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12-07-2012, 07:59 PM
My twitter followers are probably bored of this stuff, but I'll post it all up on here shortly. Just need to get photos off my phone/ another camera...



12-07-2012, 08:03 PM
My twitter followers are probably bored of this stuff, but I'll post it all up on here shortly. Just need to get photos off my phone/ another camera...



thought this was postponed unti august 12th due to fire

12-07-2012, 08:10 PM
It was/is, I'll get to that as soon as the photos have uploaded. :wink:

12-07-2012, 09:04 PM
Riiiiiiiight, photos are taking an age, so lets start;

The sunday before I was due to go (I flew out on Weds) - I got the news that I did not want to get, but had sort of thought may happen... I'll get back to that.

We've wanted to go to Pikes Peak for a few years, my Dad is a keen hillclimb/sprint-er and it is pretty much the ultimate of the sport. We're very fortunate to have family friends who live in Denver, Colorado - so we used the race to justify a trip out there for a week. We had planned to go longer, but two boring work things either side restricted Dad. :fish:

Anyway - due to peak times, plane tickets were bought at great expense, and plans made. Basically, there was no going back on things, which is why the announcement made little difference to us. I learned on that Sunday, that the race had been called off. This was done for safety reasons, as no one knew how the forest fires would effect the surrounding area - something we fully accepted, despite it putting a dampener on the trip initially.

On Monday, we'd made an alternative plan; We were going to get a feel for Pikes Peak one way or another, the idea now, was to drive it ourselves. Pikes peak is open to the public, and as far as we knew, it was a public toll road effectively... remind you of anything? ...Well, no, this is the states, a place where they're worried about being sued, about everything, so there is a speed limit throughout and it is patrolled by 'rangers'.

Anyway... when the photos finally load, I'll start at the start of the trip, Wednesday. :thumb:

12-07-2012, 09:55 PM
After a brief feck up with getting there, we arrived at Terminal 5 for our flight to Denver. I'd missed a coach, the next one had been cancelled, and I would have got there twenty mins later than we had planned if I had taken the one after. Instead, I took the train with my Dad (who has a season ticket, so always was going on the train) - we got there twenty mins later than planned. :fish::lol: Fecking underground.


A boring 9 hour flight later, Denver airport.. yes, boring planes photo, but the rear wing bits had different animals on them, which looked cool to me;


A short 'shuttle bus' trip later and we were at the hire car place. I have a theory with hire cars. There are, to my mind atleast, two options; You get something you really want (Mustang/Vette type thing) or you get the cheapest thing you can and just enjoy it for being crap/ drive it as a hire car should be. We opted for the latter, it was to be a 'Kia Rio or similar' - something that tickled me as I wanted to drive everywhere singing "her name is Rio and she dances in the sand" as I chucked it about. It wasn't to be, they didn't have any in the parking lot, so we were upgraded to a 'nicer compact car.' A Chevy no less.


A Chevy Cruze (aka the Cruze Missile) - what a beast, six speed Auto, drum brakes at the rear and a Chevy (very) small block up front, with a turbo. 1.4 litres of brute force through the front wheels. mmmmm understeery. :rave:


As it happens, we were the first people to drive this particular car. It had a couple of miles on it when I picked it up, though they mentioned nothing about running it in... curiosity got the better of me, so I decided to look at what I should be doing.


Ah cool, feck all then. All it really mentioned, was to not use the brakes hard for the first 200miles. Noted. Bizarrely, it was hard to find this information due to the other items that were listed higher in the index, some interestingly American topics needed to be covered;



We drove it to our friends in Denver, our base for the trip. I went relatively easy on it, for a hire car intially. It even got to live on a drive way for the week.



Deep in American stereotypical suburbia;


Lovely house, but I'll keep photos of that private - there are lots of wierdos on the internet, like me (I have lots more photos of the car and other bits that amused me.) :lol:

More in a bit.

12-07-2012, 10:10 PM
First day, a tour of Denver 'down town' from our hosts;


Went to yee olde cowboy shop;



All your brokeback needs. They also had all sorts of cool boots, some made from emu, snakeskin, iguanas skin (sorry Lizard/Alex, I did look at them in disgust!)


American streets/junctions;


Free 'Mall Ride' busses for the main shopping street in the town centre;


People playing in the river in the city, more on that one later;


We then went to lunch, thinking we had time to spare. At this point, I'd like to say that I said we didn't have much time and was told otherwise...

Park so hard mofo's wanna fine me;


As I said, and was ignored, we had limited time where we had parked. Doh, although a neat little momento... we paid for it online, I've pinned the ticket up at home. One day with the hire car, one ticket, not bad. :lol:

It was 105 degrees F, whatever that is. Hot, very hot and had been for quite some time... in Denver, it was unusually hot/dry previous to our arrival, which is why they had forest fires. This was about to change.

12-07-2012, 10:30 PM
Bah, just typed a load with photos and closed it accidentally. Fail. Right, bed, I'll add more to this tomorrow! brickwall

13-07-2012, 07:40 AM
Aregh - hate that - i've taken to writing big reports in word and then pasting in after.

Enjoying the read so far!

13-07-2012, 12:50 PM
Looking forward to the next instalment!

Chris D
13-07-2012, 12:58 PM
Looking forward to the next instalment!

This. Hurry up :whistle:

13-07-2012, 12:59 PM
Looking forward to the next instalment!

Me two :lol:

13-07-2012, 03:11 PM
Cool trip, looking forward to the rest of the report :thumb:

13-07-2012, 09:14 PM
The clouds started to appear...


This was the old courthouse IIRC, our hosts wife was an interpreter, so she was keen to point out the various places shes worked. Lovely building, infront of it are people dealing weed... she laughed and said they often get caught, chucked into court quickly and are back out again doing the same thing. After the whole medical marijuana thing became more popular, it has seemingly become a relatively minor offence, and is rather stupid, considering the availability of legal stuff? Retards.


Walking round it, you head towards the art museum. Que random sculptures...


:fish: Cool tho!

The old Art museum has had an extension built next to it - a bridge across a road joins the two, but the extension is referred to as the new museum? 'Mericans. :fish:





There was a YSL exhibit on, but the heat/ parking running out again made us call it a day. :shame: I drove the mighty Cruze Missile back as a storm closed in... something not unusual for Colorado, and the rain was most welcome after the forest fires!

Again, my photos fail me here, but we went home and had Enchilada's - the interpreter was a mexican, so she gave me a quick lesson in mexican food. It was fecking awesome!!! Will be making some here as a result. :veryhappy:

13-07-2012, 09:34 PM
Another day, another epic breakfast. :thumb:

This time, 'Snooze' - a place so good, we had to wait 40mins for a table. I am afraid this was the point where my inner car nerd could hide no longer. I embarrassingly was forced to admit, that not only did I not mind waiting for a table, I actually really enjoyed watching the traffic.

American cars/trucks etc etc just interest me, as I am sure they do some of you - more crucially, I like how seeing a familiar car looks in the US. Whether its size or style, it's amazing how ones perception can change... one that sticks to mind was a trip to New York, just when the E60 5er was launched, it never looked right back home, but cruising up fifth avenue, it looked correctly proportioned, suitably sharp and nicely different from the rest. This trip, I was keen to see one car and one car only; the R35 GTR. A car I am a huge fan of, but know it's too big for most UK roads in terms of absolute size.

I'm waffling; Snooze breakfastery;


No idea why I took this, but yeah, I stood there watching traffic... No R35's were spotted. :shame:


More waffling; (well, pancakes!)


Mine were (in photo order;) Peanut butter and cream/ Bacon/ blueberry. The white balls were ice cream, syrup yet to be added and more on offer if I had wanted it/ could eat it. Healthy much? :lol:

Apres, culture y0! We visited a museum which outlined the history of Denver... camera usage was limited, but it was pretty horrifying in places. The way the American Indians were treated was so regrettably awful at times. :sad:

I guess no western nations really have clean histories, but it did make me wonder, especially as it was also clear they hadn't learned from their treatment of Japanese American citizens during the war (post Pearl Harbor.) Anyway, informative, and there were a few things being recognized, albeit more recently. There is a couple of endurance races (running) to commemorate various settlements, things are being preserved for future generations to learn from. I made a note of the races, as I'd like to do one at some point. :thumb::racing:



Lobby pics don't really mean much, but the weird structures were 'time machines' which you moved around the map to hear about different parts of history. Both my father and I agreed, the lack of a Delorean was a major oversight.

Spent a fair bit of time here, hard to convey what was in there, but I found it extremely interesting. Perhaps more interesting to you lot, was the parking lot (ok, and me too, but waaaa..)

2013 Beetle - Marty, the clock tower!;


Retroness, loved the wheels;


Interior shot fail;


Looked well thought out, I think there will be specialists out there that may make one acceptable for a man to own? Maybe Porsche? :whistle::fish::lol:

I thought about photoshopping a bunch of crap stickers on it for Kev, but I'm tired and cant be bothered. May help it sell in the UK tho? :chin::fishing:

Let me grab a cuppa, then I'll post some more.

13-07-2012, 10:20 PM
Hey there familiar, how are you?


Oh, not well I see...


Lots of hail damage. Actually very common there... the cars get a kind of peppered look to them, as if they've been hit by a lot of golf balls.

A better photo of the art gallery today, much brighter;


The Denver Mint;


More stunning buildings;





Anyway... at this point, I'm afraid I have to go all top secret on you. We headed over to our host's work. He runs the leading company in hydrogen powertrains, mainly working with trains; which is how my Dad knows him. :) Absolutely fascinating workshops/offices, sat through two presentations; informative, but ultimately not that interesting to me. Can't really say more, but we hope more can be done in the UK with them.


Back to less classified stuff; We finished the day with a trip to 'Red rocks' - just west of where we were staying.


Home to an auditorium/ lots of concerts (they seem to like their concerts in Denver? atleast three were on during our week there?)


Sealed off to the public during concert prep... booo!

Nice view tho;



Denver 'downtown' in the distance, with ominous storm clouds surrounding us;


A little birdy told us to follow a track round the side to get a view of the auditorium...


Impressive stuff, looked like a stadium type capacity?! :shock: Then the storms started again... apparently, two days of rain is very much so a rarity. :chin:

Oh and in Teffers style... :shout: No ****ING climbing;


Dinner was ace, as was a quick trip to get some ice cream - should have got a photo, but I think I got distracted by some tasty locals. Ice cream was nice too... walking back, inbetween storms again, looking down into Denver;


13-07-2012, 10:22 PM
That's it for today. More tomorrow or, more likely, Sunday night... I'm off out tomorrow night and working during the day. :sad: I wanna be back there!! :thumb:

13-07-2012, 10:35 PM
Interesting... keep it coming.

Our organisation has an office in Denver, and my division is starting to build a group there. I'd love to visit.

13-07-2012, 10:35 PM
Cool, love the sign!
'Or Both' :lol:

The new Beetle is becoming a common sight here, I do like the wheels but what it's lost in 'Noddy Car' looks, it's gained in 'shitting Bulldog' posture.
Still think it's a girl's car, even though girls here drive all sorts of random massive shit like Lexus LS400s and Chevy Silverado pickups...

18-07-2012, 03:59 PM
I'm embarrassed to say I'd completely forgotten about this... Will hopefully update it tonight. :shame:

18-07-2012, 05:18 PM
I'm enjoying this report:thumb:

19-07-2012, 05:32 AM
I'm enjoying this report:thumb:

Yeah, so am I :thumb:

Das Chin
19-07-2012, 07:08 AM
went to denver last year with work.

they had a big concert for a lot of people at red rocks. Nikelback were the main act and it was awesome in that amphitheatre. one of the best I have been too.

and foc. free beers and burgers on tap. don't half make you gasp for breath though the higher you go. i think Denver is at 5000ft anyways!!

good report.

Neil Mac
19-07-2012, 07:53 AM
Excellent report, BCA, don't forget about it (again)!

My only experience of Denver was a 30 minute stop in the railway station on a trans-continental train journey. I only saw the inside of the building briefly while stocking up on junk food for the next stretch to San Francisco.

After leaving Denver, the train climbs and climbs and climbs into the Rocky Mountains, eventually turning to look down on Denver, which becomes a miniature cityscape on the plain way down below. Awesome.

19-07-2012, 08:02 PM
Back out to the mountains, a bit further out this time... Off to Breckenridge(sp?) a popular skiing hill during the winter, a bike/hike type place during the summer...

Obligatory Brekkie photo, no idea why this seemed to be the only meal I ever took a photo of?!;


Left the 'Cruze Missile' behind, as our hosts drove us for this one... we were in a hyundai 'something-forgetable LE' mmmm wood. I swear, the amount of times I get in a car and think, 'you know what this baby needs, more fake wood, like, alot more, everywhere.' Lugsureee as the 'mericans say. BCA Snr (aka Dr Deaf Allan) in the photo this time.



Gold mines;

Being overtaken by a truck towing another truck at 1**mph past us... I couldn't even catch them in the shot. :lol: Nutter!


Nearly there, lake?;

We then parked up the forgettable little (large) sedan and took to the cable cars, the windows were scratched up, so all photos failed from this one... it only took us up to the middle bit anyway;


At mid point, there was yee olde (probably no older than me?) ski lodge;


dry sled thingy and crazy golf - got to make a buck during the summer some how I guess?;


At this point, we did the done thing and hit the ski bar... the cable car towards the summit was shut down because of lightening spotted at the top... when they see a flash of lightning, they have to stop it until 30mins after the last flash, more on that later.

Had a light beer, felt wrong, was ok tho. :shame:


Back to the cable car thing... we went on it. "what happens if they spot lightening again whilst we're heading up" - cable car staff guy just shrugged at me. Mmm confident.


Cue thunder. :shock:

Up top, the cable car stopped almost the moment we got off. Hmmm...


Hiking towards the summit;


Decent view, our host was moaning about the clouds though - 'on a clear day, I think you could pick out Denver.' I'm still not certain he wasn't kidding?



Hiked for a few hours, watching out for 'Rattlers' - something we were nonchalantly warned about at the mid point... but I had failed to work out until we were up there. :shock: Scanning the ground, we went on a mission to find the state flower - no idea why, and this isn't it... but we thought it was at the time. #fail;




More thunder... no lightening, lets head back now....


Some of the bike tracks - really would love to head back up there with a bike - looked huge fun!



Once back down to about 4000feet (base of the mountain, still high!) - we went to a Pizza place and had two medium pizzas, between four of us, even then we didn't finish it. It was like Pinocchios, but not quite as good. :lol:

19-07-2012, 08:10 PM
Apres pizza, we hit the Brecken Ridge 'main street' - full of quirky shops and stuff...




Weather picked up at points, I got burnt.

19-07-2012, 08:25 PM
Stormy... as usual;


More of the street;

Yee Olde Saloon;



Had a quick drink (glad I wasn't driving!) and watched a curiously simple game frustrate a dozen people... look at the marks on the wood... It was a chain, with a ring on it, that you had to swing onto a hook. Nothing more, nothing less. Strangely captivating for all that took a swing at it. :lol:



iPhone couldn't handle the light and Dad didn't take any photos inside. :loser:

Quirky shops that like to give knowledge;



I made a friend in a ski clothing shop;


who promptly went bat-shit crazy as soon as it realised a camera had gone off. :lol: Cue worried but amused staff - we did ask if it was ok to take a photo... :fish::lol:

Went in this place;


Dad got dizzy, tres amusant. :lol: He doesn't smoke/drink/do anything like that, the only drug he has is motorsport... I don't think he dealt with the altitude as well as I did either. Lightweight!

Drove back to Denver, and had dinner. We were meant to meet our hosts daughter, who turned out to be unexpectedly cool and rather stunning, this photo does not do her justice, but she caught me off guard. I was initially quite Tim-like and went all shy, but eventually got it together and we got on pretty well... I have always said I want a US passport... :chin::whistle:


Weird but cool restaurant. No photos, but the toilets had hidden doors, the taps were big levers that caused water to dribble down some metal chain sculpture and into your hands... there were broadwalk type structures curving up into the roof and the logs that were behind the bar, hollowed out to contain bottles, had chainsaws cut into them at various points. Another photo fail, my bad.

Afterwards, we went to the shop where his daughter worked, she did all sorts of screen printing, I had a go;




"people never get the complicated ones right on their first go"

Nailed it, first time. The screen printing that is. ahem.

Went to bed, knackered and excited... tomorrow would lead to this place;


POW! :veryhappy:

19-07-2012, 08:28 PM
went to denver last year with work.

they had a big concert for a lot of people at red rocks. Nikelback were the main act and it was awesome in that amphitheatre. one of the best I have been too.

and foc. free beers and burgers on tap. don't half make you gasp for breath though the higher you go. i think Denver is at 5000ft anyways!!

good report.

Denver loves a concert?! :thumb:

Was warned by my best mate that the altitude would knock me out... I didn't notice it once in Denver, or in the hills, it was absolutely fine for me.

The only thing I did notice will follow shortly, at 14110ft.

19-07-2012, 08:30 PM
After leaving Denver, the train climbs and climbs and climbs into the Rocky Mountains, eventually turning to look down on Denver, which becomes a miniature cityscape on the plain way down below. Awesome.

Yep, had this experience on various drives too - looking at it thinking 'thats not? is it?' became a regular occurrance!

19-07-2012, 08:33 PM
More tomorrow, sleepy now... I need to do it tomorrow though, or it'll have to wait a couple of weeks. I may have been back just over a week, but I'm off on holiday again, this time Portugal for a couple of weeks. :whistle: Hopefully I'll get better weather this time!

20-07-2012, 02:46 PM
Did you hit it?

Gary Kinghorn
21-07-2012, 07:45 AM
Enjoying reading this chap :thumb:

21-07-2012, 08:31 AM
Did you hit it?


Gary Kinghorn
21-07-2012, 06:58 PM


21-07-2012, 08:55 PM

Is there a snake lurking in the top right of this pic? :chin:

22-07-2012, 04:52 PM
Did you hit it?

I could lie here, but I won't. Sadly not. Deffo would tho...

Hello from Portugal btw, will update this in two weeks. :)

Neil Mac
23-07-2012, 01:14 PM
Is there a snake lurking in the top right of this pic? :chin:

That's a pine cone :loser:

05-08-2012, 03:30 PM
I'm back in the UK. More updates later when I've cheered up. :lol:

01-12-2012, 05:06 PM


I completely forgot about this... was looking through photos earlier and couldn't work out whether I ever finished this. I did not.

Lets pick up where I left off...

Early morning, fired up the Cruze Missile and pointed it to the peak.

Oh deer, two minutes into the journey, this ran across the road... :shock::fish: Those party to the previous America trip (west coast for three months) will know I have a bit of a history for near misses and deers/ stags in rental cars... this one was another that could have gone much, much worse!


Heading out of Denver, I am always reminded of scenes from GTA4 and had full on country music playing... I always used to love driving about through the deserted sections with 'A horse with no name' playing on the radio, this felt verrrry similar...



started to head into the hills..


and started to forget the cameras... :lol:

Basically, turned off the road - saw a bizarre funfair type thing called christmas land or something equally confusing (this was the summer..) and headed up towards some toll booths.

The toll booths were the start of the climb up the hill, but not the hillclimb itself... we paid our money, got a little booklet and started driving up. We took it gingerly at first, we had been warned of a 20mph speed limit and 'rangers' patrolling sections. We agreed to be sensible on the first run up (ish) and to gauge traffic/ how good these rangers were at watching us. :lol:


The roads were smoothly tarmac'd all the way up, the previous dirt track section has now been completely covered. Whilst I find this to be a bit of a shame, it means there will be a discipline less for us to learn (rallying on dirt!) for when we want to eventually enter.. the hillclimb is unfamiliar enough without any additional challenges!

We ended up discussing various lines/ speeds as we were pootling up the hill in the ever-more wheezy Cruze missile.


We were thinking of the TVR in a few years, make a proper trip of it, show the US the TVR (they don't get them over there, I am sure it'd be a hit with the 'mericans!) However after stopping in a couple of places, we re-assessed the potential 'offs' and the merits of a very very over-the-top cage. :shock:



The road was, unsurprisingly, filled with tourists, religiously obeying the 20mph or slower limit.. we decided to get a better feel for the rangers by stopping and having a quick chat with one of them. :chin: The ranger took this shot, we were initially trying to work out what he was looking at down below in terms of which road sections...


There were about three of them, in bright and easy to spot pick ups, occaisionally moving from point to point. According to the ranger, they chose the points where they could overlook the most road...


I have to say, we had a long chat with the ranger, explaining why we'd come, talking about the race... he was a good guy. He said a few of the rangers are a bit 'clipboardy' about stuff and can be utter asses. He recommended a few things to keep us out of trouble and wished us all the best. :thumb:

We took some of his advice (more on that later) and looked at a few sections that wouldn't be watched that closely... After a look at the time and working out approximate run times with the traffic, we decided to get to the top and then start our mischievous runs...

Pulling into the car park at the top, a few things were very clear...

One, we really were driving a compact.


Two, we were in and above the clouds..



Finally, and above all else, we'd reached the summit... :lol::thumb:



More to come...

01-12-2012, 05:38 PM
At the top, we did the usual gift shop crap, and bought some suitably American and subtle caps for our UK motorsport events. I'd show a photo, but I think it's more fun if I show up at a NL meet in one. :lol::whistle:

Now, for the serious driving bit... time to start playing a little with the car, conditions/rangers/traffic and as we would later find out clouds allowing. :shock:

Just before we set off for the first descent, me in the passengers seat, it actually hit me for the first time. I was breathing HARD. I mean, deep, long breaths, continuously. I am a relatively fit bloke, I am in decent shape, but I felt like I'd just finished a proper work out in breathing terms, yet I'd literally walked to a monument/ gone into a gift shop. :shock::shock:

So, we headed down... We had been told a couple of things by our ranger friend. It was best to stick within the lines whilst in sight, they don't like any of that racing line across the whole road nonsense, no matter how clearly sighted it is ahead of you. We used the trip down as a bit of a recce and were looking constantly around and above us to see what was covered and wasn't.

This sounds alot like we were going to do crazy stuff, but it really couldn't be further from the truth. We merely wanted to occasionally chuck our hire car around a hairpin or hold decent speed through a clear section. Nothing more than a usual B-road blast whenever possible/safe - but crucially, we did not want to be 'taken to the rangers office and banned from the hill!'

My English accent could only get us out of so much trouble I was told... :wave::lol: Similarly, this was the advice I was given when blasting the Mustang along the west coast! 'Get in a little trouble, not a lot.' were the exact words from a former police officer friend out there. :lol: Being polite and very English finally comes through as a great benefit.

Anyway, the road...



Even then (summer), there was snow in parts!


We were told to keep it in 'first or low' on the decent. Repeatedly. We didn't necessarily listen. At this point, we were still pootling about, save for the odd bit of light understeer out of the tighter corners at about 15mph... we were creating gaps with the traffic by crawling for certian sections, then maintaining decent speed through the twisty bits.

We really were taking it easy, but the hill was starting to win... much to our confusion, there started to be a bad smell coming from the car. :chin:

I'll re-post this image, as it's the only one you can see the 'stopping hut' in. At this point, they pull you over and check your brake temperatures, this is something we only realised after Dad had managed to get them very hot.


We pleaded innocence and ignorance, which got us a twenty minute breather in which we had to park up and let things cool. :loser: Fail... at this point we were mainly concerned that they were already on to us... :whistle:

I made friends at this stopping point;




Another 'race fan' who thought they'd make their own weekend of it... He took it very steady as it was his cruiser, he had a 9 second car sitting at home. :veryhappy: For those unfamiliar with drag racing, thats a ****ing quick car! Cadillac engined Ford model A/T/something IIRC?

We swapped figures on our TVR back home and his Cadillac, we don't do much straight line stuff, but he was impressed with our 12.7 second quarter on road tyres/ road surface. International Petrolheads y0!

Almost mercifully, there were clouds about throughout - not only did they help us gauge height, they also kept us cool towards the bottom... the temperature was changing quite alot by the top, highs of 36 at the bottom and lows of 13 at the top!


We continued down to the start point, mile marker 6 or 9 from memory? We worked it out using our guide and kept setting off at this point. We turned around and swapped drivers. :veryhappy:

01-12-2012, 06:37 PM

Chevy very small block primed and ready, no traffic;

Mirrors, check, adjustment fine.

Seat adjusted slightly, yep, thats better..

Traction control, disabled, into D, handbrake holding...

handbrake down, foot down, hammer down, LAUNCH!

http://image.superchevy.com/f/features/camaro/sucp_1007_1967_chevrolet_camaro_z28/29441644+w620/sucp_1007_01_o+1967_chevrolet_camaro_z28+driver_si de_launch.jpg

WOAH! Cue fits of laughter as the car barely even briskly moves fowards. :rolf::rolf:

A reminder of our actual car.


No matter... :racing:

I flicked the gearbox into semi-auto as soon as we hit 20mph, I don't want fourth, I want second, I think?... yeah, motoring on now. First few corners were light, flowing curves. Just cutting through, straight lining and gently edging towards potential racing lines with no traffic about.

The road is slightly slippy from a spitting rain in parts, but I hold no fear, braking lightly into the tighter stuff (25mph to a more sure-footed 15) slotting the eager 1.4 into first, maximum attack on the exit, inside wheel spinning comically. Again, fits of laughter fill the cabin as I slot it back into second optimistically...

I think this would be about the point where I'd catch up with a hyundai whateverthe**** or toyota likeicare... it was the reality of the hillclimb for us. We managed three runs between us, had some comically wheelspinny/understeery moments out of the tighter hairpins, lightly leaned on the tyres and generally had a right laugh in a properly lame hire car.

It completely had us hooked though, felt very much so like doing a lap of the 'Ring, points were just breath-taking. We could barely scratch the surface, but are desperate to get back there with a proper car to actually race. :veryhappy:

That road though.. wow!







Oh yeah, clouds... The higher you go, the quicker they catch you out. There were points where Dad was shouting out numbers he thought the TVR would hit in places (in a 1/4mile from a standing start it hits 116mph...) There was a point with a light curve where he said 130ish..




This is it after it cleared abit, I was too shocked initially, we could only do about 5mph through it. Visibility collapsed completely, I guess if you knew the course/car you'd just go onwards blind... but it was bloody scary at the time, even at 20. :shock::shock:

Just immense, would go back there in a heart beat. Loved it!!

There's more, but its more holiday stuff rather than car related, so I may put that stuff up afterwards.

Not sure when we will be back, but we will... hopefully with crash helmets, a cage and a touch more power. :veryhappy::veryhappy:

04-12-2012, 12:37 PM
At the top ...... Just before we set off for the first descent, me in the passengers seat, it actually hit me for the first time. I was breathing HARD. I mean, deep, long breaths, continuously. I am a relatively fit bloke, I am in decent shape, but I felt like I'd just finished a proper work out in breathing terms, yet I'd literally walked to a monument/ gone into a gift shop. :shock::shock:

I well remember that effect! I was there in '94, in a hired V6 Shogun (which performed remarkably well) and I staggered around a bit at the top, huffing and puffing. It probably didn't help that I sparked up a roll-up, which promptly extinguished itself due to a lack of O2 :lol:

At that time, the road was "dirt/stone" and/or "oiled" for most of its length - the asphalt existed only for the first few miles.

I went specifically to watch the ultra high performance Group B cars going mental at the place and it was an ace place to go for that :thumb:

Thanks a lot for posting such a great report :veryhappy: