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    The sponsor of this section is Chris from Circuit Days.

    For those of you who don't know circuit days they are the main track day provider used by Northloop.

    They provide well run, friendly, value for money track days and euro tours. The partnership between Northloop and Circuit days is a long and good one with Chris looking after us very well.

    The general format for their days is as follows.

    Open Pit lane.
    Additional drivers FREE - up to 4 drivers per car.
    Additional passengers FREE - up to 4 passengers per car.
    20 minutes expert tuition FREE
    As usual noise limits apply and vary from day to day.

    Northloop is pleased to announce that we have negotiated a deal with Circuit days whereby they will provide discounted track day prices to Northloop Members on all their future events. The value of the discount will vary from event to event.

    Circuit days Track Days will be advertised in this section showing the Northloop discounted price.

    To qualify for this discount you need to contact me via pm with the event you wish to attend and your contact details. I will issue you with a voucher number. You can then contact circuit days on 01302 743827 and you will be given the Northloop discount. If you do not have the vochure number you will no longer be given the discounted rate.

    This process is quick and simple and will ensure we are able to track the amount of business we put Circuit Days way enabling us to negotiate future discounts accordingly.

    Every circuit days event will now be detailed in this section so you will be able to see which Northloop members have been issued with vouchers and should be joining you on the day.

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    Good plan that. I think NL provides a good few customers and it wouldn't harm to track that and recognise it.
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