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10-10-2012, 12:16 PM
Earlier in the year, I decided it was time to plan another trip to the 'Ring. This was either my fourth or fifth year down at the 'Ring. The original plans were to do a long weeked in August, but because one of my friends was expecting their first child, the trip was postponed until October. Once the official site had released its dates, the trip was planned to take place from 5th-8th October.

Friday 5th October

Eleven of us met on the services on the A3 at 5am. Once the meeting and greetings took place, we left at 5:30am and headed to Dover. Arriving around 7am, we all checked in and queued up before making our way into the waiting area for an 8am departure. The weather at this time of the morning wasn't pleasant and the sea was looking a little rough. Taking the sensible idea to wait in the warmth, we were advised the ferry will depart later than planned. Around 8:45am, we made our way out of the waiting room and into our cars to then board the ferry. What we were not told was that the decision had already been made to board the ferry. However, this seemed to have been done outside and not over a tannoy to where we were waiting. So as we walked out, there were only our cars left!!! Haha! Upon boarding, we quickly parked up and headed up to the self service restaurant for some well needed breakfast. About an hour and three quarters later, we arrived at Dunkerque. We all got in our cars, drove off the ferry and onto a side road to meet up and sync. sat-nav's before heading on our way. About 100 miles into 285 mile journey, we pulled up at a petrol station for fuelling, stretching legs, changing drivers and using the male facilities at a cost of 0.50 Euro's. We were soon back on our way and arrived at Eddy's Hotel An Der Nordschleiffe around 5:30pm. Once we had unloaded and checked in, we headed to the 'Ring. As we were all quite tired, we didn't fancy risking going on straight away, so we drove up the road to Pistenklause for a bit of steak on a stone and pizzas. After we were all fed, watered and the bill settled, we headed back to the hotel for a beer or two before calling it a night.

Saturday 6th October

The night before, we agreed that we would meet around 9am for breakfast, but everybody was entitled to get up and go whenever they want. However, we did decide to stick together throughout the course of the trip. Once breakfast had been consumed, we headed to Brunchen, before heading to the 'Ring around 10:30am. The weather at this time wasn't too bad and it was decided we'd get onto the track while it was quiet. All of us headed on and all came off in one piece. Well... I said in one piece... one of our mates may have clipped a barrier on his first lap resulting in part of his front bumper being ripped off. Thankfully, no major damage was done to the car or passengers and they managed to complete their lap. As this was the first time I had the 197 on the 'Ring, I took it easy to see how it handled compared to the 172. It was very different and so it did take some time getting used to. Once we had all been on, it got to around 1pm before we sat down for some lunch in -. While consuming burgers and cokes, the clouds turned grey and the rain started coming down. Unfortunately the rain didn't stop and none of us fancied going on the 'Ring in those conditions. We then decided to watch some of the track action at Adenauer Forst. It was very slippy but drivers were taking care around that famous part of the circuit. After about half an hour, we were all getting a bit wet and cold so we were talking about heading to the Ring Werk centre for some indoor karting. Before arriving at the karting, we stopped by at the hotel to see how one of our mates was getting on with the brakes on his Skyline. He put the fronts on the back and the backs on the front to see if that'd cure the shuddering through the steering wheel. Upon arriving at the kart centre, it was very busy and with them having a ViP function three hours later, they were finding it very hard to fit 11 of us, but they managed it. We had to kill an hour so we headed to the Pit Stop shop and then into the centre to the Race Room where we all had a go on the Nurburgring driving game, which was "a little" competitive. An hour had passed and it was back to the karting centre where again... tensions were high and all of us suddenly became experienced racing drivers!!! Haha! Karting was soon over, stories were told of how karts were faster than others, tyres weren't gripping, etc... but we all had good fun. Before deciding to head back to the hotel, we thought we'd check out the action on the GP circuit. The rain still hadn't calmed down so watching it was again... very wet and cold and the drivers on track were keeping it together very well. Half an hour later, we called it a day and headed back to the hotel. We sat down, had a few drinks and decided to eat in the hotel instead of heading into Adenau with taxi's, etc... An hour later, we all sat down, ate some lovely food and just chilled for the rest of the night.

Sunday 7th October

We all were up and then down at breakfast between 8:30am and 9:30am. The weather was looking better, which meant we could get on the 'Ring but taking precautions. Once breakfast had been consumed, we headed to the 'Ring. A couple of the guys fancied driving the circuit so we headed to R4R and RSR to enquire about prices. I saw and spoke to Freddie at R4R and after speaking to him and one of his colleagues, they said that all cars had provisionally been booked and that we may have a chance of hiring a Stage 2/Stage 2+ Swift around 3pm (if people didn't show). We left our details and then headed to RSR to see what they could offer. Upon arriving, we spoke to a guy from New Zealand who could offer us a Clio RS200 there and then. After much deliberation, we went for that and the Clio was soon out on track. We all ventured back on track this time and the conditions weren't that bad. As one of our friends had to work on the Monday, he and another friend headed back to Dunkerque. So they set off around 2pm for an 8pm departure. After a good day of driving, eating and more driving, the Clio was returned back to RSR and we all called it a day and headed back to the hotel. This night, I had booked us all in to eat at Michaela's Guesthouse Fuchsroehre. Michaela had arranged for us to be picked up at 8:30pm and we arrived soon after. We were sat down and the three courses started to flood in. The food was lovely and the hospitality was second to none :) Once we were all fed, we headed to the other room with the racing game, the pool table and dartboard. With the nine of us, it appeared we occupied the whole area... ooops. Around 10:30pm, Michaela organised for the minibus to take us back to the hotel. We all sat in the bar area, had a couple of drinks before calling it a night.

Monday 8th October

There was no real rush to wake up and meet for 9am today as the 'Ring wasn't due to open until 5pm. So we all ate, packed our things together, checked out by 10:30am and headed to a couple of the viewing points to check out the track action for the DN event. There were some lovely cars heading round the circuit and what looked like this wasn't their first time on the 'Ring. After a bit of spectating, we headed to the Ring Werk centre for more gaming. After a round on the Nurburgring circuit, the guy there paid for all of us to try another track, which was a little challenging, but also enjoyable. Thinking what else we could do for the day, we asked the Race Room guy where the Schumacher Kart Centre was. After a few phonecalls, they provided us with their contact details, directions, opening times and prices. We all got in our cars and headed to Kerpen. About an hour later, we all arrived, booked in at the indoor and then outdoor kart centres and it wasn't long before we were outside and ready to start our first session. 10mins had quickly passed and we were all buzzing and ready to get back on. We had a 10min break before we were back on. Again, the time flew by and it got very competitive. Unfortunately none of us were able to beat Schumacher's lap time of 45secs!!! Haha! Once we had completed both outdoor sessions, we walked back around the corner for some indoor karting. A few us had doubts as the karts looked a lot slower and indoor is never "as good" as outdoor. So we waited about 10mins before we could get on. All lined up and ready, we were off. 10mins later, we were all shattered and thoroughly enjoyed it. Our arms felt like they had a work out and once we got back in our cars, the roundabouts became a little "interesting". Haha! By this time, we were all feeling a little hungry so we stopped off in McDonalds before heading back to Dunkerque. Once McDonald'd up, we headed to the port in a couple of groups and arrived around 9:15pm for a 10pm departure. We were one of the first cars on and so we quickly parked up and made our way up to the self service restaurant for some cod and chips :) The journey seemed to go on forever but we were soon back at Dover. Getting back to our cars, we said our goodbyes and headed home in various directions. I got home around 1am so a lot better than the 3am last year :)

Here are a small selection of photos from our trip...







And here are some photos of our cars on the circuit...







It was another good trip and next year, I am looking at planning a Spa-Ring trip :)

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