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16-04-2008, 07:54 PM
Following the completion of my SEAT Arosa 16v Sport Trackday project (just in time!), I headed over to Germany with a mate for what will be the first of many trips this year.

We set off on the Thursday night after work (20th March), arriving at a Premier Inn in Dover for around midnight in order to get some sleep for the long day ahead. Not many hour later at 04:15 our alarms went off and it was time to head to the ferry terminal for our 06:00 crossing to Dunkirk with NorfolkLine. After grabbing breakfast, aimlessly wandering the ferry and an waiting an age to disembark, we adjusted our clocks and were on our way at 10:00.

The boring trip through Northern France went quickly, and then our arrival in Belgium was celebrated with a full tank of mildly cheaper fuel than we get in the UK and then dampened by the onset of crap weather!


Luckily, spirits were high as we had developed a good relationship with the lady inside our satnav, the Red Bull was flowing, we were reliving some old classics on our iPods and we were making good progress at this point!


Unfortunatly, the weather worsened and we soon had huge hailstones flying at us, and thick snow storms for many miles. This set us back, so we stopped off at some services for a much needed break.. only to get blocked in by some trucks, who also got stuck thanks to a BMW X3 driver who didn't seem to understand where the parking bays ended and the road began :(

Once we were back on the road, Brussels with it's traffic and Belgium with it's rubbish roads were left behind for a short stint through the Netherlands on the E40 before arriving in Germany and (by this time) some much needed Autobahns!

It wasn't long until we were greeted by welcoming signs:


Upon arrival in Nurburg at 16:00, we drove past the main entrance to the 'Ring and noted it was open, so hurried to Hotel Zur Burg and quickly unloaded the car into our room (was this a subliminal message?):


Off we then went down to the main entrance, I bought my Jahreskarte, we got strapped in and headed out! Before they closed at 17:50 we were able to get 3 sighting laps in which helped refresh my memory of the track, given it was almost a year since I was last there.

A relaxing evening with good food and drink in the Pistenklause followed, before retiring to bed and praying for good weather on Saturday..



Erk. We awoke to a snow covered Nurburg, so took our time getting ready and having breakfast. Come 11:00 things had cleared up, that is until it snowed again and undid all of the good work :( Deciding that the day was a write off, we headed to Cochem for lunch:


..which was fun! When we got there it was sunny, warm and there was no snow in sight! We even managed to eat outside.. but finished just in time before the bad weather caught up with us and we were chased back to Nurburg. When we got there, it was sunny and the snow on the roads had melted, so we hoped for an open track.. unfortunately, what we didn't know at the time was that earlier in the day the 'Ring had opened for 10 minutes, people got stuck in the snow and then everyone gave up and went home!! We took the opportunity to take some scenic pictures of a snow covered Nurburg:


Then spent the evening in the PK again before awakening to an all together brighter Sunday! After getting down to the main entrance for 08:30, hoping for an early start; the track didn't open until almost 11:20.. giving us time to watch the F1 in the cafe and moan about it still being freezing outside!


Once it opened, we were determined to make the most of it; and put in back to back laps, with one session being 5 laps long! We pretty much only stopped for drinks, disposing of used liquids :rolleyes: and one lap split in two to grab something to eat at Adenau for lunch:




The morning saw many accidents (mostly Brits), basically caused by people pushing too hard and not respecting the conditions. Luckily, there were no closures despite 3 bad crashes that we saw (a 911 binned down one side and the front, an FTO embedded against the armco pointing the wrong way around for which we stopped to slow traffic down for until the marshalls arrived, and an old Astra that from looking at the tracks in the snow seemed to have defied the laws of physics to end up where it did!)

Finally, after cramming 17 laps in between 11:20 and 17:30 we called it quits for the day. Bringing the total number of laps for the weekend to 20. We headed off for a shower, then a Bitburger in the hotel bar to review our in-car footage from earlier in the day:

http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...35&hl=en-GB (http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=3354212079780537135&hl=en-GB)

Then we retired to the PK once again to eat good food, drink a few Warsteiners and Wessbiers, and to take advantage of the free wifi.. here's me:


After discussing the weekend, the respectable sub 10 minute lap that we timed (only just, but then the conditions were not perfect for maximum pasty attack as parts of the circuit never dried out and were fairly slippy); it was time to honour tradition and dine with the duck:




Despite considering pulling out due to the weather forecasts, we were both glad that we went. The track was the quietest I'd ever seen it, the snow covered scenery was stunning and as always, it was just a great weekend away!

Until next time!

(May, actually!)

16-04-2008, 08:17 PM
Great report, thanks for sharing :thumb:

Few more pics Lou took of you.

16-04-2008, 08:26 PM
Nice one Ian, hopefully I'll catch you out sometime this year!

16-04-2008, 08:49 PM
HI Ian

it was good to see you and thanks for the help filling up the M3 with the new Jerry can - you need three hands to do it :-)

Martin Black M3

16-04-2008, 10:36 PM
Thanks again for the pics Nige - love the first 2 - especially shot from the rear coming out of the karrussel!

Al - Hope to see you over there again later this year, Easter 2007 was brilliant :D

Martin - no probs, I remember you saying you're back out there in May (10th-13th?).. back at Zur Burg?

16-04-2008, 10:57 PM
yes at Zur Burg there will be a few of us over

17-04-2008, 12:38 AM
Great report.

I'm pretty sure you overtook us on the A1, we were in a blue Land Rover Discovery with Matti's white 306 behind on the trailor, tidy little car that is :thumb: