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Thread: Directions to the ring

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    On leaving your chosen channel crossing at either Bologne / Calais or Dunkirk the directions are the same.

    1. Exit the ferry / tunnel port and join the E40 heading towards BRUSSELS.
    2. Continue on the E40 untill arriving at the outskirts of BRUSSELS.
    3. Join the Brussels ring road following signs for LUIK. Be aware this junction can catch you unawares.
    4. Follow signs for LUIK round the Brussels ring road.
    5. Exit the Brussels ring road following the E40 signs for LUIK.
    6. At LUIK get in the left hand lane where the road forks. Contine on the E40 towards AACHEN
    7. Continue on the E40 until arriving at the junction for the E42 towards VERVIERS, SPA, MALMEDY. Join the E42.
    8. Continue on the E42 untill PRUM. Note there is no fuel on this 50 miles section
    9. Exit the E42 at the PRUM exit.
    10. At the end of the slip road turn left following signs for GEROLSTEIN. This is a main road, 10 miles along most of the traffic turns left, do not turn left continue straight on, the road becomes the 410.
    11. Continue on the 410 through GEROLSTEIN, DREIS BRUCK until you get to KELBERG.
    12. At KELBERG turn left to the NURBURGRING.

    Approx distance from Calais 275 miles.
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    Does anyone take any different/more scenic routes? :thumb:
    That's the most obscure bag of bollocks that I now know, thankyou.

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