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Das Chin
04-12-2007, 10:07 AM
pretty quiet over there I have to admit and it was not great weather but it made for an empty track, try some wet lines and enjoy the place.

flew over Friday from LHR to Frankfurt. Got to LHR around 1.15 (close to home), through customs easy and onto the 14.30. arrived in FKT around 5pm, got the bags then onto the Fernbahnhof to get the train to Bonn. first time I have done this and I have to say itís very pleasant in the BMI lounge, lots of food and drink and then you get taken at the other end.

German trains were great as ever, changed at Bonn onto the regional bahn to Ahrbruck where I was picked up and taken to Herschbroich where I always stay. I arrived in HB around 9pm so all in all around 7 hours door to door which is so much quicker and nicer than the car as the shetta is loud and a mare on the roads.

many thanks to Steve gill for taking out the wheels as well as Bruce. it was very wet and slippy out there so I did not use the 888s in the end as they were new, unscrubbed and I did not fancy doing this and binning the car into some barrier.

Saturday was largely wet, had issues with the battery/alternator which meant I did not get out til about half 1. I got round one lap and then conked out at T13/exit of the gp circuit and had to wait for the adac. they came quick, gave me a lift back to HB to change the bits and we found out that the bracket had issues and the alternator was moving, slack belt and not charging.

glad I joined the ADAC for 75 euros as I have used them twice now for a tow off and saved about 300 euros so it has payed for itself a few times over now :D I managed to get 9 laps in and then called it a day. there was a nice dry line by the end of the day to build up some speed and confidence but a light shower at brunchen meant a trip across the grass as I turned in too early and ran out of road!!!! bit of a sphincter moment but came out the other side ok.

had a nice meal at a friendís new place up in the schwimmbad arena. well worth trying out in the new year as they should be all sorted by then, it will be lovely in the summer as there is a huge outdoor terrace and there will be plenty to look at in the outdoor pool if you have had enough of doing the ring in 30 degree heat. itís called BADENOVA, plenty of parking and a large room for events and parties FYI.

went down to the gemutliche Ecke after that to meet the loopers. I did witness a very drunk Karl and his man love for Thorlief and his wallet :whistle: Ed, Bren, bren;s missus and party shirt was there so good to put some names to faces. ended up being quite a session and Jorg was a great host as was his mother. far too many weizenbeers and schnapps too.

Sunday was very much the same and even wetter I think. got 7 laps in, was very windy and grim up there and hence very empty. was good to round off the year safe and sound that's for sure.

went to Jorg's in the evening and had a fantastic steak there and a good all round meal so will be going back there for sure for the nose bag and the laughs.

the drive home to UK was largely uneventful, good to spend some time in the shetta but that novelty wore off after about an hour on the motorway. nearly had an incident with the police but managed to spot them in time, slow down and thank god for that as that could have been expensive. police also in France as well on the run down the a16 to DK from Belgium so it was Smokey central!! mind you we know where they tend to stand so that was a relief.

went past the scene of the where the polak hit my golf and it all looks like it has been repaired. ferry crossing was nice with a VIP lounge action and managed to get the car back to Bruceís garage as it was grumbling big time with the lights on and draining the battery. had to have them off a few times which did not please the on comers :wave:

so all in all a great year and 158 laps done. shetta was a steal at the start, some money spent, surprised a few people I am sure and it has gradually got better as they year has gone on.

lots to do over the winter for improvements, some new road wheels, 9a conversion, maybe some plastic windows and some fibreglass parts from a mate of mine who is looking into this.

lots of great memories from 2007, some awesome laps and laps, great to meet all you loopers out there and some awesome laughs. back next year for more of the same I think!! thanks to all those of you who helped with parts, advice, comments and the drinks.

only pic I have found from this weekend...


04-12-2007, 10:13 AM
Great write up Nick, nice to meet you this year, bring on 2008 and a few nights in the company of Jorgs fine culinary skills, the mans schnitzel is legendary

04-12-2007, 10:30 AM
I enjoyed reading that, Nick. A good year all in all for you :thumb:

05-12-2007, 07:50 AM
Thanks for that, good read indeed... roll on 08!!! :thumb:

Gary Kinghorn
07-12-2007, 07:16 PM
Jorrit is a member on her, no doubt he will sort you out with that picture Nick :thumb: