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26-03-2008, 08:59 PM
Posing in Lidl carpark met the others and showed off my new stickers;



Drive to Germany, Belgium is still shit.

Tomotom took us a different route into Nurburg than I'm used to but that was fine. Rocked up at the Lindenhoff and met Sim, Welly and the others who were already there. Spent the evening eating and drinking, came out to see this;


Morning looked like this out the window;



up and down the High Street:



Headed down to track to see that nothing was happening. Had a little play in the snow and then headed off to Zakspeed and hired their quads and had a tour around the F1 track in the snow. No pics as we were kitted up like Buzz Lightyear and I couldn't get through all the body armour layers to get at my camera. Anyway, it was bloody cool playing on quad bikes in the snow, drifting quads is a peice of piss ;)

Spot of lunch by which time the track had opened to we hot footed it back to collect the rest of the cars.

Everyone got on and had a few laps with no dramas, steady as she goes - quite a bit of water from melted snow running over the track.
Check the g-force on Sim :lol:


Dinner at Pinnochio's down in Adenau then back for a few beers.

Next day was still snowy but the roads weren't quite as fun as the snow had been cleared ;)

Headed up to track and stood around while they finished clearing it. It opened and we all got on. I hopped in with Scott and we followed Sim for a slow lap to observe his lines.
For those that haven't been, you know it is a big place but the following illustrates how big. It was snowing in the high sections - turn 113 ish


then you drop down into Adenau and it is clear but wet, then starting to climb back up, and up and up and then it is snowing again. So bad that cars were not able to get up Hohe Acht :o Bloody surreal!




Eventually they turned us about and we went around the track backwards :o :o

Ever been around the Karussel backwards?




So we spent the afternoon sightseeing in Cochem on the banks of the river Mosel - the rather full Mosel - prolly full of all the snow that melted off the track ;)


Impressive castle too, looking well moody in the low clouds;


Back to Adenau for a hot chocolate and ice cream.

Next day (Sunday) Scott, Reggie and I packed up and came home, Calais was snowing and the docks were covered;



Calais docks are as shit as Belgium. There is STILL absolutley nothing to do while waiting, just 3 vending machines. Anyway, crossed the channel and warp speeded it home ;) Althought the car got a bit hot weaving throught the retards with no lane discipline up one of the hills. Maybe there was some snow on the rad grill? Or the prolonged burst of fastish up the hill :lol:

And then home for Durrty Burrd;


Cracking weekend.

Although the camera is a bit broke - hence the UFO that is stalking me at the top of every pic - I dropped it when I was a bit pissed ::) And I'm thinking of getting a E36 M3.

Oh, forgot to say, I spoke to Sim when I got home - Track was open all day, cold and dry, lots of laps AND the F1 was open too, something like 20 mins for 20 so that was done too B)

ring leader
26-03-2008, 09:25 PM
Great read and nice pics mate...

mav :thumb:

26-03-2008, 09:51 PM
nice write up :thumb:

Jim Cameron
27-03-2008, 12:39 AM
Durty Bird :lol:


27-03-2008, 09:37 PM
:lol: . Nice report