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14-09-2007, 01:03 PM
Caught the 2am Norfolkline from Dover. Overnight travel is tiring...
Arrived early so went to sleep in the queue. Woken by a steward when it was time to board.
Went to sleep on the ferry. Woken by a steward when it was time to disembark.
Stopped at the services just before the Brussels ring and went to sleep for a couple of hours. Woken when another Elise pulls up next to me in the carpark.

The closer I got to Nurburg the darker the clouds got. Shortly after passing Gerolstein it starts raining. By the time I arrive at the circuit just before midday it is raining hard and also very windy. Park up at Brunnchen and watch some of the Scuderia Hanseat cars going round. Fall asleep.

Awaken a couple of hours later to the warm glow of the sun. Go off to take some pictures...

Supercars in the carpark.

Porsches new and old on track

Mid afternoon go and check in to hotel. Meet "MADDOG". After unpacking and freshening up I head back to the Zufarht Nordschleife in readiness for the evening TF.

I picked up some local wildlife on the way...

Some other exotica in the carpark.

The track closes early due to an accident. I managed only 3 untidy laps. We head off to Pinocchio's in Adenau for the evening. 'We' in this instance being Peter K, Vamos, Robert (147GTA) and Frederick. Shortly after we arrive we are joined by Ron Simons and couple of his companions, and a little while later by Dynamix, Rolty and friend. Ron tells us how his Alfa 75 can corner quicker than the new GT3RS he has been testing recently. He also invites us to his new workshop to see the GTAm he will be racing at the NS next week.

************************************************** *

Sunday dawns wet but with the prospect of better weather later. I go straight out on the wet track and do 5 laps back to back. It has stopped raining and a dry line quickly appears. The grip level increases noticably with every passing lap. By mid morning it is completely dry.

Back in the carpark I meet another Elise owner, Frederic, and his friend Carlton, who drives a 997 Carrera S. Fred is keen to exchange pax laps so we go out in his first. His is a 111S with 160bhp, R-tyres and Nitron suspension. Mine is a standard S1 with 118bhp, standard road tyres and suspension. He is shocked to discover that he is over 30 seconds slower in the same track conditions...


It is extremely busy, the carpark jammed full of nice machinery...

The track closes at around lunchtime to clear up another accident, so we retire to the restaurant overlooking the GP circuit for some cheeseburger mit pommes.


After lunch we return to the carpark, but again there are a couple of closures mid afternoon that prevent any meaningful running. By the time the track is cleared it seems that many people have given up and gone home as the carpark is starting to thin out. I take the opportunity to get some dry laps in, and also exchange some pax laps with Carlton in his 997. He doesn't know the circuit too well so is very cautious, but his car feels totally planted with amazing brakes.


The day ends in the PK with steak on a stone.

************************************************** **

Monday starts out dry, but overcast and windy. There is no sign of any action on track so I go with Peter and Vamos to look at an old Alfa GTV Bertone that Peter is considering buying. This doesn't go too well as althought the car looks good it won't start. We push it out of the workshop and down a gentle slope with the vendor trying to bump start it, unsuccessfully. At this point we decide to beat a retreat and leave the vendor with his broken car at the side of the road.

We then stop by at Ron Simon's new workshops in Nurburg to look at his racing cars. There we see his old Alfetta GTV6 and his new GTAm...


By the time the track opens at 1pm it is still dry, but with rain threatening. I head out immediately but the traffic is like the M25 at rush hour. Then going up Kesselchen on my first lap of the day the Lotus' hood decides to pop open at 110mph. I slow and crawl back to the carpark, watching in the mirror for faster cars.

Roof fixed I head back out, but it is frustrating in the traffic. Then it rains and there are crashes at almost every corner of the track. We decide to go out for some laps with Vamos in his Subaru. He manages to find an inpressive amout of grip in the slippery conditions.

As it looks like the rain will persist for the remainder of the day I decide to brave the conditions in the Elise. This is not a good wet weather car, with relatively wide tyres and almost no weight on the front axle. Still, I plod around trying out different lines, looking for some grip. On my penultimate lap I am starting to go well, but am brought back down to earth with a big slide exiting Bergwerk. It collect it cleanly, but the speed with which it snapped without warning makes me go more carefully.

On the way back to Adenau for dinner at Pinnochio's the sun reappears, along with a fine vista with Schloss Nurburg in the background.


At the end of the day all of our group survived in one piece and had a good time in spite of the weather.



Ronnie Pedersen
15-09-2007, 06:10 PM
Nice to meet you there Joel, I completely lost track of the time on Monday and had to make my way home - would have liked a pax... Maybe next year then :).

15-09-2007, 06:41 PM
Hi Ronnie. Likewise I would have liked a lap or two in your diesel minibus :). You were travelling unfeasibly quickly in that thing. Monday would not have been the best day for a pax with me anyway, as I'm pretty rubbish in the wet in the Lotus. As you say there's always next year, and I'll be back there again in the spring.

Nice video btw.

18-09-2007, 03:00 PM
HI Ronnie and welcome to NL :D Also regret missing a pax lap

Joel, for some reason I cannot see any of your photos, is it just me?

18-09-2007, 03:31 PM
no me as well :(

18-09-2007, 06:00 PM
Was that your Ronnie, we noticed that over the weekend it was going very very well :D

Peter k
10-10-2007, 04:30 PM
Nice report Joel, Thanks for taking the time out. B) Had a great time as per usual. Welcome to Ronnie, good stuff you found the place! Had the pleasure of doing 5 laps i think with Ronnie.. definitely great fun and highly recommened. Amazing just how little it's possible to brake when you really commit! :D