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16-04-2007, 09:11 PM
:thumb: Ok guys, first things first... i'd like to introduce myself and let you know a little about me....

i'm Mick, 35years old and i live and work in the South East of England although i am originally from Middlesbrough. Now i consider myself to be a real car enthusiast and have always loved cars/motoring, i probably have spent enough money on car magazines to have bought a Lamborghini Gallardo over the years but what i've made do with for now is a Toyota Celica '02 plate which i have started to set up for light track use as its the wifes daily driver lol

i recently returned from my first, but undoubtedly not my last, trip to Nurburgring and i finally understand what compels people to eulogise so frequently about the amazing and almost tangible atmosphere that the ring holds... it was a weekend that i shall always remember and it was quite simply without equal! i'm sure that i could have gone quicker, lapped better, looked cooler...... but i could NOT have had more fun...

i agreed to acompany a group of guys i barely knew along with a good friend that is a member of pumapeople.com, now i'm a member of Celica-Club.Co.Uk but sadly the meets are few and far between however the guys from pp really made myself and my wife(the only female in the group lol) feel really welcome and it helped that a few of them had made the trip before.....

we departed on Saturday 31.03.07 on an early channel tunnel crossing, we headed across Belgium etc and into Germany where we had our first bit of fun for the weekend, travelling along an autobahn we were keeping right to keep the bunch together with occassional blats of middle or outside lane for pics or to catch up etc when a new shape Porsche Cayenne towing a trailer passed at 100+, the trailer had a huge wooden crate in it which promptly lifted clean out of the trailer and landed infront of our party! needless to say a few emergency manouvres were called upon but somehow we all cleared the wreckage! Nice of the Porsche driver to neither stop or even slow down lol

anyway we arrived late saturday after the VLN races for the last hour and a half of Touristenfahrt which was nice as it was fairly quiet and i managed my first 'sighting' lap of a track i'd lapped many times on playstation but it blew me away with just how totally different it 'feels' although the layout was familiar.

We managed to have a couple of laps and catch sight of some nice cars before retiring back to the Ringhaus (may i take this opportunity to thank Frank and his staff as they were fantastic, the room was great and it could hardly be more local could it!) we went for a wander and ended up having a nice meal at 'The Paddock' with a few beers following back at the Ringhaus.... :shame: not too many though as many of us were planning an early start!

Slightly damp is the nicest way of describing the track conditions facing us early next day, bloody wet is a more accurate description hahahaha! Anyway, undettered we ventured out for a play and all managed to get back in one piece which was great! :thumb:

The celica is a fun car, the handling is pretty much as i want it after the addition of a Tein Coilover set-up, i'd also just had a new set of wheels and tyres which did really well however the brakes were fading after less than half a lap with the pedal just vanishing and i had to start braking way earlier than i would have liked and used the engine to slow me.... :o it was a great shame as the car was really at home on the track revving noisily to >8k and the high lift cam seems much better suited to the track than the road... i just wish that the little sod who stole my silencer out of the end of my exhaust a week or two before had left it alone, the noise was almost unbearable at times and caused major earache for myself and my wife on the trip there! :angry:

myself and 2 others managed to book a lap with Sabine in the M5 which was awesome! she rocks, the car rocks and the whole thing left me awe struck! :affection:

we managed a fair few laps, i enjoyed most of them, with the exception of one where i overdid it into a right hander too quickly as the brakes had gone and the back started to drift around then i caught it and it started going the other way.... it was nearly fully sideway both ways but i held on and swept my brow feeling quite chuffed that i'd saved it lol

for a first timer it was just brilliant, the whole trip was fantastic, much MUCH more so than even i had dared hope for..... i mean i even got to meet Hans Jochen Stuck at the BMW centre ffs!!!!!!!

amazing cars, great people and a lovely country, i am already making plans for my return trip in July i hope, brakes will be sorted by then hopefully as will the exhaust to save everyones eardrums hahahaha!

a few pics, some from FrozenSpeed and MW-SPORTFOTO.DE and some of my own for you all to check, plus a link to my photos from the weekend!





My best friends Ford Racing Puma, an amazing handling go-kart of a car!

Another of PP Rich who had another Jap Slag!... fantastic car i love it

Browse my pics..... (http://s18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/nthnmunky/Nurburgring%2007%20Cars%20Lapping/)

thanks for taking the time to read my little post, it probably doesnt sound like much but it was a life changing experience for me....


16-04-2007, 09:53 PM
Welcome to the site, and nice reporty there, although life changing is certainly something I can empathise with.

I cant be bothered with any other track...

16-04-2007, 09:56 PM
Nice report, think it has changed many lives, only those that have been can understand <_<


Gary Kinghorn
17-04-2007, 06:07 AM
Nice report and welcome to the site :thumb:

17-04-2007, 08:21 AM
Nice report, Mick :thumb:

Gary ;)


eulogized, eulogizing
1. To praise highly.

Thesaurus: glorify, honour, praise, acclaim, adulate, extol, commend, celebrate, compliment, exalt, flatter, applaud;

Matt A
19-04-2007, 10:04 AM
Looks like you had a great time :thumb:

19-04-2007, 11:11 AM
We need a caption competition for that second pic&#33;

23-04-2007, 07:26 PM

"where&#39;s my passenger gone?"

"Why can&#39;t I shut the Sat Nav women up; I know where I&#39;m going"