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Dave Malings
02-05-2007, 07:41 AM

Gary, Emma Clare, Hollie and I went for a week in the summer of 2005. The trip report was way to big to be bothered with, although we did take some notes!

Gary / Rob / Emma / Debbie / Josh arrive to watch VLN. Gary / Emma drive while the others flew. Rob gets Merc B clase, not the 330D he expected
Essential shopping at the local beer seeler. Amongst a large quantity of other beer and wine a 3ltr bottle of premium beer was bought
Dave / Clare / Hollie arrive later in the evening very tired after long drive from St Marlo
Dinner at Pistenklause. Joined by Jochen and friends. Chat with Gary about VLN, chat with Chris Harris, motoring journalist, doing his first VLN in an Opel Corsa
Early nighy as everyone tired

Took Subaru / Clio to the ring. A couple of early laps while trying to get hold of Ring racing to rescues the 944 and the 205 from their evil grip.
Gary had a problem as the jahreskart was in the 205
Few laps then off to pick up the cars.
Gary notices problem with the Subaru, unusual. Noises.
Loads of closures.
Few pax laps with newbies
Lunch at the Imbiss.
Gary / Emma / Rob / Debbie / Josh go to Adenau forst to watch. Luckily the gate was down so the long walk was avoided. Its like buses nothing for a while then 2 or 3 go off all at once
Track shut at 6.30
944 on road tyres for a change
Gary does 8.29 on 5th lap
Scooby stripped to reveal shot wheel bearing
Interesting visited to local scrap yard with Rob / Josh. Visit to Manthey racing
Dinner in hotel, half price of Pistenklause.
Good few beers drunk (including the 3ltr fella), Rob goes to bed very early, the rest don’t.
Emma one eyed

Scooby taken to Reny Arnoo to have new bearing fitted. Left overnight.
Gary / Rob / josh blag their way into GP circuit to watch a bike track day.
Dave at home doing Clio pad change
Track opens at 1pm.
Chat with Karl.
Notice EVO mags project 8 mins M3 GT
A few closures but some nice laps.
Chats with fellow ringers, and especially Jochen and his newly split head.
Debbie and Josh get nice picture with Sabine.
Gary chats to Sabine about EVO project 8 minute car. She says it cannot be done even with the race driver they have lined up. Dave predicts an 8.15
Rob / Debbie / Josh leave at 5pm for the trip back to Colgned aiport
Spent time with Nigel Pinder and family. Nice family on touring holiday.
Decided to stay on late with a beer to watch the 8 minute attempt.
Chat with Dirk Schoosman, famous Nissan test driver about 8 minute lap.
Chat with Jethro Bovingdon from EVO, offer him a pax lap which he turned down. Mind you he had seen the Pu so no surprise
Gary asked to drive the EVO car and tries the seat for size.
Settle down with a beer and a stop watch outside Grune Holle to watch.
First lap approx 8.25
Next lap approx 8.23
Gave up after these as best possible give or take a few minutes.
Back to the apartement for some food and a few well deserved beers.
Emma one eyed

Still no sign of the Subaru, trip to Renault garage to get discs for the Clio and enquire on progress on Scoob.
Deal done with clio garage but no locking wheel nut tool so asked to come back later.
Girls cleaned the 205 and the 944
Gary and Dave made detour to the GP circuit. Porsche sponsors management driving Cup cars
Gary / Clare / Dave went horse riding at apartements.
All was well, but Garys horse felt highly strung. Clare wished hers had been highly strung as it took off at 100 mph without warning and she took a nasty tumble, Nothing broken but a few bumps and bruises.
Hollie brave as ever straight out on Pony her trek.
Returned to Adaneu to have discs fitted
Dave like a dickhead forgot locking wheel nut tool so had to return to get it.
Emma / Gary had Chinese meal in soon to be closed down resteraut due to environmental officers findings (its nice when you find this info out later)
5pm at the track.
Very clear carpark a joy to see.
Dave puts in a PB in the clio. An impressive 8.49
More pax laps for newbies on their way back from the Chech GP and anther guy named Noel.
Gary taking it steady in the Pug but still putting in some nice laps
An appreciative beer from the guys at Faulty Towers (Zurburg)
Back to the aprtements for a meal and more beers.
Emma one eyed
Aston martins, kicking arse, Gary / Karl

Dave and Gary AGAIN had to go shopping looking like a pair of poofs. The trolley full of beer slightly redeemed them though.
Gary / Dave and hollie cleaned the clio then took a trip to the GP circuit to see if they could see anything of the le-man series cars which were arriving for the weekends racing.
Felt like normal people watching from behind fences far from satisfied.
Gary used his charm and new found grip of the german Language with ‘’Mine farter ist racing today, ent fotographen por favour, sil vous plait.’’ It worked a treat and the marshal allowed then entry to the centre of the track and therefore pit lane.
Time spent chatting to the crews of the Ferrari, TVR, Porsche, Aston Martin, Lola, LMPT.
Had to leave early to be ready for trip to animal park.
Twelve o’clock arrival of Clare (Karls wife) with kids for trip to animal park.
Slight detour where Clare the local, took us 10KM out of our way as she was too busy talking to remember where she wanted to go.
Great couple of hours spent on safari style tour plus bird of prey show. Emma scared to death of flappy birds but the others loved it.
Next door to safari park is togan run where the team spend an hour honing there skills.
Gary is scared to death by an 8 year olds driving
Dave wants to get the stop watch out and see if lines can be changed to improve times.
Mad rush back to the track arriving 10 minutes after opening time, shock horror amazement.
Gary manages one lap before pads on pug go and possibly discs too.
Clare puts in an 9.12 new PB in the clio with Gary as a passenger. Dave and Emma following in the 944 to verify the time.
Gary and Emma go to Hatzenbach, first pic on getting there is of an Maserati MC12. They could hear it coming a mile away.
Some nice laps for Dave and Clare in both the 944 and the clio
7.30 the track closes and the team go back to the apartment.
Emma / Clare make the food while Gary and Dave change Gary’s pads.
Emma one eyed

After breakfast Gary and Dave ventured to the GP circuit to test Gary’s new found grasp of the German language. It seemed to work as once again He and Dave found themselves in the pits and standing on the pit wall.
Various historic Porsches including Le-man racers out warming up on track.
The guys chated to various British teams including TVR and Formula 3 entrants.
Emma and Clare in Adenau picking up Hollie after her sleep over at Karls house.
Gary went to Adenau to collect the Scooby which was now fixed
An afternoon trip out to Cochen to look at the castle and round the shops mostly selling Mosel Valley Wine.
Dave Clare Hollie went on chairlift to the heights where they could get a good look at the surrounding area
On the drive back stopped on the riverbank to have a paddle and skim stones.
All well until sat on the waters edges waving at a passing cruise ship. Back wash from boat soaked everyone.
Back at Apartement for 5.15 and time to go to track.
First lap Dave rear facing in 944 and gary front facing cam in scoobys.
Second lap Gary following Clio with Clare driving. Cam accidentally on again ;-)
Some nice laps which would have been quick other than road works at Hocheinen.
Gary still managed his quickest lap to date trying to chase down a 993RS converted to GT2 spec exterior and 392BHP. His time was xxxxx
Scary lap in the Clio being followed by some fellow Clio drivers. All was well till they spent a good few corners trying to explain to a brit driver which side they wanted to pass on while he tried repeatedly to fall off.
Back to the apartement for well deserved spag boll prepared by Emma.
Gary broke his duck of being a lazy good for nothing plonker by actually clearing tea away and loading the dish washer.
Emma one eyed

An earlier start, off out for the day by 10.15am.
Off to the roudelbarn (toboggan run) for a days fun with Hollie.
The ever competitive team found themselves with their stop watches out once again. The talk of which lap was to be flat, lift required, little brake was important. It ended with Gary being flat for the whole run while Dave with his additional ‘’unit’’ bulk had to have a couple of little lifts.
A run up the Altenahr chair lift was Emma’s favourite part of the trip. Well if sitting dead still, with eyes closed, while saying ‘I’m slipping I’m slipping’ is considered a good thing.
5pm at the track and some cracking laps once again.
Gary putting in 8.30’s in the scoob and Dave beating his Clio time again with an 8.47. Clare beat her PB again with an 9.05 in the clio.
A couple of laps with Bren in both the scoob and the 205, the 205 was much much more fun.
A GT3 owner with over 400bhp hunted Gary down to take him out for a lap. That turned into three which Gary said were the fastest he had ever done. A timed 7.40 BTG is not to be sniffed at for sure. The driver was sideways a lot and the speed computer showed 270kph (170 MPH) at Swedish cross.
Dave chased down a full race 911 turbo twice, which he is chuffed to bits with.
Back to the apartment for more beer.
Emma one eyed

Gary and Dave made an early start to go watch the 1000 hour endurance race warm up.
As ever they were not happy with their lot and needed to be in places the peasants couldn’t be.
A walk down the corridors of fame saw them in the Yokohama hospitality box. With a bit of blagging they were in to take pics and video footage.
Not happy with that they moved onto the Media centre.
A photo session with Phil Bennet
Watching the qualification laps
Back to the apartements to pack clare and daves gear
A few slow laps due to the mad busy track
Karls for pizza and a show put on by the kids

Gary Kinghorn
02-05-2007, 08:26 AM
Brings back memories that does :thumb:

Root admin
02-05-2007, 09:35 AM
Spent time with Nigel Pinder and family. Nice family on touring holiday.

This must have been a momentous occasion! :D

02-05-2007, 04:23 PM
Er, will the next one take as long to do? :unsure: You had some fun then B)


02-05-2007, 07:01 PM
Nice report!!!

Has it been entered to win the prize?