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21-09-2005, 08:40 PM
Hi all,

Here is my report for the weekend just gone:

Friday 16th, I headed down to Dover to catch my usual boat across to Dunkerque -the weather looked a little foreboding first thing and by the time the boat had loaded, the wind and rain was in full effect…

The crossing was really rough. I love sailing (I’m a Day Skipper) and I thought it was great ;-) The wind must have been around Force 7 – 8 and the boat was being thrown about like a toy. I sat outside most of the trip taking photos and generally laughing like some sort of insane person… inside, lots of people were lying on the floor groaning and the toilets were best avoided. :unsure:

I finally arrived in France just over an hour late and I took it easy down to the guesthouse I stayed at. Sadly I missed the Friday session at the ‘Ring because of the delays.

I was staying with Neil and Ann Leigh of www.aeaventures.com which I would highly recommend. It is about an hour and a half from the ‘Ring and offers easy access to Spa Francorchamps and Luxembourg (cheap alcohol, tobacco and fuel).

Saturday 17th the track was open from about lunchtime onwards and when I arrived at about 13:30 it was really busy. There were Cannonball drivers there in some very expensive cars & also some cars with Eurothrash logos.
I met up with a few people I had seen before – Steve (Porsche Boxster) and Brenn (R1) were about. I also met up with Paul (Black Noble) and his pals Nozzer (BMW M3) and Dave. I was going to offer Paul some advice about lines to take around the track, but he informed me that he gets round in under 9 minutes, so I just kept quiet before I embarrassed myself. :D :lol:

The day itself was too busy on track to get a clear lap. I ended up doing some laps where I started and stopped at Breidscheid, just to avoid the queues getting off the track at the end of a lap - I sat in the queues at the end for well over 15 minutes at one stage! There were also a few closures throughout the day and there were some heavy rain showers as well to liven things up.

Sunday 18th was nice weather and before I even got to the track I knew it was going to be busy…I arrived mid-morning and the car parks were full, the track very busy again. I managed a few laps that weren’t too bad, but generally I felt uncomfortable having to watch the mirrors for so much traffic and also avoid the crashes/yellow flags.

I did a bit of spectating on Sunday and took plenty of photos to add to my growing collection. I only managed 7 laps today and left before the track closed, hoping for a better Monday.

Monday 19th was much more enjoyable. I arrived just after 5pm and the car parks were fairly empty. There were still a few British cars about, but mainly local cars that I had seen before many times.

I had a few laps that were completely clear – no traffic, no flags – it was great. There were some roadworks taking place near Adenauer Forst, but these were completed quickly and the track was free of problems. I had plenty of time to start experimenting with tyre pressures and found that even reducing the pressures by 1psi, I could alter the grip of the tyres noticeably.

I finished the day with a good lap following and, eventually, overtaking a couple of chaps in a rented Mercedes. They had come to the ‘Ring from Spain and had hired this lovely car to take around. They easily got away from me on the straights, but I could catch up through the corners. It was really good fun and Monday certainly made up for the previous two days.

In between the time at the ‘Ring, I also visited a few areas of interest, such as Vianden, Vielsalm, Spa, La Roche and of course, Luxembourg, to purchase the things I always have to get for the family etc.

I’m looking forward to the next trip now; hopefully I’ll get over again within the next few weeks but I’m planning a trip to Spa for a trackday in October, so I’ll see how that goes first.

I was testing some EBC brake discs and their Green Stuff brake pads this weekend – they seemed alright, but were not a huge improvement over the standard Civic discs/pads that Honda fit. I expected more I suppose, but cannot fully comment until I test them on a long straight (such as the ‘Ring GP circuit or Spa). I’ll see how they are over the next few months and then decide whether to change again.
The car itself performed faultlessly again and it has now done over 100,000 miles. It still gets itself up to speed though and I managed to do a 9m54s BTG lap (not that I normally time – only because it was so quiet on Monday, I thought I’d see where I was). :whistle:

It was nice to meet up with some of you from the list & hopefully I’ll see you soon.

All the best,

22-09-2005, 08:04 PM
Good report :)

You do get around a bit ;) must get through a few tank fulls :D


22-09-2005, 10:28 PM
Thanks Floyd :thumb:

Now I have a JK, I am saving a little bit on lap costs, however, my credit card has taken a bit of a hit over the last month or so :(

Still, the way I see it, I can have fun between July and October (maybe November) and then once the track shuts for winter, I've got until April to pay off the bills ready for next year :blink:

My other hobbies have suffered a bit though - I have sold a fair few electrical (radio) items on eBay over the last month to pay for petrol/brakes/ferries etc.

The 'Ring is more exciting though & I've had some great times so far this year so I reckon it's worth it :D


22-09-2005, 10:44 PM
Nice little report ;)


23-09-2005, 08:40 AM
Nice report, just about sums the weekend up i think.
Was funny handing over the map though in the exit cue :thumb: