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Thread: 24h Rad am ring + Radbundesliga

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    I did 11 laps Northloop and 5 laps GP track this weekend. :)

    On Saturday (01:00 - 05:00) morning I drove a Seat Alhabmbra.
    This was one of four cars that circled the northloop during the 24 h bicycle race to help or transport people.
    The eifel night was very dark.But you get used to it quite fast.
    Fuchsröhre and Brünnchen were very good illuminated.

    Today I drove a Skoda Oktavia with DSG.
    My job was to stay directly (200 meters) ahead of the field of the german under 23 Rad Bundesliga.(Max age 23 Years)
    There was a judge in my car , and from this position he controls the race.
    First we did 6 laps Northloop and then 3 laps Gp Track.
    Funny feeling when you NOT turn right for T13.... :P

    The race had an average speed of 37 km/h
    Fuchsröhre 106 km/h
    Wehrseifen 65 km/h
    Breitscheid 60 km/h
    Brünnchen 70 km/h ..they got VERY close to the rumblestrip. B)

    The Gp track is wide and....boring.

    The Alhambra was a barge, but the Oktavia was fun to drive.


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    Good report Carsten, thanks for sharing .......

    Fuchsröhre 106 km/h ........ thats faster than Steven :lol:
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    Originally posted by Gutmann pug@Sep 18 2006, 07:43 AM
    Good report Carsten, thanks for sharing .......

    Fuchsröhre 106 km/h ........ thats faster than Steven :lol:
    pmsl @ Gary :lol:

    Bit of a different report, nice to hear about it. btw, arn't all modern GP tracks boring!
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    Did a copuple of laps of Silverstone last month..... very boring compared to the nordschleife.

    Still would love to do the "full" nurburgring circuit though :)

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