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Mad Pierre
25-05-2007, 09:05 PM
This is a cut'n'paste from RSC. and is also my 2nd trip. but my first using my car. Plz no crap about the crash I've had this on other forum. Crashe's are bad. and it's just written down, in the same way as we talk.

With planning for the Nurburgring started at the end of Jan, I was in a frame of mine that even tho, I had my name down, and started to book ferry's and hotel rooms. The Megane Coupe would bite me in the arse again. But time pasted and it came to two week before we was due to go, to start getting thing's ready for the trip. First off was to find the important item's i.e. Passport Chunk found his with a click of his finger's, How ever for me not a chance. I even had to pull the fireplace out just for a look. So after phoning the passport place, I booked myself into a meeting the following wendesday. With me not liking the office bod's types, I never have. I was a tad nervous, but Wendseday came. And I took the drive to Liverpool, And well TBH I was glad that I lost the passport. Because I got the drive the A57 ( Snake pass ) with allmost no traffic, This put me into a great frame of mind, and set me up to looking forward to the drive to Germany. Of course it's was prey mat time, hoping the passport will arive in time. But in the end it did, So it was time to party. So I made my way to Ben Party, that was taking place in nott's. Once that was out of the way and a week's worth of bordom at work. It came to the time to get going to the ring. Tyre pressure checked, fueled up, Car washed And I was away to the first meeting point outside mansfield.

The first meeting point

After the normal chit-chat a few folk fitted Nurburgring event stickers to there car's.

Dunc fitted a sticker to Brian 306
Sticker fitted but a tad wonky.

With the car trimed up, and thing ready for the off again. It came time to set off to a travel lodge just off the M2, While on the M1 a few moving shot's got taken, and a few joke passed over the walkie talkie's that was taken down for the ride. Also Dunc was showning laptop porn at 70ish mile and hour, and it borught a few smiles to all. Once parked up it came time to have a couple of drink's and a meal in Canterbury, and get the head down for a 4am wakeup the next morning. to make the ferry for France.

Craig & Lady in the DC2
Dunc with porn - Dirty boy !!!

4am came and it was'nt a good start - Rain, Not very good. the pre-weather forcast said this, and with lap's planned it did'nt look good. After a full english and a few walk's around the ferry we hit France. So now it was time for the real fun driving to begin :) . France was over and done with within 20 mins, now we had belgum, to pass though. and the Brussles ring road. lucky one two or three of the member's had a diffrent route planned. so I had to end up following that, and doing to best to keep up, Even doing 128MPH uphill somewhere. The rain was on-and off, So Neil who came with Toyo 888 fitted kept backing off in the rain and fighting for control at 50 mph, when wagon's came past with their spary, and over 100 mph sprint's to catch back up in the dry. Once we hit the Nearthland's. I got wind of the route, and got the chunk to re-plan the route on the laptop. Good with the route known I could go at my own pace. But with doing to best to keep up, My planned sort of turned into been the first one there. I did'nt get there first, but was in the main pack that got there first. The tail end lot, got left behind in France. Anyhow time to park up, and get checked into the hotel. We could allready hear car in the background, and just could'nt wait to hit the track. Once sorted, it was time to take a quick look around. I got myself parked up in the only spot next to adenau bridge., Took the walk up the stair's where there was some sort of Touring car style VLN race going on. After a bit of that and photo's taken. It came to the time that the Nordschilfe came open to the public 6Pm. We was up there and parked before 6Pm ( with the thrill we could'nt wait ), so we was just sat there waiting till 10 minutes past six. Them 10 minutes seems to last forever. With a que allready formed. I and a few other's waited untill the que pasted. Then the time Came. The Time For My First Real Lap, in my car, and not chunk's like last year. Upon getting to the ticket machine I was just shoving money at it, and not getting my lap ticket, after asking one of the guy's he said, Don't know. I let a german chap past, and looked. By this time the nerve's was going. The nerve was going before hand's. Anyhow with the chap out the way time to get my ticket. Hands shaking puttin the money into the machine. This is the buzz you get from a track like this. Your bricking it before you start. Right so with ticket in hand, the track dry. the time came for the Megane Coupe to earn that ring sticker that been on it before is even done a lap. Which is a big No-No. With chunk stood at Wehrseifen, getting pic's. I took the megane to the start, Ticket in, barrier up and We are off. The minute you hit the track the nerve's stop, but the heart does'nt. 1st,2nd,3rd, 4th. wow. we at the first set of bend's allready ?. Brake's on slow-down turn in, Gas-on , Shit missed a gear ( Shake's head ). 2nd found and were off again right, past the old start and pit's in GT4, Brake , left right, right, Left and so on, you soon forget what come's next unless you got 36 lap pratice in on GTR2 :). The track open and your on the gas to Flugplatz, can be allmost taken flat out. not this time tho' Balls arn't big enongth. The track open up even more downhill, gas-on again and you can hit some great speed down here. ( 122 on the 4th lap in a Coupe not the quickist of car's ). A few more bend's then on to adenau Forest, taken slow by me. A few more bend's and onto the bend chunk was stood waiting. On the first lap there was some traffic. but somehow from the look's of the photo I came into the bend where chunk was waiting with the outside tyre smoking. ?

Mad Pierre
25-05-2007, 09:07 PM
The Coupe at Wehrseifen
Neil at Wehseifen

With that bend out of the way, and me known now I got a pic. It was more left, right, left, right - you get the idea. and on to the Karusell ( Caracciola-Karussell ) it full name, name after Caracciola the first person to use the banking, and not the outside. So with the Karusell taken ( and yep it is bumpy ) more left's and right etc. and onto the end. And onto the feeling, wow what a drive, 10 minute's pasted. and onto ticket 2 for the day, that it i'm hooked now. With 2 laps done for the day, The track shut at 7:30pm. time for more grub, and a light beer for me. Booze and early start's down mix well. After the 3 S's at the hotel, minus the last S - Shave. Off to enjoy the night, where Neil and Dunc had allready started on the MASSIVE beer's 3 liter glass, and us women on the 1 liter Wine glass. A Pizza was order and with most of it gone Chunk had the reast ( as Allway's ). It was time for sick boy, to speed fill one of those 3 liter glass's with sick. Well after that perfomace. we all quickly paid and sodded off for a night's kip. Sunday came, and time for more Lap. I only did two. but at the time io though i did three. Well I did relly one was in a Evo2 but I was'nt driving. With time to spare, time to look at the guide on the laptop for good photo area's. We found one. hoping to see a crash. We did'nt have to wait long. Before a UK Merc lost the back and Smack into the barrier.

Broken Merc.

Mad Pierre
25-05-2007, 09:08 PM
With the merc sat there the track was closed for yet another crash that we did'nt see. But it did came past us, a brand new M3 BMW. rolled. that one way to throw cash down the rain, Or Ex-Muhle the bend that it came off at. With the crashed motor taken off the track, the track was re-open and and time for a few more photo's. Few more pic's was getting and the laptop was back out again, this time for Adenau Forest. in the Coupe park up next to a school, and off for a walk up a big hill. Which nearly killed me.

The view from the top was Amazing.

Right after my heart rate had calm down from that walk. time for track more photo's.

Sideway's Nissan 350Z
Very sideways BMW 3 - Series

While taking the photo, paul came over the phone to Bri, letting us known he was getting ready for a lap. and to get the Cam's ready.

The lad's sat waiting.
Paul's Evo 2
Lad's with Civic

With photo's and the day done it was off more more beer's and food. before the 4 hour drive to france monday morning. Well after the sunday night on the booze again and a meal. No-one was sick this time. it was time to set off back to the UK - Boooooo. 4 hours later I was parked up at dunkerque car ferry - car park. The first there by 20 minute's BTW, some came 1 hour later after I parked up. But with all of us there, time to check-in and parked ready for the ferry's home and a chance to see the picuters and video's taken for the weekend.

Car's ready for the ferry back
Woody minus his hat in the cold.
The ferry back.

Well with a 2 hours trip back on the ferry and everyone gutted on what there leaving behind we hit the UK. and made our way to London, for one last stop at Wembley travel lodge, with a few beer's planned. but with the mad arse driving and traffic in London we did'nt get there till 10PM so there was only time for one or two drink's, and then a over night sleep before. A
good full english brekie in Ace Cafe, and the Final run home, And back to the Dull life.

Gary Kinghorn
25-05-2007, 09:12 PM
Hi there thanks for registering :thumb:

I wont say anything about crashes other than ....... I cant believe you were hoping to see them ;)

Looks like you had a good time and I hope you enjoy the site.

Mad Pierre
25-05-2007, 09:20 PM
Yes, and ermm take note crash mean small un' . Not a big one. i.e very small damage if any, but pride broken. Say's crash at the time, was the easy way to get this across, and just ended up getting written like that.

Gary Kinghorn
25-05-2007, 09:22 PM
I also had trouble reading that paragraph as it was about 100 lines long :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey it's all constructive critiscm though and I can't spell either.

There are a few 306 owners on here though and I have a 205 so it's all good :thumb:

Mad Pierre
25-05-2007, 09:36 PM
I was going to had the lap vid also, but 10 minute plus, is nothing to brag about.

Gary Kinghorn
25-05-2007, 09:39 PM
What you have to remember is that alot of people on here have done 1000 + laps.

However people are here to help and will do so as much as they can for you.

Lap times mean nothing, get as many passenger laps as you can with experienced people and you will learn to drive the Nordschleife quickly and safely :thumb:

Mad Pierre
25-05-2007, 10:06 PM
Good, i'll post the video in the video area. I i've been classed as lamm in other forum's. The main point is that I've not overdriven my driving skill and not the car's that will do better than i can drive it.

26-05-2007, 06:16 PM
Good report, a little hard to read though!!!

Dont worry about times etc, ita all about enjoyment. If people are calling you for doing a steady time, its not worth listening to them, they either haven't been, or are the type of person that isn't worth taken any advice from.

Pushing your comfort zones on the ring can end in death, is it worth that for bragging rites??????