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03-09-2007, 02:57 PM
:) Right then ring report it was my 2nd trip in as many months to the ring and following what i felt in the 1st one i had to go back real soon as the 1st trip was part of a holiday in which we travelled around europe with the in-laws and so couldnt subject them to days and days of spectating at the ring so the moment i got home i would proceed with sweet comments to the wife in order that i could go again it took few minutes arent i good at persuasion hehe.

so after that then came on here to discover some of you ringers ie were going to be here so i thought fab i may get some advice on how to go faster so we came sun12th aug on the monday i met up with ian howell jim c and friends sorry im very bad with names the outcome was on that day a passanger ride with jim c in his bmw around the circuit and if you would like a laugh i have never been thrown about so much in a car to the extent even after trying desperately to hold on to the roll cage i still was moving. Jim's skill wasvery impressive just wished i could of driven my car like he had so with that said my hands were put together for jim's car control whilst going round the lap well done, also what impressed me aswell was the fact jim only did his first lap iirc in may this year.

Then on the monday i went out whilst waiting for ian to come as a passanger in my car i took his friend his name sorry i forget but he said he thoroughly enjoyed it which surprised me as i was so far off the mark but hey give me time it has to get better, after that lap ian came out with me to give me some pointers and even though it was only one lap surprising what i got from it so much so that after getting back to the hotel that evening i had a look at the video footage i had from a couple of laps the latter being with ian i looked at the btg time i know bad idea being a newbie but i thought if i was to get under 10 mins i would be happy which i did so with that in mind i have to say thank you ian.

Then on tuesday did some more laps were i just started to get a little quicker to the extent i was starting to pass people instead of pulling over.

So on the wednesday it rained so that was that for the trip, which i totally and utterly thoroughly enjoyed not the rain but everything else.

Finally i would also like to thank ian jim etc etc for your help and if it's any use i seriously contemplating buying another rx7 and leaving it there so that getting a season ticket would be viable.

hope this has not been to dull its tmy 1st ring report.

04-09-2007, 12:50 AM
Wasnt dull at all, sounds like you enjoyed yourself :thumb:

You got the bug and are planning to go again?

04-09-2007, 05:37 AM
yes thanks for the kind words nige and yes definitely going again

Jim Cameron
04-09-2007, 11:31 AM
Cheers chap, good report. :thumb: Was happy to take you out, you certainly speeded up a great deal over the course of the trip. Nice motor - I've a massive soft spot for RX7s - if you are thinking of getting another to live out there then I can help!

Next time we'll get Bad Roo to cover capitals and punctuation...