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M3 Paul
15-04-2008, 10:59 AM
So, on the saturday just gone a few of us started out on our first trip of the year to the Nurburgring, for some their first trip ever.

We knew it would be wet. Depending on your viewpoint this can either lead to a good or bad trip. My opinion fell into the latter category but has since changed to being superb in the wet :D .

A few of the guys were taking the overnight ferry from hull so we all arranged to meet up at a services in Belgium. This we did and new friendships were made. It is such a great thing to be able to finally meet people that you have talked to in the virtual work - some for over four years.

After finally arriving at the Ring and checking into our hotel rooms we arrived trackside at around 3pm. The VLN was obviously still running and was scheduled to finish around the 6pm time and as such we were very hopeful of running what would almost certainly be the only dry laps of the weekend. Unfortunately, after waiting around they decided that the track fun wouldn't start on saturday :( :( .

I was able to take photos of some of the VLN cars though. Due to the high fences, I had to put the lens through a gate and had little movement so appologies for some blury ones.

So, after a rather heavy night on the ale it was down to track early doors to grab some laps. It was soaking wet but pretty empty. Grip was minimal in most places but I was suprised at how hard I could still run the car. The BBK is awesome but that was going to get even better later on ;) .

Basically the track never 'really' dried out. If you started getting a dry line then the weather gods would simply dump some more H2O on the track :( .

'BUT' - from around 5pm people where getting fed up with the weather and many left at which point we got a lucky break and it really started to dry out and the last two hours were unbelievably brilliant. Masses and masses of grip, you could absolutely stand on the brakes with the confidence that you wouldn't simply spin off the track as the Falken 452s could just grip like poop to a blanket.

Having used the wet tracktime to learn how to get the car round smoothly yet quickly and be more observant of the correct lines only helped to make the dry lapping some of the very best I have personally done.

Through the foxhole I was able to get so much speed there there and brake so late with the BBK that the back was stepping out nicely just through the sheer stopping power - the grip was definately there :D .

A few of us stayed out there until 7:15 and it was fabulous.

My mate Alex treated myself and another friend to a lap in the Ring taxi. Not too much to say on that other than bejesus that thing shifts and how on earth they can hustle that car around in the wet with what seems like limpet like levels of grip is beyond me. The video is rather embarrassing as all you hear is three blokes screeching and doing lots of 'oh my god' :shame: . It is a must for any one who is remotely interested in the Ring .

I was fortunate enough in getting a pax lap with Mr Gill and that was 50% drifting :D , including a huge drift through Brunnchen :P . Very quick and thoroughly entertaining.

Also got pax laps with a fair few of our friends and the most notable being with Doc Matt. He borrowed his mates Jag X type 2.0d. Somehow we managed to spin out lightly just before Hatzenbach with our mates following in a V6 4motion. It was pretty obvious they were in hysterics at our rather tame off :D . Still, we made it back in one piece. The marshalls spent a good while at the spot looking over the barrier trying to undoubtably find an excuse to charge for armco damage - luckily the car got within a foot or so but never made contact.

Another night of ale and steak followed and then on waking up we were greeted with another deluge :( . In light of the distance we had to travel home and the fact that the ring wasn't open until 13:00 today we called it a day and the majority of us travelled home some 5 hours earlier than we normally would.

Also spoke to some of the Northloopers in the PK and at the track - great to finally meet some of you guys.

Real shame to see so many accidents, some fairly big shunts and undoubtably causing a few big armco (and repair) bills :( .

My car ran faultlessly and the new brakes were just what the car needed and just made it so much more enjoyable to use.

Bring on the next (dry) trip now as I am already having withdrawel symptoms.

Meeting up in Belgium







Oops :(



My car is home :P

On the way home, twins :P

The best place to take your car

Jochens pics :D


So, another fabulous trip with some superb people.

15-04-2008, 11:04 AM
There was some Beemer lads in the services just before the german border in holland, including that Jag if its the one that had the shopping list on the side of it.

Nice write up, i went home at 5 ish sunday, OWNED! LOL

M3 Paul
15-04-2008, 11:14 AM
Yep, that was the guys, we were around an hour later leaving Nurburg. The jag is going in for a nigh on full respray this week hence the stickers :lol: . It really was one of the most entertaining laps I have had, so much bodyroll through the corners and a distinct lack of forward thrust!! The brakes were suprisingly effective though :blink: .

16-04-2008, 09:29 AM
Originally posted by Weeman@Apr 15 2008, 11:04 AM
There was some Beemer lads in the services just before the german border in holland, including that Jag if its the one that had the shopping list on the side of it.

Nice write up, i went home at 5 ish sunday, OWNED! LOL
That was us :D Jag was funny!

16-04-2008, 09:40 AM
Ahhhh cool, I was in a silver e30, that sounds like a two stroke moped with the de cat :lol: