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16-08-2007, 05:30 PM
Firstly sorry this is my first post :)

My Dad (maxx) who frequents this forum gave me the link months ago initially to check on weather reports back in March as our first trip to the ring got cancelled due to snow :(
I've been meaning to post on here for some time but Iím so lazy :)

I enjoy reading these ring reports so thought I would post our trip :)

Ok here it is:

Saturday 30th June

Me (33) my Dad (the instructor) my two younger brothers Dan (31) Chris (29) Had a plane to catch, me and my brothers set of from a rather dull and raining Long Eaton (Nottingham) about 4pm to drive to Stansted airport my old man was meeting us there as he was instructing at Rockingham that day.


Back Row Dan/Dad
Front row Chris/Nick

Dan met me at my house and we then went on to pick up Chris, who was running late due to work problems, no probs as I had deliberately arranged early times to leave as I knew things never go to plan. We didnít want to rush Chris as we didnít want him to forget anything so said weíd pop back in 15 mins, gave us time to fill up the car and get drinks etc. We got to the airport in my Nissan Primera GT daily hack with plenty of time to spare. Checked in, waited for the stig .. I mean our Dad, had a few beers giggled like school kids in anticipation of driving the green hell and boarded the plane to KŲln.

From KŲln my old man sorted the hire car out a rather nice Audi a3 2.0 turbo Diesel that surprisingly had some poke, after a short journey we arrived at Sliders Guest House fairly latish met Bren and co, unpacked our stuff and had a few more beers. After my old man saying it was an early start the next day we still went to bed fairly late also still giggling like school kids and beaming with excitement.

Sunday 1st July

After waking up after about 3 hours sleep I was starting to think in hindsight maybe a earlier night would of been better Iím not a teenager anymore and I wondered how long it would be before I need to see a bed again :(

After a quick breakfast and coffee, we put 4 crash helmets in the a3's boot jumped in and headed for the Ringhaus to collect two hire cars that my old man had sorted out for us all.
We arrived at Ringhaus and met the two chaps that hire the cars out (Iím crap at remembering names) and sat down to a lengthy briefing with the younger of the two and listened to the dos and doníts of the ring and not to miss gears and blow the golf up. After the briefing we were shown the two cars the Polo and the mk3 Golf both stripped and caged and excellent for our first safe(ish) venture to the ring.



I drove the Golf, Chris collected the Polo and my old man and Dan jumped in the a3 as we drove in convoy the 2mins to the ring entrance car park.

Now I was getting excited :) we were there and ready :) although I was a little worried about left hand drive which took a bit of getting used to as my only experience with left hand drive was moving a shed of a Trans am round a car park 6 years ago.

Once we arrived at the car park we all decided it was best to have a sighting lap in the Audi A3 (as you do tut tut) so we all jumped in and let the master show us the way round.
Once we arrived back at the car park, we couldn't contain ourselves all talking at 200mph with beaming grins. My only experience of the ring was playing frigging video games that didnít help me one bit, I have track experience back in blighty but nothing prepared me for this experience :)



It was my turn to drive the ring for the first time (after Iíd stopped shaking) my brother Chris joined me in the golf and Dan jumped in the polo with my dad driving. Once the ticket was entered and that barrier lifted so did my ticker. Lets just say Iím glad I had my old mans lines to follow I couldnít remember any of the corners and I'd done 100+ laps in virtual world, I donít know why I couldnít remember the track everything looked so different, and felt alien but after a while some of it started to sink in. I was also very surprised with the amount of traffic, it was getting busy and I had to really watch the mirrors, Iím so glad we always had two people in the car the passenger was vital for keeping track on closing cars and bikes especially on our first few laps, as my eyes were everywhere and concentration was immense. It was total madness, Iím a biker myself also and I salute you mad bast***s!! I couldnít do that on a bike donít think my wife would let me either :)




16-08-2007, 05:35 PM
There were a few track closures and all the usual in-between stuff was experienced like eating, drinks, toilet breaks viewing the exotica etc.




Later in the day the Golf started to play up and was suffering from a flat battery which was getting worse, after bump starting it a few times the Golf had decided it had had enough and wouldnít even run due to no charge and no power to light the dash lights. We spoke to the chap at Ringhaus who was going to collect it later, so parked it up and used the A3 and the Polo.
both my brothers loved the Polo and were having great fun, I was feeling a bit worse for ware and took things a little easy missing out a few times on driver changes deciding it wasnít worth the risk driving when my concentration was flagging, after a bit of a whim after some energy drinks thrown down my neck I did a few more laps in the A3 and Polo I was starting to feel better again.

