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Andy C
05-09-2007, 10:06 AM
Met a bloke in the car park Monday night, he mentioned his group were off to the GP track for an 8 til 1 track day. Since I always get to know about these things post event, I said I'd be there early and see what the weather looked like...

Up at 06.30, and ready to go. It's cool but dry, and a walk up the road and to the castle reveals no grey shit in the sky, least no much anyway.

Ride about, fill up with petrol, check bike... all whilst sky gazing. No grey shit increases.

Wander into GP paddock, consider options, sky gaze. General consensus is that since there is only one grey cloud in the sky above us, the sun appears to be trying to break through, bright blue bits can be seen, and theres a strong wind, then happy days, go for it. We join the queue to sign on.

Two odd things now happen, firstly my riding capability is ascertained by my having a Volksbank debit card. Secondly, some (Oops I said the F word)er got DHL to deliver a rain cloud. I swear there was no sign of it when we joined the queue, but not 10 mins later the grey shit (of which there was one) has condensed and multiplied. All is now mildly wet. But in that curious Nurburg way, blue skies can be seen in all directions but rain is coming from somewhere!

So off we wobble. It's foul. I don't mind riding in the rain, but on race tracks its just not fun. Especially with tired race tyres. Germans pass me. Germans on road bikes. Female Germans too. Ooh the shame. But I soldier on, cos I've paid money to waste time and fuel today.

Oh, and the sun is shining, heat can be felt on my face, steam is rising from the track, the other group is doing a fair job of creating a dry line. Maybe it wont be so bad after all. Just get out there, wobbling on a damp but dry looking track, but any minute now... and viola... dry bits for the entry to some corners. Only a few mins now, the next session should be gre... spit. Bastards. Flooded again.

Curiously others seem not to have noticed the rain. The main start / finish straight ought to be named the 'Bowling Alley'. The amount of people who braked, lost the front, and slid off was to be seen to be believed. I actually got scared I was going to be the pin in this odd skittles game and came off track after two people crashed in unison, I turned in ok, but a Ducati folwowed the original two with a precision Bomber Harris could only dream of.

And now the sun is out once again. But to save typing simply re-read the paragraph that ends: Bastards. Flooded again. And no one has sussed the 'skittles' either, I counted 7 off's that I saw, then at least 3 more 'muddy rideables' in the pits. At this rate, I thought, if it does dry I'm going to have the place nearly to myself.

Theres such an attrition rate, the organisers declare it open session. And 'alle gruppen' now set off for the master grand final skittles game. An hour and a half of open track is great news normally. I wait 15 mins so that the once again out sun can do its stuff, and in theory petrol and time will run out together... a steaming track woohoo, the day wont be totally lost, soon I'll be able to show the Bosch a clean pair of heels. The best corner is just getting dry. The entry started to dry, quickly the dry swoosh is spreading through the corner, only the exit to go, and 'Bastards'. Again. I call it a day, but at least the bike isn't damaged. I do wonder if this year has seem some sensibility sneak in, normally I get the 'hindsight moment' mid slither :P

Now a track review. Gp strecke is basically Eiffel Donington. It pretty fast, well should have been. It flows nicely, with some great places to out brake people. It has suffered from Bernyitis in the past though. Bernyitis occurs when too much money sloshes about, and soon after tin pot chicanes appear. The Mercedes Arena is tin pot.

And thats a wrap.

05-09-2007, 10:11 AM
Rather you than me :blink:

11-09-2007, 05:41 AM
sounds, er, slippy.. :blink:

So they have trackdays on the GP circuit the same as you get UK track days? I didnt know that.

16-09-2007, 07:22 PM
Originally posted by Nige@Sep 11 2007, 06:41 AM

So they have trackdays on the GP circuit the same as you get UK track days? I didnt know that.

Do I sense another Northloop track day coming up? :)

16-09-2007, 08:02 PM
I didn't think we were rich enough to afford a track day all to ourselves?


Dave G
20-09-2007, 12:58 PM
They seem to do a fair few bike trackdays but not many car ones?

I was lucky enough to go a couple of years ago when it was similar to the Nordschleife, 6Euros a lap 24 for 8 or something. Did LOADS of laps that day, mainly sideways. Very glad I did now, because it appears unlikely to happen again!? :blink:

Dave Evans
24-09-2007, 12:54 PM
Yep that was good fun. Jahreskart was valid for the GP track and since it was a wet day it was the perfect time to spend sliding around somewhere with lots of space instead of getting a sphincter workout on the NS. I did about 50 laps of the GP track that day.

They certainly made it clear they weren't planning to do it again but it seemed it wasn't planned last time. Perhaps it was an ad-hoc thing as a result of an event cancellation on the GP track (?) and therefor might occour again.

You won't be able to plan for it though, just have to be there at the time.