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Joao R
06-07-2007, 12:48 PM
This was written by my brother some time ago, I decided to share this with you guys, it's long but enjoyable.

"My brother and I had spent the morning and most of the afternoon taking pictures of the official test drivers while they flew past Adenauer Forst, the day had been sunny in the morning but at noon and in the beginning of the afternoon the weather began to be cloudy, by 3 p.m. it was quite cloudy and with the start of a light summer drizzle. My brother suggested that I did a lap alone so he could take some pictures of our car going through Adenauer Forst, one of my favourite spots of the track that due to it's low speed and configuration allows for some of the funniest images of the circuit. As the track opening time came closer, the wind started getting stronger and the temperature began to drop, I predicted what the weather would be like in the session that day and my senses started awakening, I started getting quietless and trembling softly, as it usually happens around 5 p.m. whenever I'm at Adenau. It was about 5:15 p.m. when I decided to leave my brother, packing 2 cameras and an umbrella, and went to the track entrance.
I love the ambience that brews in a weekday at the ring just before the opening, cars arriving, people go to their vehicles in an attempt to be ready, without worrying about other matters but too nervous to wait paciently, patience left in their offices and daily drone. You can easily separate the rookies from the people who know how the circuit routine works, some, falling prey to the temptation and nervousness of trying to endure those neverending last 5 minutes, start their engines and claim the first spots facing the still closed gate, the conosseur already knows that it“s best to let the crowd storm into the track in a frenzy of wrong lines and wasted competitiveness, give them a few minutes and then proceed to enjoy a clear track without having to deal with the inexperience, more enthusiasm than track knowledge, or lack of plain good sense that sometimes is shown.
However, today is a different day, the drizzling rain that begins to fall right as the track is about to open instigates some feelings of caution amongst the bikers, most of them remain in the safety of the "Pitstop“s" porch and verandah, awaiting an opening in the rain and better conditions for their chosen vehicles. I let the first curious ones in and start the Golf's engine, turn off the radio, switch the AC to 20ŗC and point the vents away from my hands, I feel comfortable yet nervous, I feel good.
I head out to the toll gate with a lap still available in the card I bought the day before and pull up to the entrance right behind two 911's, one a Carrera 2, the other a GT3, "this will be interesting", "hope they're good" I think afte seeing the rain thickening and the track getting properly wet, good thing too, the worst that can happen is the asphalt being wet in some places and dry in others, at least on a fully wet track you know what to expect. As I insert the card in the machine I close the window and call my brother to tell him that I should be passing Adenauer Forst after 2 Porsches (the time that it takes the gate to open and close should be plenty warning for him to get the camera ready for me), I'm passing the cones right at the start and the Carrera2 that entered just in front of me turns around and heads for the exit, "shit", it's really pouring down now and the guy gives up. I get going, down the straight, full throttle, and onto the first real braking point, over a crest on the outside of the track, where I reach 120 on a regular day, I'm caught off guard by a huge puddle, a warning not to follow regular dry braking points and lines. Using a more careful approach to corner entries, and understeering out of them, right up to the cobblestones outside the kerbs, I'm progressing at what seems like a comfortable rhythim and delighted that there's noone else on track, I overtake 2 or 3 cars and think about how stupid it is to enter the track on packs and still trying to go fast, but try to focus back on the driving, I think of Joćo waiting for me and I ponder wether to do some monkey business for the camera or not, "shit, I'm distracting myself, focus!"
Suddenly I see the Porsche that went in 2 cars ahead of me, "not too fast" I think, at the same time it strikes me how challengine it must be driving a GT3 in this weather in this track, I reach him easily but slow down just before Fuchsrohre anticipating a possible puddle in the inside of the corner, enter Adenauer Forst and try to give induce a little bit of brake drift but the front brakes are already taxed from the har deceleration and lack that needed extra bite for it to work, I see Joćo alone in the rain and the camera flashing, I can“t help but smile, "good guy" I think as the left wheels go up onto the curb on exit of the esses.


The 911 gained some distance on the following stretch of straight but I try not to think about it and carry on with my own lap. That though quickly fades into oblivion in Kallenhardt, since by now the Golf is right on top of him and he's by no means letting me through, I start to get nervous: I don't know what to do, wether to pass or wait for him to let me pass, he clearly chooses a defensive position. I get annoyed with these guys, they don't respect the Track nor deserve the cars they drive simply because of their attitude, chance arrises and I pass him over the three downhill corners leading to Wehrseifen, in a show of awkwardness he outbraked himself and went wide, sad how he almost ruined such a nice car. On the climb after the village of Adenau I feel how nervous and tense my body is, when flooring the gas I can't keep my heel down and calm even though I try. I arrive at the Karussel and am surprised at the amount of water there on the apex of the corner, as soon as that“s done I catch up to a group of cars, all driving quite slowly and close together, I recognise some as the ones firt to get on the track, all at once and trying to inaugurate the day, I pass them and end the lap, as usual, coasting down the straight in fifth gear and thinking of Joćo and how soaked he must be, I get to the parking area and call him on the phone as I“m passing the roundabout headed to Adenau.

"Go for another lap, the pictures didn“t turn out well" he told me. I do an U-turn and head back to the parking lot, stop the car next to the ticket machine and try to buy another ticket as soon as possible, obviously getting soaked wet in the process, get in the car and go round the parking lot a couple of times, letting the car catch it“s breath, like a faithful companion. I stop in front of the porch where about 20 bikers, looking defeated, paciently await a sign of the weather gods allowing them to go home in relative comfort and safety.
A subaru, a Modena and two Porsches are parked in front of the bar, and the far corner of the parking place where our mates usually park, by the hotdog stand, is empty, I think of the people whose driving here I admire and how they'd love to be here now, simply enjoying the place. Another little drive round the parking lot trying to see if the weather eases a bit and stop to decide wether to get in the track or go pick up Joćo, it's pouring out there, really really pouring down, the track is empty, it's wet, "what the hell am I waiting for?", the car starts to move towards the track entry and 2 bikers disapprove with a head nod, this is the shit!!, hahahahaha.

I enter my second solo lap ever drying the rain water out of my left hand into my jeans, soaking wet just from putting the ticket in the toll machine, and try not to have my mind drift a lot, I enter that lap with much more confidence of what I“m going to find out there than before. My car“s brakes and suspension withstand these conditions with much more aplomb than they do dry weather and a dry track, when the track and driving are both more harsh, I brake late a couple of times in the beginning of the lap just to test the track and I like what I find, this year the tarmac is better than the previous one, when in some parts of the track were dowright glassy, I remember some flooded places from the last lap and try to avoid them, I see the forest is smoking from the rain, the ambience is surreal, noone in my mirrors, noone in front ofme, the mist coming from the forest, there is noone where there usually are dozens of people next to the track, alone, I'm alone in The Ring, cathartic! I go through two or three more stressful moments when braking and setting up for a corner, the rear is more agile than usual, I try to hold back not to exceed my habilities or suffer from some excess of confidence, I'm in ecstatic, almost hysterical. "Be calm", in a way doing this alone, with no passenger, frees me, and I'm trying harder than ever before. I pass by Joćo in Adenauer Forst and I'd like to have taken his picture instead of having him take mine, standing alone in the dark, with the camera in his hands, under the pouring rain, the passion for the Ring in a photo couldn't be much greater than the glance I gave him while I passed.


Now it's raining much heavier than in the beginning and the windscreen wipers are franticly, although a little pointlessly, working as fast as they can. After Adenauer Forst, some usually simple corners scared me by the easiness that I could light the front tires with the accelerator, I didn't want to have to lift off in those occasions, I wouldn't have had anything inside me capable of controling the situation had I had to. In that lap, Wipperman was magical, I never did that corner sequence so fluidly, just gently caressing the brake pedal to stabilize shifting weight, right before the apex of the last corner I floor it and go over the curb faster than I remember doing before in the wet, faster even than I anticipated so I start braking sooner, not being able to use the fraction of a second I usually have between corners to relax, access the situation, and set the car up for the next corner, it all fell into place, a semi-chaotic flow of events, felt magical.
The end of the lap was nice, I entered the straight flat out, looked in the mirror to see the tire marks in the water and the spray, still standing there,hehehe, felt like Roser! I come off the straight even slower than usual, without anyone pushing me, stopped momentarily in front of the bikers and theyr temporary shelter from the rain and smile towards them with a wave, I wonder if any of them knows my Golf made 2 laps under torrential rain and if any of them timed any of the laps, like I sometimes do out of curiosity when I see an interesting car going in, probably not, who would want to time a diesel Golf anyway? I love this.

