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Thread: Can I store my car at the ring

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    The simple answer is yes you can......There are several places in the area who offer this facility. As a general rule they like you to be leaving your car with them for the season.

    A few places to try

    http://www.ring-racing.de/ Enclosed, warehouse storage, they put the car away for you and get it out. Also great for repairs on a 'my car has broken down i need it fixed NOW basis'' From personal experience they are not so good at planned maintenance.

    TTT-technics Run by Marc Ledeman 0049 2692932244 car storage / preperation and repairs. Several members on here use them

    Martin at the Burgstube can also help as can Dale atRSR.
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    We have just reduced our storage charges dramaticly as we have new premises at a much better rate than we paid before.

    We also carry our maintenance and performance upgrades in our two bay workshop.

    Give us a ring for a quote on 07771 535653 or log onto www.autegmotorsport.com

    Jamie Martin.

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    Thanks Gary ! :thumb:

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