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Thread: Viewing points at the Ring

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    All directions are taken from the main entrance to Grunne Holle tourist lap car park.

    Easy to print, easy to find viewing points are here
    Viewing points

    1. Schwalbenschwanz – Fast section, good viewing. From the main car park leave and turn right at the roundabout. Follow the road to the end and turn right at the T junction. 100 yards go under the track and at the T junction turn left. 500 yards take first left. Follow road for 300 yards and turn left down track which has fields to the left and forest to the right. Dirt track leads to the circuit
    Pflanzgarten – Small jump and right hand bend. Follow directions to
    2. Schwalbenschwanz but continue on main road rather than turning down dirt track. 400 yards later Pflanzgarten is on your left, car park on the right.
    3. Brünnchen – Large popular viewing area with refreshments. Follow directions for Schwalbenschwanz but continue on main road rather than turning down dirt track. Pass Pflanzgarten and continue for 400 yards. Brünnchen is on your left with a large car park
    4. Wippermann / Hohe Acht. Tight section, twisty. Stood in Brünnchen car park looking at the circuit walk following the track to your right. 300 yards uphill to Wippermann.
    5. Breidscheid – Bridge over the road at Adenau Leave the main car park and turn right at the roundabout. At the tee junction turn left, going downhill towards Adenau. 5KMs Tee junction turn right into Adenau. 1KM car park on the right by the bridge. Cross the road and up the steps to viewing area.
    6. Wehrseifen – Hairpin bend before Breidscheid. From the Breidscheid viewing area walk up the hill following the track for 300 yards.
    7. Adenauer Forst – Where newbies come a cropper, often. Follow directions for Breidscheid but go under track bridge and continue into Adenau. 1.5KM turn left opposite the VW garage. Follow road to the end 400 yards. Park car in car park by school. Walk up track to the right of the school and follow path for 800 yards uphill. WARNING this walk is not for the faint hearted, take a drink. If the gate to the track beside the school is open you are lucky and can drive up the hill.
    8. Hatzenbach – Early right left right. Leave main car park and turn left at the roundabout. Follow road for 1KM into Nurburg. Turn third right just before the BMW garage. Follow road to the end and turn right. 200 yards turn right down slip road towards Adenau. Follow road for 500 yards, go under track and stop immediately in layby on right. Leave car, walk through gate and uphill same side of road as layby. Follow circuit for 300yards and come to Hatzenbach
    9 Berwerk - From Breidscheid continue towards Adenau. Just after the Arai garage turn right (opposite supermarket) continue on this road for approx 1/2 mile, turn right down small track Bergwerk is in front of you.
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    Couple of other possibilities -

    Dottinger Hohe - from the main Ed Tankstelle petrol station in Nurburg, cross the road, climb up the banking, find gap in the fence. Some bikes come by pretty fast ;)

    Bergwerk - from under the Breidscheid bridge, head towards Adenau passing Aral petrol station on right. Take next road right, approx 150 metres past petrol station, go uphill for approx 0.5km to parking area on right hand side. The track can be seen from here, just wander down one of the paths towards the small water pumping station / building, right by Bergwerk corner. Couple of marhalls platforms you can climb upto beside armco. Nice and close to the action

    Quiddelbacher Hohe / Flugplatz - in addition to Clare's suggestion, you can park by the old derelict hotel, then there is a path up close to the side of the track that takes you to the top of Quiddelbacher and Flugplatz on the outside of the corner.
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