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12-10-2005, 03:13 PM
The weekend started at 5:30am on Saturday 8th after a mere 4 hours sleep. The pre-trip tasks carried out on Friday night seemed to take alot longer than normal - much to the annoyance of my girlfriend who "wanted to spend some quality time" with me before I left. Only thing I spent quality time with was a toolkit and loads of grease. Still, a cold beer was presented to me in the garage along with a "it's ok and I understand the car needs to be ready - you can take me out to dinner next week to make up for it". Oh the logic of a lady.... :rolleyes:

Saturday: :)

So, picked Alan (my brother) up and we set off to dover at a sprited speed as we were a little behind. Got on the ferry and met up with Pete (Pete_Rallye) and his mate Ash. After the usual fried breakfast and general chit-chat we set out our intentions for the weekend. Mine was to break into the 8 minute somethings, Pete however wanted an 8:40 something.....for those who don't know we both have GTi-6's. Pretty much identical except Pete's has a thicker torsion bar, a tad quicker and running fantastic A048's all round.

After the slog to Nurburg we chucked our bags in the hotel and went to the track - not much going on just damaged VLN cars being brought off the track. Was a shame becasue it was a beautiful evening ideal for some track time.

Gary (Gutman Pug) texted me some random rubbish about taking him to Adenau, then asked me to get his car out, then to wait a minute, then to say he was on his way to the hotel.......Zzzz zzzz Zzzzz. Dithering old codger. ;)

Gary finally turned up in his 205, he was having a beer or two with Karl and as such, told me he'd knock for me at 7:50am. Knowing Gary that means exactly that, 7:50am - sharp!! Myself, Alan, Pete and Ash had a steak and a few Beers in the hotel restaurant before going bed at 10pm. gay

Sunday: :) followed by :( followed by :angry: followed by :)

I woke at 7am raring to go. Had 2 text messages on my phone, both from Nick Oak (LeavingEasy). First said "I appear to be hugely drunk steven do you think this will be a problem" sent at about 1am, the second saying "i really should not have drunk that much last night" sent at 7am ish. I simply reminded him he was a bender and to get on with it. ;)

7:50 came, and went....no sign of Gary. 8am, 8:10am.....still no sign. Called his phone, it was switched off. So, I walked to hotel corridor calling GARY as "quietely loud" as possible, after a minute i heard a grumpy noise reminiscent of "eeeeuurrghhh Steve hold on". Number 10 opened up and I was confronted by Gary, bollock naked with a pillow over his mid-rift, eyes like red piss holes in the snow. He was gonna be 5 minutes apparently. After 15 minutes he came out and I gave him a lift to the track, then to adenau so he could get his car. My car was smoking alot and smelt of oil, I spilt a bit when topping the oil up so no bother. Seemed to be smoking alot though - lifted the bonnet, OIL FILLER CAP was missing!! Fortunately it was still wedged in the engine bay along with splatterd oil, cleaned my engine up a treat though. The first "bbbaaaarrrp" of the weekend to me.

I did 5 laps but the track was misty and wet in places so just steady to get in the swing of things. On my 4th lap I noticed Nick's Golf on the back of the pick up truck on the Ring - didn't seem to be damaged so mechanical failure?? Turns out the clutch had died - bummer as Nick only managed 2 laps.

Was lunchtime so went to get some grub with Jason and his partner, Cla(?i?)re. Nick was still trying to sort his clutch so was not in attendance. Upon return the track was closed, then re-opened and subsequently closed again. This trend continued for the next 3 hours!! Queues up to Nurburg and back on the straight road towardsAdenau/Petrol station. Car park rammed - utter chaos. I got a parking spot with Pete and we watched it all unfold before Pete well and truly lost his temper and went to get petrol then to the hotel to punch a wall or something. lol.

5pm came so we all managed a few good laps in the afternoon which helped ease my tantrums a little. As things drew to a close I decided that Monday afternoon was going to be where it was all going to happen. We all (myself, Alan, Pete, Ash, Gary, Nick, Jason, Clare and 2 Scottish blokes be-friended by our resident Virgins) and ate together that evening in a place called Aviano in Adenau. After re-arranging half of the resturant tables to accommodate us all I sat down only to be told by Nick that I was "a homo", to which I replied "perhaps but you're more of a homo".....this went on for about 15 minutes. We had a good meal and generally chatted about anything and everything. After 3 pints I bought another round however Mr Oak decided that 3 was enough and flat outright refused to drink his forth.....who's the homo eh?!?!?! Especially as he posed for a photo holding 7 pints of beer - a massively misleading image I think you'll agree.

We all gradually died off as it was a sunday evening with very little going on. Taxi back to the Hotel Sonneck.

