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Thread: Northloop stickers and Sun Visors for sale

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    Be part of the Northloop family with a Northloop ring sticker.

    These can be had in three sizes.

    The first is small size for side or rear window in white and priced at 3 delivered.

    The second is rear window size which is approx 475mm wide by 200mm high. Price is 8 delivered.

    Academy race car

    The third is a large rear window sticker which is approx 800mm wide by 335mm high. The cost is 12 delivered.

    Sun Visors are 15 each including delivery. As well as Northloop ones we can get others made to your specification.
    Private mail me for a quote

    Private mail Gary Kinghorn with your requirements, even if they are slightly different to those shown above.

    I'm arresting you for murdering my car you dyke digging tosspot

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    Look good on red too :affection: :whistle:

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    I too agree about the red :D

    and yellow ;)

    Alex Gordons M3

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    I'm arresting you for murdering my car you dyke digging tosspot

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    white on black...........!
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    got mine today ..thanks
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