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02-07-2007, 11:49 AM
Hello foolks,

We where also on the Ring last sunday. We came pretty early, just to find our car closed in at the parking lot of TTE. :( Lucky for us Barney came and we could drive with our car. First we put up our gazeebo, but the wind of the day said "DOWN" to it, so we had to pack it in again. ( we gonna repair that, or buy an new one. hehe. :o
After a lap we went for gaz and I didnt felt comfortable with the rearbrakes. After a look, we found that they were gone totally. So, with the help of TTE I had replaced them within an hour. Most of the hour was picking them up. At the moment that I was ready to roll, the Ring closed for the twoo hour closure due an accident with a biker.

After that we had our chances and we did. I did 10 great laps with Frederique, Haico, Mike, Sean and Toby form Íhlins. That man provided me with some advice how I can make the car better with no much money.
Aurok, the company of Toby (http://www.aurok.com)

Well we have a complete report on my BLOG, but it is in dutch, so keep Interglot at hand.

Sean and William are two english bikers which we know now for a year, and Mike and the gang do have two nice BMW E30's in Orange colors. Together with Frans they joined us at the greffel parkinglot together with our friend Dave and his Elise, Haico an Revital who did their first lap in his E30 318i Touring. We followed them and passed them just before Schwedenkreuz. hehe, I wanted to pas another car, so I hammerde down into Schwedenkreuz with much to much speed and wrong angle, so my car went in to a unwanted drift, first to the right, then to the left, but I managed to correct that. No lesson learned I went full speed into Aremberg, so there I had an unwanted drift to the left but that was corrected also. Frederique didnt like that action much, but after I had everything under controll and went full speed into Fuchsrohre I had a big big grin on my face. She didnt see it, because of the helmet, so dont tell her :whistle:

Sean did two laps with me and he was a happy man. And I blushed of course, because I am not the best driver there is. And certainly not the fastest one.

Well the last lap I did, was in the rain with no rain tyres and with Toby. We had a laugh or two because my car was sliding everywhere. Still had great fun and after two laps, one dry and the wet one, he gave me some advice. He also complemented me with my car and car handling. I blushed again and even deeper. But I am very pleased with such complements. Thanks guys.

At the Pistenklause we had a small dinner, because I still want to loose som weight.
My weight that morning was 97kg and when I went to bed that night it was still 97kg.
So it was a great great day.

So see some pictures, just go to the BLOG (http://blog.e30-ringteam.nl/) and have fun.

Jochen, thanks for the Picture. It is nice and in one of my favourite corners, nameley Eiskurve.

Greetz from Robert

02-07-2007, 04:41 PM
Cool report Robert and congrats on the weight loss :thumb:

I always find that I can eat as much as I like at the Ring & the constant adrenalin buzz burns off most of the calories :D