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17-08-2007, 11:06 AM
Took my mate over for his first trip to the Ring over the weekend.
(hence the Cherry Popping - not what some of you dirty minded people thought :lol: )

Flew into Cologne via Easyjet, 50 return from East Midlands.


Collected the rental car, a sexy Merc A Class 1.5L.


And drove to a pre-booked hotel for the night.

Up bright and early to rain and fog, not what I was hoping for :(

Drove to Adenau, picked up Stephs Mark II Golf GTi with camping gear in and off to the camp site. Also picked up some provisions including some bratwurst, bread rolls and some disposable BBQ's.

When we got there it was packed :blink:
We drove round twice before we could find a decent plot to set up on.

By lunch we had set the tent up and cooked the bratwurst ;)

Off to the track to introduce Graham to the Nurburgring :D

Did some laps in the Golf then got Graham to drive the A Class for his first ever lap.
He has joined the forum now so he can tell you what he thought.

Saw some of the regulars, Bad Dragon & Frederique, Bren, Andy, Ed and SteveW.

Heard from DaveTouring about the problems they were having. :o

Had a great afternoon particularly as the weather turned out hot and sunny.

Arranged some passenger laps for Graham and myself.

Robert thank you for my laps, they were great. Cracking car you have there. Impressed with the set up and those tyres.

SteveW thank you for Grahams PAX lap.

Heard a tannoy announcement for the driver of the white BMW CSL Plate C5L NO to move it as it was blocking someone.
So I texted Steve Gill to see where he was as I didn't think he was there over the weekend :whistle:
He texted back to say he wasn't and would be giving Thorlief a call :D
Saw Thorlief later who thanked me.... Asked for a PAX lap...

Booked a table for the Chinese and went to eat for 8pm.
Good food as always. Went to meet Dave etc before calling it a night.

Up early to change the front pads on the Golf to EBC yellows and found grease on the inside of the wheel - yep a split driveshaft boot :angry:

More Bratwurst on the BBQ for breakfast.

Went to see Manfred but couldn't do anything till Monday.

Saw Jim and family, who decided to go to the pool as it was rather busy.

So did some more laps in the A class and went viewing at Brunchen.

Met up with Dave et al.

It was mad out on track with a number of people getting close to the edge at Brunchen throwing up dirt :o

Back to the track for a couple of laps.

Got a pax lap with Alan in his Scooby, with Graham thrown around in the back :lol: , now considering buying one as he enjoyed it so much.

Did a SLOW lap in the A class with Russ following lines in the S2000.

Off to the PK for food, Steak on a stone and some beers with Dave et al and Jim C & familly. Jim had us in stiches at the end of the night with some graffic stories involving a poo on a safari :lol:

One last beer in town and then back to the campsite to watch the meteor shower but too cloudy so called it a night :angry:


17-08-2007, 11:06 AM
Up early to the parts store in town for a new D/S boot and cam belt kit. Got the boot but no kit. The VW garage din't either but when I got to Manfreds he had an old one to use for short term.

Came back 90 mins later to a semi fixed car. As I drove away the tension wheel strated squealing again but no where near as bad... new one required before next trip :(

As it was a half day opening we went to the Roddlebarn for an hour where we got told off for not braking.


Got back to the Ring, had some lunch then took it easy doing some laps interspersed with Pax laps.

Met Linsey and Neil from the forum in the Grunne Holle, saw the N/L T-shirt and went chatting. Neil asked if I would take Linsey out in a track car to give her a bit of an experience. Which I hopefully succeded in as she appeared to have enjoyed the lap. It was one of my better laps and I heard giggling at different points, foxhole etc

Also met .... Andy I think (sorry) who I met last trip with his Exige, he was over with his familly in their BMW 3 series.

Many thanks Jim for some cracking laps again although I was disapointed with no dramas this time. The car is going great and getting better each time. :thumb:

Saw Thorlief who told me to get in and he would finally get me out for that lap... and what a lap it was :blink: :o
We had a fantastic lap with another older M3, lightened with we think a race engine in it.

Met Hotstepper from the forum and went out with him for a lap to try to help with some limited track knowledge in his RX7, max tune 410 BHP :o I would love to have given it a go :affection:

Had a fun final lap with Dave driving the S2000 as he has said in his report. Sadly seeing the accident we knew the track would close and it did at 6.30 for the day.

Went collecting wood as we wanted to have a fire later.

Went for a meal with Dave (cant_drive), Andy Carlise and Graham to Pinocchios for Pizza and a huge beer.

Ended up in the Bauhaus for some pool before Dave had to leave to drive 2.5 hours home in the Elise. Hope you got back ok mate :unsure:

Got back to the site and Man Made Fire....


Next morning up and packed, dropped the Golf off then went to the Michael Schumacker Karting center. Great fun, if you've never been make time to go especially with a big group. Did two seesions then went to Cologne to spend a few hours in the city.


Did the Cathederal tour, 509 steps :blink: but great views ;)



Had some beers and a food then dropped the hire car off and flew home.



All in all a great weekend which I think Graham enjoyed aswell.

Hopefuly back for the 31st Aug - 3rd Sept for last trip of the year.

Will post some photos later.


Jim Cameron
18-08-2007, 05:36 AM
Never happy unless we are backwards somewhere now, are you? ;)

Good to meet Graham, glad you had a successful trip. The handover with Nige and Matt went well, I've still never got a passenger seat free :thumb:

18-08-2007, 03:50 PM
Looks like you had a good trip :thumb:

Has Graham caught the bug too now? It only took one trip for me :D