Later on in the day the Golf was towed back to the Ringhaus and we all followed (I had no choice being on a tow rope...lol) After a drink at the Ringhaus and helping push the Golf in to the garage we left it in their capables and went back to Sliders to get cleaned up for dinner.



We went to a place (no idea where it was first pic) that was totally empty and were the only ones eating, was very nice though good food and very relaxing from a busy day.
Then back to Sliders for more drinks and video footage on the big screen.
A busy and tiring day was coming to an end and I was looking forward to the next day as soon as I hit the pillow I was dead to the world.

Monday 2nd July

After the probs with the Golf the previous day my old man had arranged to book the Megane from Rent a race car as a precaution just incase. After my dad had spoke to Ringhaus they still had probs with the Golf but had agreed to not charge us for the use of it which was brill :) we still had the Polo and also was now getting the Megane 225 turbo'd French thing.

After breakfast at Sliders it was a more relaxed start to the day with no early start this time as the track was only open in the afternoon. We set of for Adenau this time having a coffee in the middle of the town. After a bit of window shopping and a ganders round Adenau we set off to collect the Megane, after a wrong turn by the master we ended up going a few miles out in the wrong direction to the ring which after a quick call to the lady at Sliders for directions we were soon on our way back to the south of the ring, this time we found the Rent a race car place thanks to my directions :) and were greeted by the couple who were very nice if a little worried about the prospect of 3 competitive brothers stuffing their Megane. After my dad explained that he was an instructor and has driven the 24hr nurburgring and that he would always be in the car with one of us. He was ok :)

After all the paperwork was sorted out we said our cheerios and then headed for the ring.
I drove the Megane with Chris as passenger back to the ring and I was beaming, I had struggled with left hand drive in the Polo and Golf but the Megane and A3 had made me feel more comfortable for some reason and once I felt the Megane had some power I was over the moon :) my brothers were going to find it hard to get me out the Megane :)
to be honest they were both still loving the Polo so much, they werenít that bothered, Dan didnít even have chance to drive the Megane he was loving the Polo so much.

So back at the ring for Monday afternoon session, first all of us were piloted around the ring in the megane by the master, I didnít enjoy it one bit :( I felt like doing a Sean Bean after his Audi journey in Ronin when we got back to the car park :(

I had a few laps in the Megane driving and I loved every minute of it this was my best experience, with my dad guiding me, I managed to get one corner good (wippermann) and I love the foxhole awesome :) shame I was so slow round the rest of the track :(


I thought I was doing well after a few more laps when in my mirrors was Chris in the Polo and I couldnít lose him long enough, every corner he was stuck to me like glue until the power catapulted me to the next corner where he would still be there, he was keeping up with me really well, which surprised me and my dad my excuse was he was following my lines :) (No fear nutter!!)

After a few more driver and car changes I then had the worst lap of my life it started to rain hard and I was in the Polo, it felt like ice, zero grip on the front, turn the wheel and the car was going straight on!! After a very ginger lap being followed by my dad and Chris in the Megane we parked up and had a rest whilst we waited for the rain to ease.

After a short while the rain eased and track dried fairly quickly, we had a few more laps and my dad took some chap out in the Megane for a mad lap, and then Chris took the Megane out with my dad whilst me and Dan had another go in Polo which apart from a small hitch of kangarooing on some bad fuel (maybe) earlier in the day, had run faultless all weekend.

I was on a lap about ĺ the way round when the heavens opened again and it hammered it down, Dan was due the next drive at the driver swap, but unfortunately this never happened as the ring was now well and truly wet. Gutted but this put a stop to our track action for the day, and we decided that was the last lap.

We dropped the Ringhaus Polo back said our cheerios and then dropped of the Megane back at Rent a racecar, then on to sliders to get freshened up for dinner, the venue for dinner was the famous PK and sampling the steak on a stone was a must :)

After dinner back to Sliders for more beers, got talking to some bikers from Leicester way which it turned out they knew people I knew when I worked for a TVR dealer in Melton Mowbray, as the clichť goes itís a small world :)

Tuesday 3rd of July

After a good nights kip it was breakfast and pack for the flight home, said our cheerios to bren and co, loaded the a3 up and set of for KŲln airport, after dropping the a3 off we tried to hide the fact we had 4 crash helmets coming out of the boot as our hand luggage, which didnít go noticed anyway (phew) must of seen it all before anyway.

After the usual checking in food, drinks and gifts for the family we boarded for blighty. We said our thanks and good byes to the master and set of in convoy back home with me Chris and Dan in the trusty Primera

Stansted to Nottingham was taken fairly briskly even with traffic due to a road closure forcing us to go up the A1 to Grantham, after dropping Chris off and then Dan collecting his car from my house I said my hellos to the wife and kids unpacked their gifts, the first thing I did was to turn the 360 on slip in forza 2 and drive the ring after 1/3rd of the lap I ejected the game turned the 360 off, took a pic of the game and stuck it on eBay :(

We all managed a fair few laps throughout the weekend, not sure exactly how many as we were always in different cars either driving or as a passenger. What an experience even six weeks later I still have the Nurburgring blues and am itching to get back.
A special Thanks to my old man for orgainising our trip and a Big thanks to Sliders, Ringhaus and Rent a Racecar for making the trip a pleasure.

We will all be back :) Iím hoping to persuade the wife to holiday at the German Center Parcs!!

16-08-2007, 06:05 PM
Great lengthy and detailed report - no wonder it took you four months to write :o

Your dad said you had a great time if peppered with a few 'issues' :D

So.... when are you going back? ;)

16-08-2007, 06:30 PM
Originally posted by dynamix@Aug 16 2007, 06:05 PM
Great lengthy and detailed report - no wonder it took you four months to write :o

Your dad said you had a great time if peppered with a few 'issues' :D

So.... when are you going back? ;)
I would go back tomorrow if I could :)

As much as I liked the varied cars we drove, I would like to take my own car there or at least something right hand drive.
I've currently got a E36 M3 and would love to take that, but I change my cars like my socks so the next chance I get I'll be in something else by then anyway :)

Either way LHD or RHD I'll never turn down a trip there so if my Dad's got over this trip and wants to do it again I'm straight on the list :)

16-08-2007, 08:06 PM
Hopefully Malcolm will be there at the same time as me sometime as some instruction from him would be cool.... and I promise not to panic 'too much' when he grabs the steering wheel :lol:

I hope you make it over there again soon :thumb:

17-08-2007, 07:03 AM
Originally posted by oldskool@Aug 16 2007, 07:30 PM
:blink: Does your Dad say "You feelin' lucky, punk, well, do ya?" rather a lot? B)

17-08-2007, 09:31 AM
I think at 33 years old its about time you paid for your own hire cars instead of letting your dad sort it all out! ;)

Still, sounds like a great trip.

17-08-2007, 01:45 PM
Originally posted by Sim@Aug 17 2007, 09:31 AM
I think at 33 years old its about time you paid for your own hire cars instead of letting your dad sort it all out! ;)

Still, sounds like a great trip.
LOL.... it was my Dad's idea ;)

we were all dragged along, we had no choice.... :whistle:

Karl, lol...My Dad has a few sayings mainly "trust me" and "it will be ok, keep it flat through here!!" or " this isn't right im sure we've gone the wrong way"

How can I change the title to this post? as I got the flaming date wrong..doh can a mod or admin change it for me please? needs to be
June 30th to July 3rd

17-08-2007, 08:26 PM
done for you :thumb:

Good report, sounds like you all enjoyed yourselves :D

17-08-2007, 08:30 PM
Thanks simon :thumb:

yes, we all had a brill time :D

Gary Kinghorn
18-08-2007, 08:11 AM
Great first post there, thanks for sharing :thumb:

04-09-2007, 05:57 PM
Well, better late than never, here's Dad.

I read this last week when I got back from holiday (great report Nick) and have been meaning to post but just snowed under.

It was a great trip. If there is one thing better than driving the ring for the first time it's taking someone else to drive it for the first time and looking at their reaction. In my case I got 3 of these! and it was great.

I couldn't have been more pleased with how the trip went or how my 3 sons drove, it was an interesting exercise. I think Nick would be the first to admit that he was a little nervous at times and my most common instruction was "keep on the power" and "no, don't brake yet". Nick is probably the most experienced track driver, the eldest and definitely the most responsible so his approach was fine and we chipped away at it over the two days. Youngest son Chris is less experienced on track and simply put has no fear. My most common instruction was definitely "brake!" usually in multiples of and getting louder and more high pitched each time. I remember on one lap, I had probably belowed "brake", "slowdown" and "steady" a dozen or so times (and this is all before T13) that I grabbed the wheel told him to clam down, he was getting that glazed look that I've seen a few times in my work as an instructor.

No 2 son Daniel was a mix of the two really, TOTALLY inexperienced track driver but was damn quick and pretty safe. Thankfully the Ringhaud Polo was benign enough that he didn't get into trouble but he also drove very well and I was quite happy to let him out by himself on day 2.

It's something that a number of you hardened ring veterans may have to look forward to, taking your sons (or daughters) on their first ring drive, a bit like taking them for their first pint.

I can thoroughly recommend it!

'The Old Man'