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dogs danglies
05-05-2007, 03:55 PM
To celebrate my 21st Birthday, my mum, and my girlfriend both chipped in to send me to the 'Ring.

The Morning of the 28th April, didn't get off to a great start, as the previous day I got a large piece of Alfa Romeo go into my eye, I slept on it the night hoping it would work its way out, it didn't, and ended up going to A+E 30 minutes before we were meant to be leaving, so walked around looking like a tit for the rest of the day with a bad case of the 'pink eye'

Just got to Dover a few minutes late, missing the 10am ferry, due to crazy traffic in Dover because of the earth quake!

Got the next ferry, now already 2 hours behind, just mile munched straight to Nurburg only stopping for a quick fuel stop in Belguim.

Got to the 'Ring, missed the F1 car not knowing it was there, done one lap, found the e30's suspension to be 'amusingly' soft, but that was no surprise, infact the old beast done better than we expected. Even tho only managed to overtake one shagged out mk2 golf. Then back to Renate and Majid's pub opposite the BMW Test Centre. And ended sleeping in the car, after getting fairly well drunk.

Sunday woke up, having had the best night sleep I've ever had in a car, and the missus agreed. Went to the lap got a few more laps in, got a lift round the track in a MG RV8 from Mike a bloke we met in the bar the night before. Let the missus loose on the track, she loved it. Back in Renate's bar we met, a guy with a S2000, who says come talk to hime tomorrow for a ride round the ring. We sort a nice little b+b in Nurburg its self, 50euros a night for a double room, seemed very cheap to me. Needed the room this night, being my birthday, got wasted in the bar, drinking Jagermeister and redbull, I got a bottle of Bacardi 151, from the car showed it to the locals who'd never seen such a evil drink, some events which followed are a little 'patchy'

Monday, more laps, one big hairy moment overtaking a Carlton under braking, big sideways moment as we go into the corner, manage to hold onto it looking like a seasoned pro-hero! Find the guy with the S2000, he takes Hayley out, I get a lift in his brothers M3. And shows me the most incredible lap of my life. Later in the day we get a ride in a Saleen Mustang aswell.

Tuesday we pack in some early laps before breakfast, load the car up, chill out for a bit. mooch around then head off for the drive home.

I was worried about Hayley becoming a 'Ring widow, but she's even more eager to get back than me!











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05-05-2007, 05:00 PM
Glad that you enjoyed your trip, fancy coming at Spring bank? !

there are lots of people from Northloop over then - and so a good opportunity for even more fun!! :thumb: :D