As I go down to Adenau to meet Joćo I think about how much I love the Ring and how curious it is that two lads from Portugal have made friendships with people who they met only a couple of times here, at the entrance of the greatest track in the world, I like to think that it makes us special, part of something good, intimately related to the Green Hell, regardless of the vehicles we use or lap times we can accomplish. I also think of the people I'd like to share this with, with some I propably will and one with whom I share almost everything, some times less, but others, depending on days and dreams, much more.
That day we went for another lap but the track was too flooded and the fog was thick, too thick to drive fast and inspire some confidence, it was a shame.




In that night I was tired, it rained torrentially while we ate, (one of us didn't eat chicken) and I remember thinking with nostalgia, that that second lap was the best ever."

06-07-2007, 12:57 PM
Nice B) And blimey, you must have both been very hungry ;)

Joao R
06-07-2007, 01:02 PM
The title shouldn't be ate the ring, but at the ring, damn typo :P , the chicken thing is a private joke between us, but it all relates to the Halbes Hanchen at the restaurant near the entrance at Adenau, which is quite good ;)

06-07-2007, 01:06 PM
My second lap goes like this....

Leave barrier, 3 up, proceed at leisurely pace " hey lads we aint doing bad" 3 rd gear flat out, "That right hander was nice and easy" " ADENAUER FORST!!!!" passenger number one screams " Too late" is my humble response


Pootle over grass, much to amusement of EVo merc driver I was stupidly chasing, stop on grass, car leaking, taste offending liquid, Ahhhhh washer bottle hose, thank god, carry on sheepishly.

06-07-2007, 01:47 PM
Originally posted by Berkut@Jul 6 2007, 02:02 PM
The title shouldn't be ate the ring, but at the ring, damn typo :P
Changed title for you :thumb:

Good report, looks wet :o not suprised Joćo was alone taking photos in that weather :(

06-07-2007, 04:50 PM
nice report-now that i wet
funnily enough weeman i went off at af on my second lap as well!

Joao R
06-07-2007, 09:10 PM
Originally posted by Nige@Jul 6 2007, 01:47 PM
Changed title for you :thumb:

Good report, looks wet :o not suprised Joćo was alone taking photos in that weather :(
Thanks a lot for the title change ;)

I'm Joćo and the pictures are crappy since I was holding the umbrella with one hand and taking pictures with the other, I even tried to find some other way to hold the damn umbrella but it was hard, how do the pros do it I wonder?

Anyways, my report was, my brother left, drizzling, after 5 minutes it started pouring down, loads of wind and I'm alone.
After about 10 minutes my brother calls me, he's leaving the gates.
A very slow train of cars slowly creep by, no Golf, a bit later a Yellow GT3 and the Golf, he even slowed down for the picture I thought, but no, it was him trying to be a poser :whistle:
After 5 minutes a beautiful M3 CSL drifted his way through, great driving.
As the weather got worse I was soaked below the knees, I told him to go for another lap, and I waited till he passed, much faster this time and there he went, so for more 20 minutes on the rain alone, at least got to read almost every graffiti in Adenauer Forst :D

Joao R
06-07-2007, 09:12 PM
Originally posted by Weeman@Jul 6 2007, 01:06 PM
My second lap goes like this....

Leave barrier, 3 up, proceed at leisurely pace " hey lads we aint doing bad" 3 rd gear flat out, "That right hander was nice and easy" " ADENAUER FORST!!!!" passenger number one screams " Too late" is my humble response
It wasn&#39;t his second lap, it was the second lap alone, amazingly on our second lap ever, we understeered on Adenauer as well, but didn&#39;t leave the black stuff, I wonder if there is a conspiracy <_<

09-07-2007, 01:46 PM
Yep theres a conspiracy funded by the people that make bit burger and those little disposable BBq&#39;s, so they sell more to the locals that go up there on weekends just to watch idiots like me barrel accross the grass :lol:

09-07-2007, 03:19 PM
Originally posted by Weeman@Jul 6 2007, 01:06 PM
My second lap goes like this....

Leave barrier, 3 up, proceed at leisurely pace " hey lads we aint doing bad" 3 rd gear flat out, "That right hander was nice and easy" " ADENAUER FORST&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;" passenger number one screams " Too late" is my humble response


Pootle over grass, much to amusement of EVo merc driver I was stupidly chasing, stop on grass, car leaking, taste offending liquid, Ahhhhh washer bottle hose, thank god, carry on sheepishly.
Yup that was pretty much how my 3rd lap went.

Got ALOT of air off that curb. ALOT (2ft+)

04-09-2007, 09:00 AM
Just to clarify, it wasn“t my second lap ever, just the second lap alone, that day, t“was great fun though :thumb: