWs, Mercs, Jags, Range Rovers, Porsches, TVRs, Corvettes... none of which were owned by me of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Cameron View Post
    1982 Porsche 911SC

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    Just off the A34
    You should get one...
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    The Forces' Motorsport Charity

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    Rover Mini Mayfair
    Toyota MK1 MR2 AW11
    Rover 620i
    MGB GT
    Suzuki SJ
    MX5 MK1
    MX5 MK1
    Toyota Hilux Surf
    Range Rover P38
    MX5 MK2
    Nissan Skyline with SR20 engine
    Nissan Silvia PS13
    *BMW E46 M3
    Porsche 911 Turbo
    BMW 540i 6sp
    MX5 MK1
    BMW 730d
    BMW X5
    *Porsche 911 964
    *BMW 330cd
    *Range Rover TDV8

    Yep, that's it. Still own the * marked cars.
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    996.2 GT3 Clubsport / 20v AE86 / E63 AMG Wagon

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    Quote Originally Posted by unzippy View Post
    I think Sim will win this..

    Sim's SORN reminders have come through again.

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    I didn't start owning a car tilli was 19, but my new found wealth as a student kicked things off with a mk2 Astra.

    I think the 'best' car was a beige 1.6 montego!

    I gave up counting and recording car ownership when I breached 50 (have owned over 30 golfs, pretty much allow them gti's)

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    On the Isle of Wight
    Whilst it doesn't include a Yugo, it doesn't make for happy reading....

    SIIa 88" Land Rover
    SIII 109 2.6 Land Rover
    Citroen ZX 1.9D~
    Citroen Xantia 1.9D~
    Vauxhall Vectra 2.0TDI~
    Maestro 2.0D
    Passat 1.8 20V SE
    T25 1.6TD Syncro doublecab pickup
    MINI Cooper~
    Jetta Syncro
    Golf Syncro*
    T25 Caravelle C Syncro
    T25 Caravelle GL Syncro - with 2.2 Subaru motor
    T25 Transporter camper Syncro
    T4 2.5i Caravelle Syncro
    T25 singlecab pick up with 2.25 Audi 200 turbo engine
    Subaru Forester 2.0XT
    Skoda Fabia vRS
    Passat TDI 4Motion*
    Polo 1.4TDI
    Corrado 2.0 16V*
    Suzuki SJ trialer*
    Golf3 TDI*
    BMW E36 Coupe 325i*
    Vanagon camper*

    ~ company car
    * still owned

    The T25 doublecab Syncro and Passat 4mo are approximately the same tenure - about seven years... although the Passat is still with us. The Golf Syncro has been with me nearly nine years.
    It's literally a Diamond shaped Hell at times
    Woodland camping with Forest Schools on the Isle of Wight: campwight.co.uk

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    Just done a list just now.

    I'm at 55 - sure there are a couple more.

    6 were shared, the rest were mine. Not included cars I've bought from Helen since we met!

    Will add list later - not working properly!

    Mostly boring stuff!
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