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30-09-2013, 09:24 PM
I have been round the ring a few times in my little 3 wheeler and once on a motorcycle but always on tourist days. But this spring I bought myself a track car (road legal) and I wanted my first track day to be special so I booked on with Sky Limits for last Monday. Talked 3 of my buddies into coming along with me, 2 of them in Grinnall Scorpion 3 wheelers and 1 in his Mazda MX5.
We are all northern monkeys so it was a boat ride from Hull to Zeebrugge on Saturday evening following a little scoot round Blyton Park on the way to Hull.
Driving to the eiffel region on Sunday we were lucky the motorway was quiet as my friend managed a 120 metre skid mark when his front wheel bearing seized up. In true team spirit we all left him in Belgium and continued on our way. Further down the road the other 3 wheeler started leeking petrol so we had to make a quick bodge job with some trusty superglue.
Following dinner at Pinnochio's our stranded buddy rang to say his car would be fixed in the morning and he would see us at the ring in time for the track day.

I was not really expecting so many cars there on a private track day and I got a bit of a shock!! It was busier than a tourist session!!

First lap was a massive buzz as it was the first time I had taken my Grinnall Scorpion 4 onto the green hell. I was so giddy i drove straight thru for a second lap but the session was stopped. At least I got to drive round and have a good look at the place.

When I came off I was pleased to see my buddy with 3 wheels back on his wagon and we went out for a blast when the track re-opened. Fabulous sunny day and some very nice cars out there on the track....heaven.

My car was superb but I fear I did not do it justice and it will be quite some time before I can.

Most important thing was we all had a good day and all cars were intact and uninjured at the end of the day.

We decided to call in at Spa on Tuesday on our way back to Zeebrugge as none of us had been there before....oh my what a treat. There was a track day on there too and some very very nice cars out there. The circuit looks fabulous so it is now top of my to do list.

I would go next week but can't get any more time off work sadly so it looks like it will have to be 2014.

My midlife crisis officially starts next year as I will be 50 so let the fun begin.

A middle aged woman in a 330bhp car weighing only 800kg ...what could possibly go wrong????


01-10-2013, 01:33 PM
Sounds great Jane - this thread needs pictures!

Gary Kinghorn
01-10-2013, 06:03 PM
I agree, pictures needed

01-10-2013, 06:11 PM
Deffo need pictures! Perhaps open a free account on Photobucket if you don't have something already?

Just had a brief read on the Grinnall site, I didn't know they'd done a 4-wheeler. Sounds ace, somewhere between Caterham and Atom. Audi 1.8T motor prepped by Jabba too, good stuff :thumb:

02-10-2013, 11:09 AM
As usual I was a bit giddy when we got to the ring and I never got my camera out doh! My friend followed me round in his 3 wheeler and we got a steady lap on his Hero Cam which can be seen here.


The 4 wheeler has the rear clamshell removed as it was getting a bit warm. Sloooow lap but it was my first attempt in this beast so please no sniggering ;0)

We stopped off at Spa and took a couple of snaps.



Hope the links work ok.

The Scorpion 4 is a bit of a one off and mine is the only one on the road as far as I am aware. A few were made but they are crashed and burned! Quite a handfull with 330bhp on a car with an on or off throttle!

Mark Grinnall is hoping to make some more when he moves to his new factory next year. We may be testing his latest one at Blyton Park soon if he can get the electrickery bits sorted.

02-10-2013, 02:44 PM
The Scorpion 4 is a bit of a one off and mine is the only one on the road as far as I am aware. A few were made but they are crashed and burned! Quite a handfull with 330bhp on a car with an on or off throttle!
Funny you should put it like that. I attended Atom X, the 10th anniversary at Ariel Works a few years ago, and 90% of their clients seemed to think the throttle was an on/off switch too.
It was proven otherwise by their test drivers at Goodwood over the course of that weekend.

Car looks ace btw, the orange and grey work really well together.