Monday: :D all the way until :blink:

Went to the track at midday ready for 1pm opening. Was straight out, lap after lap but they were never clear and was consistently being held up by bikers on critical sections of the track though great satisfaction was sought by hurling past far more powerful cars. Steady laps were done throughout the afternoon. At 5pm (ish) Jason was going to leave but he took me out for a passenger lap in his Golf. I was very impressed. Car was superb, sounded and felt great and was running those fantastic Yoko A048's. Thanks again Jason, that car is tops. :thumb:

By 6pm everything was quiet so myself and Pete set out to try and break 9 mins and get a '8:40 something' respectively. After 20 mins we met in the car park - I was chuffed having done an 8:56, and Pete did a stonking 8:38!!!! Power to the PUG!! B)

We were going to set off home as we had done what we set out to do, and there was a closure to boot. All the other tourists left but a handful stayed for some reason.....? We decided to see why......turns out a Pagani Zonda and a Ferrari Strali (I think....well it was yellow if that helps). Had a closed Nordschliefe to play on!! After fixing cameras to each vehicle the driver took the Ferrari out, about 7 mins later you could see headlights on the now dimspy horizon near the gantry, a few seconds after that it flew past at an incredible speed before evenually cruising back down the straight and into the car park. NOW THEN - the Zonda's turn. The same driver clambered in and set off after the usual checks and setting up of cameras etc. The noise this thing made, and the speed in which it did it as it went past us after doing a lap on the main long straight was purely amazing. Seeing a Zonda go past you at near on 200mph on a dark Nordschleife made a great day just greater.

....only problem was when I got back the hotel my engine temperature wasn't so great. Radiator had totally dried up!! Topped it up but it was dripping out the bottom badly. Myself and Pete went to find some Rad Seal but everywhere was closed. I was a worried man as I didn't know whether the hole was too big for Rad Seal....so bollards to it and we went bed.

Tuesday: :wave:

We were off. Not before Pete and I managed to get some Rad seal from the petrol station near the ring. Took 3 Germans to translate what we needed but got their in the end. We set off, somewhat steadily keeping an eye on engine temperature. It stayed steady until we got about 20km from Gent, as if from nowhere the water temperature rocketed up, I pulled onto the hard shoulder just before a bridge, Pete stopped on the other side of the bridge before deciding to carry on after shitting his pants as a lorry decided to use half of the hard shoulder a mere 100 or so feet before his car!! I left my car on the hard shoulder to cool down, bonnet up (Impreza style) and after 10 mins filled the dry radiater up and put in some more Rad weld. This lasted until Calais when we arrived 2 hours late for our ferry. We had a beer and a sandwich before getting to dover when we all kissed, hugged and said our goodbye's. In my front door at 8:05pm with the Radiator managing to retain it's coolant - just.

The highs:

# Breaking 9 mins and getting an 8:56

# Seeing Nick, Jason and their superb Golf's.

# Meeting Jason's partner Clare was a cracking good laff (yes LAFF not LAAARRF southern boy).

# Meeting 2 Scottish guys who were top blokes and very funny.

# My 306 once again just being great all the way. I love that car.

# Pete reversing into a pillar on the road from the Ring upto Nurburg, he was in a right strop. PMSL.

The lows:

# Sunday from 11am - 5pm. AARRGGHH!!!

# Nick's clutch dying.

# Seeing my water temperature very neary reach red.

The funny bits:

# Gary - looking, sounding and smelling like shit!!!!!!

# Clare - some of her stories were cracking....and THAT 'spak' face!!

# Pete - for generally stropping a treat on Sunday, oh and for shedding pieces of his car on Karussel.

# Alan - looking like a naughty school boy when he saw a marshall looking right at him.....and his video camera.

# Nick - for being the total homo that he is.

# Jason - the ability to brake, turn and change gear all at the same time whilst telling me how forgiving his car is.

# Ash - putting on Guns n' Roses "Paradise City" on the ferry juke box 9 times in a row.

Only found 1 piccy so far. Most sites aren't updated yet....


Gonna be bored til April now.

Dave Malings
12-10-2005, 03:26 PM
isgay Good effort Westopolis!

See you Thursday or Friday :thumb:

Dave :wave:

12-10-2005, 03:38 PM
LOL. Good report there Steven. Not to much going wrong at once then :whistle:

12-10-2005, 03:38 PM
That was a great report - made very good reading ! :thumb:

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Originally posted by Dave Malings@Oct 12 2005, 03:26 PM
isgay Good effort Westopolis!

See you Thursday or Friday* :thumb:

Dave* :wave:
Friday at 6pm or so ok with you???

Have a beer ready eh.... :whistle:

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Got a few pics here:


And I only stopped drinking beer as it was clear you were trying to get me pissed and rape my bottom. Queer.

Good report mate, great to see you, look forward to more next year!!!