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22-08-2007, 07:58 PM
Just recently got back from another trip and all is well.

The weekend started off by going to watch the WRC in Trier which is only an hour south of the N'Ring. Went to see the service park and three of the stages on the Friday and Saturday. All good stuff.

Returning from one of the Rally stage we were in a 130mph to 160mph convoy on the autobahn consitsting of various competing rally cars finding theri way back to time control and a couple of EVOs.
We wne through 3/4 of a tank in just 30 miles ! Best thing was that it was perfectly legal ! :)

19th August Sunday the track was open all day from 8am to 7.30pm. It was the busiest I have ever seen it. Both main carparks were rammed full and the grass parks were also chocka.

The weather was nice and dry most of the day and there were only two main stoppages that I can remember.

I was over there in my EVO 6 this time and I was pleased how it went. I never timed my laps this time as a new car on track requires a bit of learning before pushing for a time.

I managed to put in 10 laps and they felt pretty damn quick as on one lap I followed the ring taxi round most of the way.... it was able to stretch a bit of a lead on the straights but I was realing it in on the corners..... and the good thing was that they seemed to be back to their old ways of getting them sideways around the corners again....so I spent half the lap breathing in tyre smoke !!!

I took out an Italian guy who must have been in his 50's... he came over and told me that he'd never seen an EVO6 in real life before and wanted to do a passenger lap. I'm always a bit tentative taking people out because if the worst happened then what would be the legal situation ???
Anyway... I put in a modest lap with plenty of tyre screeching and he got out a little unsteady on his feet but he loved every second.... it was his first time at the Nurburgring !

One of my old school mates was there testing the new M3 V8 for a magazine and I got to go round in it. What a lovely car.... the engine note is very racey and the power delivery is very firm but predictable.
The support car was an Audi RS4.... we had that round the track a few times also ;)

On the monday evening most of the laps were wet ... perfect for a 4WD EVO6 !! :) I think it is fair to say that barr the 'ring taxis I was one of the quickest out there as most other 'traffic' was more or less standing still..... but damn some of those corners are like ice when it is wet ! The 'ring taxis don't back off in the wet I noticed !! They were still giving it big licks with the back end out.
I think I now have a good idea where the 'wet line' is for the track... but the problem is that a wet line can change depending on where the rubber is laid.

Anyone have an idea what a decent laptime in the wet is for the N'Ring just out of interest.

This is probably my last trip for this year... roll on 2008 !

Thanks for reading.