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09-05-2012, 12:01 AM
Ok, was working in Frankfurt a few weeks ago and one Sunday
we only worked until 15:00. My workmates wanted to go karting
but I told them respectfully that the best real track in the world
was only 90 minutes away and was open until 19:00!

After some discussion and more friendly persuasion on my behalf
about the merits of the Nurburgring they agreed to going there.
We had a rental car to get to the Ring but obviously we could
not drive it on the track. So I called Dale and ordered a Suzuki
Swift and told him we´d be there at 17:00.

On the way I lectured my workmates on what to do and what
not to do on the Ring. They should just take it easy, keep to
the right and check the rear view mirror often.

We got there in time and there were many Suzukis at
Rent 4 Ring (www.rent4ring.com):


We got a new car, Stage 1, ie. 130hp, Öhlins suspension,
upgraded brakes, Federal semislicks and a rollcage.

We bought a package including the car, 6 laps and gas.
3 drivers. 6 laps in 2 hours was rather tight but it should be
manageable. The track was combined that day, you drove
both the Northloop and the GP Track.

The plan was that I would drive first one lap with each of them
as a passenger to show/teach and would then passenger while
they drove. This went fine to start with, drove one lap with the
first guy:

Then he drove a lap himself. He did quite well, had to ask him
a few times to slow a bit down, some red mist going on.

At this point there was a long closure because an accident just
before Quiddelbacher Höhe.

So we went carpark spectating:




An half hour later Dave Evans and Andy Carlisle arrive at the
carpark and tell us the closure was because someone had
overtaken a Chinese guy on the wrong side, causing him to
loose it and crash lightly into the barriers. The closure lasted
an hour.

Anyways, when it opened again, we only had time for 2 laps so
it was decided I would drive with the second guy and he would
then drive the last lap himself. Here is the lap I drove with him,
he was a bit scared and I had to assure him a few times I knew
what I was doing :)


When we got back into the pits it was 18:48 but they had closed
the track for the day :( So the second guy did not get to drive.

So we went back to Rent4Ring to return the car and Fredy was
kind enough to refund the guy that did not get to drive.

Afterwards we got something to eat at the Pistenklause and
then we headed back to Frankfurt, got there about 22:00, very
happy :)

I think I managed to plant the Ring virus in the one that drove
first but I do not think the other guy is returning, EVER!

09-05-2012, 01:04 AM

Well done for getting to drive 2 of the available 3 laps :thumb:

09-05-2012, 05:19 AM
Shame your mate never got to drive.

Until a thread a while ago, I didn't realise they refunded if the track was closed. That's a good thing to offer :thumb:

Nice report, thanks. Can't check out the video until back home tonight.

I really enjoy talking people out for their first ever lap.

09-05-2012, 08:15 AM
I did something similar a few years ago, when myself and a colleague went to an exhibition in frankfurt. On the way back to Holland I made him get off the 61 in his Golf V5, and we went for opening time at 5.30. He went out for his first ever lap, and then I took him out in it and scared him senseless :lol:

mr rooney
09-05-2012, 04:23 PM
Nice trip report:thumb:
Loved the nervous passenger in the video as he reminds me of my mother when i take her to Asda for some shopping.:lol:

11-05-2012, 11:42 AM
thanks for the subtitles! a clearly religious man your friend :lol:


Well done for getting to drive 2 of the available 3 laps :thumb: